Ashland Shootout (6/9/19)


1:00 – Circleville vs. DaltonGlenOak vs. MaysvilleHiland vs. NewarkCoffman vs. Margaretta

1:50 – Circleville vs. PerkinsDalton vs. CornerstoneGlenOak vs. NewarkHiland vs. Bishop Watterson

2:40 – Bishop Watterson vs. MaysvilleGlenOak vs. PerkinsNewark vs. MargarettaCoffman vs. Cornerstone

3:30 – Coffman vs. NewarkHiland vs. MargarettaCircleville vs. GlenOakDalton vs. Maysville

4:20 – Hiland vs. CoffmanCornerstone vs. MargarettaCircleville vs. Bishop WattersonDalton vs. Perkins

5:10 – Hiland vs. GlenOakCornerstone vs. NewarkDalton vs. Bishop WattersonMaysville vs. Perkins

Fish’s Five!

GuardMorgan Yoder (Hiland, 2021) : Great dual threat. A help defenders worst nightmare, as she has elite ability to finish inside or carve up opponents with her interior passing.

GuardMady Stottsberry (Newark, 2021) : Lightning quick perimeter shot. Utilizes her length as a great on ball defender.

GuardGabby Stare (Newark, 2020) : A walking migraine for opposing backcourts as she’s extremely versatile offensively and defensively.

ForwardImarianah Russell (Dublin Coffman, 2022) : Great defender whose footwork allows her to both deny entry passes and alter or block shots both in the low post and high post. Powerful ball handler, extremely difficult to stop when penetrating.

PostZoe Miller (Hiland, 2021) : A force defensively. When she’s not simply overpowering opponents, she’s tying them in knots as she utilizes her footwork and countless post moves to finish at the rim.

Julianna Burris (Dublin Coffman, 2020) – Small guard but very skilled. She can get into the paint and score at the rim or on runners and floaters. Very good basketball instincts and toughness for her size. She has a very good outside jumpshot.

Peyton Lunsford (Newark, 2021) – Peyton is one of those players who isn’t really depended on to do a ton, given the overall talent on the team, but she still brings a lot to the table. She is a calming ballhandler in the backcourt, she knocks down open jumpshots and most importantly, she’s a tough feisty defender.

Taylor Maulson (Margaretta, 2020) – Taylor is a really solid defender, tough and physical, like most of the Polar Bears. She also has a nice perimeter shot, great form and mechanics, quick release, and makes it with consistency.

Addison Mucci (GlenOak, 2020) – Addie continues to get better and better. She’s small but she makes up for it in many ways. She’s tough, she handles the ball well and she’s becoming a very reliable shooter. She handles pressure very well while also getting offenses set and attacking when they have the advantage.

Imarianah Russell (Dublin Coffman, 2022) – Imari is very good beating defenders off of a head or ball fake. When she gets in the lane she knows how to score it. She’s bigger and stronger than most perimeter players and is tough to stop when she’s headed to the rim.

Bailee Smith (Maysville, 2021) – Bailee is a big time player, I would say a top 10 PG in Ohio in her class. She has complete command of the offense, her composure is through the roof. She understands the game to the fullest and can produce as well. She can score on all 3 levels and her ability to attack the rim is impressive. Her jump shot is as good as a coach could ask for.

Gwen Stare (Newark, 2022) – Gwen will continue to improve week by week. She showed me even more Sunday than she did the previous weekend. She was more aggressive offensively. She was knocking down perimeter jumps shots and attacking the rim. She’s very comfortable with her of hand.

Riley Stopp (Cornerstone Christian, 2021) – Riley has very good versatility, at a shade under 6 foot she has the ability to play and guard multiple positions. She’s long and athletic. She can handle the ball in transition and get to the rim. She loves to defend and can get after the ball or be a long active annoyance at the top of a zone.

Krista Troyer (Hiland, 2020) – Krista is a lot like a utility player, as she may not be phenomenal at any one thing, but she can do everything pretty well. By nature she’s a pass first player who takes care of the ball, distributes, defends, hustles, calms and communicates. She is a very capable scorer as well and when she’s pushing it offensively she takes her game to another level.

Morgan Yoder (Hiland, 2021) – Morgan can be a tremendous scorer, her offensive skill is to the point where she is a serious threat coming off of screens which makes her a headache for defenses. She is also very unpredictable at the rim where she can finish with both hands on both sides of the rim.

I’m not sure what else I can say about Newark’s Emma Shumate (2021) & Gabby Stare (2020) that I haven’t said already. They both are big time scorers and defenders, they can both take over game offensively, every time I seen they impress. Two shooters that impressed me yesterday were Hiland’s Brynn Mullet (2021) & GlenOak’s Lexi Lemire (2020). Lexi started hot with 4 treys in the first half for the Eagles and Brynn reciprocated that with a trio of her own 3’s in the second half. Both players are great shooters who can get hot real quick!

Committed players participating: Madison Cloonan (Cornerstone, Ursuline), Michaela Cloonan (Cornerstone, Ursuline), Makenna Geiser (Dalton, Ashland), Zoe Miller (Hiland, Bowling Green), Hayley Smith (GlenOak, Ashland), Paige Woodford (Bishop Watterson, Mercyhurst)

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