Barberton Shootout

Varsity 3 Bracket

Tuslaw comes out the victor in bracket 3, with wins over Jackson-Milton, Northwest and Norton in the finals. The Mustangs also got wins over Massillon, Southeast and Field in the pool, giving them a perfect 6-0 record for the weekend. The Mustangs have some very nice guards, maybe the best backcourt duo in the PAC.

Varsity 5 Bracket

Kent Roosevelt makes a PTC Metro sweep, or at least what used to be the PTC Metro. D1 Kent, who is in rebuild mode, topped Cloverleaf, Streetsboro and Springfield on their way to the bottom bracket championship. The Rough Riders definitely ended their weekend on a great note.

Varsity 2 Bracket

West Branch won the division and despite missing 4 of their 5 starters they beat some solid teams on the way. They beat a Lake team that I thought was playing pretty well. They then defeated another Federal League foe in Green before beating D1 Mentor in the final. West Branch also had wins over Northwest and Cloverleaf on the weekend. Their lone loss came to Jackson.

Varsity 1 Bracket

Stow wins the top bracket, getting wins against Highland then the who’s who of northeast Ohio. They beat McKinley by 3, then Wadsworth by 4. The Bulldogs will be much better than most people think this year after graduating a very good class last year. They have one of the best post players in the area and have a solid group of guards that share the wealth and all play hard. The Bulldogs also got wins over Normandy, Kenston and Avon on Saturday.

Varsity 4 Bracket

CVCA comes out victorious in the final bracket, as they edged a win out over Copley in the finals. They also beat a few formidable D1 opponents in the bracket with wins over Canfield and Walsh Jesuit. The Royals breezed through pool play with convincing wins over Waterloo, Springfield and Kent. CVCA will look a lot different with some transfers coming in after a few coaching changes in the area. They will certainly be a top player in the PAC.

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• Very impressed with Poland. They are coming off a regional final appearance and got right in the gym with the top dogs. They gave Hoover and Mentor everything they could handle and competed with Wadsworth and McKinley. Coach Blanch has them right where they need to be to continue to get better.

• Hoover has some freshmen with some size and skill, Erikson and Craig give them some serious size for the future and Bell gives them a great guard for the next several years. They likely wont have to start quite yet for the Vikings but it is possible.

• Jackson has maybe the best backcourt duo with incoming freshmen Pallotta and Patibandla. Both are highly skilled and not intimidated one bit by older competition.

• CVCA is another young team with a trio of freshmen guards coming in that very well could start. Shaffer, Bettinger and Casalinova will all play key roles in the Royals success.

Rachel Apshago (Kenston) 2020 – Good sized kid, undersized for the post but she can play there if needed. She moves well and has good athleticism. She had nice explosion to the rim and finished well in traffic. Very nice touch on her jumpshot as well.

Ellie Begue (Lake) 2021 – Ellie showed she can play the point, with the unexpected absence of the returning PG she will just continue to get better and more comfortable at the position. She did a good job of handling pressure and setting the pace for the Blue Streaks. She also did a good job getting into the paint and making some midrange buckets, as well as some from deep.

Kylie Bettinger (CVCA) 2023 – Youngster that can really shoot it. She’s not the biggest kid, or the strongest kid, but she is the youngest, giving her lots of time to develop physically and on the court. Her shot is quick and its nice, and it goes in consistently. I look forward to see how she develops over the next several years.

Kailyn Brown (Poland) 2020 – The scoring lefty is very strong! She’s a natural at putting the ball in the rim. She can hit the 3, she can beat defenders off the dribble and score in the lane. She’s very good at stopping on a dime and pulling up, also has a solid step back. She can also put down a power dribble at the rim and score. Love her offensive diversity.

Lilee Carlson (Stow) 2021 – Lilee had a great showing! She’s starting to be really aggressive on the offensive end where she can be very creative and use both hands well. She is very active on the defensive end, creating problems on the ball and off the ball. She is ready to take a big leap and be the go to scorer for Stow.

Mackenzie Duplain (Massillon) 2020 – Mackenzie is a long guard, she has natural moves in transition, can get to the rim and finish. She also has a quality jumper that is smooth and goes in at a high percentage.

Kylie Dyrlund (Lake) 2022 – Kylie shows me something different every time I see her. She is getting tougher in the paint and she is really becoming a defensive presence. She is very dangerous defending in the backcourt as her length allows her to turn steals and deflections into points very quickly.

Celina Koncz (Chippewa) 2020 – One of the better shooters at the event, she has the size and ability to shoot the 3 that would get anyone excited. She’s also tough, she will battle in the middle and post up smaller guards. She’s also a huge asset at the top of any zone or press with her length and athleticism.

Emma Koons (Tuslaw) 2021 – Emma gets longer every time I see her. She has good instincts and awareness, allowing her to be able to make the right play most of the time. She’s a nice slasher with an above average ability to get and make tough shots in the lane.

Madison Kluse (Nordonia) 2021 – Incredible athletic talent. She’s bigger and stronger than most, but also very athletic. She can turn a rebound into transition points pretty quickly. Though I think she settles for too many long jump shots, she is a very nice shooter. She also has the size, strength and speed to get to the rim almost at will. Still too much of an on/off switch, I’d love to see her full go all the time.

Anastasia Lawler (Hudson) 2020 – I love how Anastasia is a coach on the floor, she’s always communicating and directing. She has a nice quick release and is reliable from deep. She has great awareness, you can tell she has grown up around the game. She’s deceptively athletic and gets up and down the floor well. I like her skillset.

Taylor Leedy (Tuslaw) 2020 – Taylor plays with a little chip on her shoulder, I like her aggressiveness and edginess. She can definitely shoot the 3 and can create her own shot. She will defend and get after it as well.

Adison Novosel (Revere) 2021 – Long, can knock down the 3 and be a pest on the ball. I like her assertiveness on the offensive end, she knows what to do with the basketball.

Maddie Pietrowski (Walsh Jesuit) 2021 – Maddie is a born PG, she doesn’t worry about scoring as much as she does keeping the team moving. She has the ability to score, she has the ability to penetrate and create, but some times she may be unselfish to a fault. Very smart player, her intelligence is a huge asset.

Kira Philpot (Stow) 2020 – Kira remains a big time rebounder for the Bulldogs. She gets great position and her athleticism allows her to rebound out of position. She has long arms and big hands, which helps her secure rebounds strong. She has great speed for her position and can usually out run most other posts.

Carly Scarpitti (West Branch) 2020 – I was very impressed with Carly, the biggest reason was because she was the only West Branch starter there this weekend. She’s a feisty guard that can handle the ball and get after it on defense, but her most impressive aspect might have been showing great leadership, being relied on tremendously and helping develop less experienced teammates, all the way to a bracket championship.

Ava Scroggs (Jackson) 2021 – Ava has some serious swag. She has a very good offensive game, she can shoot the 3 and she can also get to the rim and be unpredictable. She has a very quick release, she can create her own shot on the perimeter or midrange. As soon as she realizes how good she can be she will take off!

Emma Stamperd (Manchester) 2022 – Emma seems to know the game, I like her energy and excitement for the game. Pretty good shooter, with room to improve. She gets after it on defense, not the biggest kid but she has lots of grit and has a high ceiling.

Paris Stokes (McKinley) 2023 – Paris really showed herself as a playmaker. She is small but very quick, very tough to stay with in transition. She had some nice midrange buckets from a floater, to a sweeping jumper to the left.

Nakyah Terrell (McKinley) 2021 – I’m very impressed with how much Nakyah has improved since last season. She is really taking control of the team after the departure of Bell. She’s very good at getting into the defense and finishing at the rim and also creating for teammates. She’s a tough defender. She is taking full advantage of the new leadership role.

Kaitlyn Unetich (Mentor) 2020 – Really like this kids motor and agility. She is a hound on the ball out top, she can turn turnovers into points and she can get the pace for the Cardinals moving quickly. She’s athletic and can get to the rim, and the foul line.

Emily Walker (Hoover) 2021 – Emily is a savvy lefty, she can run the point or score off the wing. She has really good intangibles; handling pressure, seeing the floor, making good decisions. She’s also always looking to score off screens and has the ability to knock down shots.

Annie Watson (St. V) 2022 – Annie looks leaner and more mobile than last year, I’m very impressed with her improvement. She has great length and she showed great moves to the basket, using that length. She’s able to bang on the boards as well as run the floor, great combo of skills.

Carolyn Wochele (Mentor) 2020 – There has never been a time I seen this kid and wasn’t impressed. She just really knows how to score the ball. She doesn’t have to force anything so she keeps her team flowing while she’s putting up points. Very good spot up shooter, but also effective off the dribble.

E’Anna Won (Wadsworth) 2020 – Love how she takes charge and handles pressure. She can either elevate the pace and get the Grizzlies moving or be a calming influence and get things settled. She can get to the rim and makes good decisions in transition. She’s also a high energy defender that gives other guards headaches.

*Top 5*

Ali Menendez (Hudson) 2022

Some might think I’m crazy, Ali is all of about 5’2″, but that doesn’t bother me at all. She proves every game that she can play bigger than the tape measure. She handles the ball nicely, limiting turnovers, and handling pressure from bigger guards. She shots the ball very well, and she can get to the rim and finish. She creates space well at the rim and uses her body to protect the ball. She is definitely a competitor, she wont back down from anyone!

Peyton Davis (Hoover) 2020

Peyton is a big time guard, with big time strength and big time game! Her athleticism isn’t mind-blowing but she will definitely surprise you with her speed, her ability to get off the floor and her pure power. She has added some serious midrange skills to her game, making her even tougher to guard. She can knock down the 3, but I wouldn’t consider it her go to. She attacks the rim hard and gets to the line a lot. She is also a very tough defender, she will give even the quickest guards fits.

Karli Anker (Manchester) 2021

I’ve long considered Karli one of the best guards in the state in her class. She did not disappoint this weekend. She is tough, she can get up and down the floor with ease, and she finishes strong through contact. She has great moves on the perimeter and can create her own shot. She is as good as any guard playing in the pick & roll. Decent shooter but when she’s hitting from the outside she is trouble for any defense.

Grace Mangapora (Canfield) 2020

Grace is just really tough to defend, and its not because she’s faster or bigger or that far advanced, it’s because she’s incredibly intelligent. First of all she shoots the 3 pretty well, she doesn’t force it or take bad shots, mostly very high percentage shots. She also has a very reliable midrange shot that is becoming a lost art. She uses her intelligence to get defenders off the ground in the paint, she uses her pivot well, has a nice up and under, she’s extremely crafty around the rim.

Shyanne Sellers (Aurora) 2021

There’s not a whole lot you can say about Shyanne that can’t be simply summed up by saying she is unstoppable. She’s so long, allowing her to block shots at will, get her hands on everything and rebound endlessly. Her offensive game is so incredible making you have to pick your poison. You back off or put a smaller defender on her she will shoot the lights out. If you get up or put a bigger defender on her, she will beat you to the rim and make you look bad. Double edged sword, one that you can not stop.


Katie Clark (Walsh Jesuit) 2020
It’s rare that I go to a gym with Walsh in it and Katie isn’t the most gifted player. She is so smooth on the floor and always under control, she literally has a basketball sense that’s rare. She runs and jumps extremely well, and hits the boards great from the guard spot. She was dropping bombs all weekend and when she’s knocking down shots like that she is a problem for opponents. She truly has the ability to take over a game and carry her team. Fortunately for Walsh she is an inclusive leader who wants to make plays that’s best for the team, and not just herself.

Friday, June 7th


2:30 : Norton vs. CopleyLake vs. Smithville

3:15 : Tuslaw vs. MassillonManchester vs. SoutheastWadsworth vs. MentorHoover vs. Poland

4:00 : Jackson vs. NorthwestCloverleaf vs. West BranchCVCA vs. WaterlooSpringfield vs. Kent Norton vs. SmithvilleCopley vs. Lake

4:45 : Wadsworth vs. HooverPoland vs. MentorMassillon vs. SoutheastField vs. Tuslaw – Norton vs. LakeCopley vs. Smithville

5:30 : Nordonia vs. McKinleyHowland vs. HighlandNorthwest vs. CloverleafJackson vs. West Branch

6:15 : Waterloo vs. Springfield CVCA vs. KentMassillon vs. ManchesterSoutheast vs. Field

7:00 : Hoover vs. MentorWadsworth vs. PolandMcKinley vs. HowlandNordonia vs. Highland

7:45 : Jackson vs. CloverleafNorthwest vs. West BranchManchester vs. FieldSoutheast vs. Tuslaw

8:30 : Nordonia vs. HowlandHighland vs. McKinleyCVCA vs. SpringfieldWaterloo vs. Kent

Saturday, June 8th


2:30 : Avon 1 vs. StowNormandy vs. KenstonEast vs. WoodridgeRootstown vs. Garaway

3:15 : Aurora vs. St. VWalsh vs. HudsonChippewa vs. GreenCanfield vs. Twinsburg

4:00 : Avon 2 vs. SmithvilleFalls vs. RevereGreen vs. Twinsburg Chippewa vs. Ravenna

4:45 : Aurora vs. HudsonWalsh vs. St. VAvon 1 vs. NormandyStow vs. Kenston East vs. RootstownWoodridge vs. Garaway

5:30 : Canfield vs. ChippewaRavenna vs. GreenStreetsboro vs. Jackson-MiltonKenmore vs. Barberton

6:15 : Avon 1 vs. KenstonStow vs. NormandyAvon 2 vs. RevereFalls vs. Smithville

7:00 : Aurora vs. WalshSt. V vs. HudsonStreetsboro vs. BarbertonKenmore vs. Jackson-Milton Rootstown vs. WoodridgeEast vs. Garaway

7:45 : Avon 2 vs. FallsSmithville vs. RevereTwinsburg vs. RavennaGreen vs. Canfield

8:30 – Kenmore vs. StreetsboroJackson-Milton vs. Barberton

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