ODU Team Camp (6/2/19)

Ohio Dominican has a great facility for hosting events like this. With 3 courts side by side, a coaching staff that are always on the floor, its always fun for the kids. With the great facility and great location in Columbus, ODU is one of the most highly liked D2 schools in Ohio. I watched about 7 hours of basketball on Sunday and here are some kids that stood out to me…

Bailey Beckstedt (2022) Sheridan – Bailey gets after it, she defends hard, runs the floor well with or without the ball, and can score on the perimeter or at the rim. Her jumpshot looks quicker and more confident.

Danielle Grim (2021) Bishop Watterson – Danielle can really handle the ball, she is shifty and tough to keep contained. She’s quick and athletic and can make things happen in transition.

Shay McDonald (2020) Miami Trace – Lots of speed and shiftiness in Shays game. She is nice in transition and can lose defenders on her way to the basket. She has a nice understanding of the game and how to create.

Kilyn McGuff (2021) Bishop Watterson – Very long, gets to the rim well with either hand. Can get from the perimeter to the rim quickly. Her length and athleticism allows her to cover a lot of ground defensively.

Brynn Mullet (2021) Hiland – Developing in to a dangerous shooter. She’s got the spot up down, now she’s becoming a great shooter off the dribble and off screens. She can get very hot very quickly.

Emma Shumate (2021) Newark – Emma is very long and gets a ton of deflections and steals. She is developing into a go to shooter and with her size there aren’t too many defenders she can’t score over. She is very good in transition.

Alex Smith (2020) Mercy McAuley – Alex is right around 6 foot and has a nice diverse skillset. She can post up and get paint points but she also has an above average outside stroke for her size. Works hard on both ends.

Gabby Stare (2020) Newark – Great scorer, left hand dominant but she’s still tough to stop getting to the rim. She can shoot the three as well as get to the rim and the foul line equally as well.

Gwen Stare (2022) Newark – Missed freshman year with a knee injury but she is back and looks very good. Good size and composure. She is mature and calm beyond her age and experience. Handles pressure well.

Mady Stottsberry (2021) Newark – Very tough kid, defends well, finds her scorers and can handle pressure. She has good size at her position and a strong physical build. Always high energy, nothing fancy, but gets it done.

Ashley Tudor (2020) Mercy McAuley – Ashley is just under 6 foot and has very good strength to go with solid athleticism. Can get to the rim and also finishes very strong in the paint. Hits both boards very well.

Paige Woodford (2020) Bishop Watterson – Tough and intense guard. Takes care of the ball and can handle pressure as well as give pressure defensively. Can get in the paint and score or create.

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