Team Huddle

Thanks to incredible coaches, players and parents, Team Huddle finished its 4th year of competition as well as any year yet! Our oldest group, the 2019’s finished strong and again have put themselves in the drivers seat, once again we will have many kids moving on to college. We have continued to develop and grow with talent in the 2021 and 2022 classes. Cousy’s 2021 team finished as Runners Up at the DC Nike Nationals, beating several national powerhouses in the process. We had 9 teams from 7th grade to 11th grade and we are very happy with the progress of all of them! There will be changes moving forward in who and what you see in 2019. We want to send our very best wishes to the Slemmer sisters, Hallie and Abbie, as they are no longer able to be full time coaches in the program due to major changes in their lives! They have been with us all four years and have given nothing but their best to the program and have led many young ladies not only to college and being better players, but also being better women. We are so thankful for these two and will always look forward to having them around in whatever capacity that may be! None of this would have been possible without the outstanding commitment from the kids, parents and coaches. Thank you to everyone for helping us build a great program with a top-notch reputation.


Though sadly we can never keep everyone happy, the program runs based off of principles that we’ve decided through experience and learning from other great programs and college coaches, are the most important and non-negotiable traits. Not all parents, players, or coaches will always agree with our decisions but the success has been proven and they will be followed or they will have to find a new place to play or coach, no matter how good they are or think they are. The program isn’t flourishing because we have the most talented kids, its successful because we have hard-working kids that do things right and follow the template given to them that creates success and college interest. Teamed with outstanding coaches that push our kids. With that said, here are some of the Team Huddle philosophies that you either follow, whether it’s a player, a parent or a coach…or play elsewhere…

• Getting better is ALWAYS the top priority, not winning. Wins in the spring and summer mean nothing, everyone wants to win, or you wouldn’t be there. However to make winning a bigger priority than getting better is foolish. If you work hard and play the game the right way, you will win. You can win all kinds of games and not get a bit better and you can also lose every game yet improve as a player. Winning does not necessarily equal better basketball players. We will always challenge our kids and put them in situations where they will have the odds stacked against them and challenged, that makes better players and people.

• Our defensive principles are very simple, and aren’t negotiable. We don’t press, zone, trap or run any junk gadget defenses very often. We stay disciplined and become the best on ball and team principled defenders we can be. That is the way to make better and college ready players. Any pressing that is done is very limited and used strategically, not on a regular basis.

• Offensively we focus on being the teammate willing to make the extra pass, and having great shot selection. We don’t run many plays, if any, so that practice time can be used to develop skill. We want to send kids to the next level that can make plays, not run plays.

• Our kids are expected to treat their parents, coaches, teammates and referees with complete respect. Any attitude, reaction to referees, whether it verbal or nonverbal will result in a loss of playing time. Furthermore we hold parents to the highest standard of behavior. We don’t allow or tolerate parents yelling at the refs, their child or the coaches. Any of this will result in a loss of playing time for their child. We do not tolerate parents acting inappropriately in any way, college coaches are also recruiting parents. If parents can’t follow those expectations their kid is not welcome in the program.

• Do not, I repeat DO NOT approach me strictly about playing on Team Huddle’s best teams or nothing. You either want to play for Team Huddle and you trust where we place your daughter and know it’s the best fit for her, or you find somewhere else to play. Given our experience and extensive communication with college coaches, it gives us a good idea of what situation is best for each kid, a much better idea than any parent. Also some player placements aren’t based off of ability but rather availability and need. Given that many teams will have kids playing college ball shows that Team Huddle in itself carries plenty of college exposure opportunities as a whole, not just one team. Every team with will be in exposure events in the spring and summer.

Of course there are other points that will be covered if and when someone wants to discuss the possibility of playing with Team Huddle but these are the most important points put into place. I don’t recruit so don’t expect me to join the several AAU programs chasing and trying to persuade your daughter. If Team Huddle is something you’re interested in you will have to approach someone in the program, I can always be reached by email at

2019 Payment Information:

The fees to play on any high school team will not change this year, it will still remain $500. That $500 will cover all tournament registrations, the full gear package, coaches certification, court fees and insurance. What we will be adding this year is a $75 fee that goes directly to the coach to help them cover costs of their travel and time. Given the problems we had last year with kids quitting before the season started, and the constant struggle of having other programs steal players, we are asking everyone to be paid up within a month of committing to officially reserve your spot with Team Huddle. We appreciate your understanding with these new changes in the way we handle the financial aspect.



2016 USJN Nike Nationals Silver Flight National Champions – Washington DC


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