*Denotes player did not finish career w/Team Huddle but made the achievement while in the program.


Kylee Batey (Wadsworth) Lawrence Tech

Lindsay Bell (Ursuline) Westminster

Rachel Bolyard (Streetsboro) Davis & Elkins

Rachel Cooke (Sheridan) Findlay

Anyah Curd (Ursuline) Slippery Rock

Makayla Dahman (Howland) Bethany

Lauren Flannery (River) Lake Erie

Mackenzie Hance (Lake) Baldwin Wallace

Celeste Ryman (Loudonville) Clarion

Serena Sammarone (Canfield) Findlay


Jordan Campbell (Manchester) Mount Vernon Nazarene

Taylor Duplaga (Wheeling Central) Fairmont State

Emily Grandy (Sharpsville, PA) Carlow

Alexis Green (Hoover) Clarion

Mackenzie Huff (River View) Marietta

Cailee Husted (Carrollton) Rio Grande

Makenna Lawrence (Garfield) Mount Union

Boston McKinney (Tusky Valley) Gannon

Theresa Parr (Stow) Notre Dame College

Kennedy Schlabach (Hiland) Ohio Dominican


Chloe Cheresne (Salem) Charleston

Rachel Chessar (Hoban) Mercyhurst

Sammie Hall (West Holmes) West Liberty

Chloe Moore (Lake Center Christian) Cedarville

Danielle Norquest (Southeast) West Florida

Sarah Rapacz (Padua) Wooster

Elena Rauhe (Padua) Mount Union

Taylor Richards (Chippewa) Valporaiso

Grayson Rose (James A. Garfield) Northern Kentucky

Audrey Tingle (Ridgewood) West Liberty

Angela Troyer (Hiland) Ohio Dominican


Olivia Belknap (Dover) West Liberty

Micah Findley (Triway) West Liberty

Izzy Meese (Garaway) YSU

Hanna Risaliti (Canton Central Catholic) Muskingum

Brandie Snow (Lake) Shawnee State


Danielle Norquest (Southeast) 1,699

Grayson Rose (Garfield) 1,698

Audrey Tingle (Ridgewood) 1,559

Kennedy Schlabach (Hiland) 1,520

Emily Holzopfel (Buckeye Local) 1,427

Taylor Duplaga (Wheeling Central) 1,307

Rachel Chessar (Hoban) 1,205

Chloe Cheresne (Salem) 1,176

Taylor Richards (Chippewa) 1,165

Angela Troyer (Hiland) 1,159

Savanah Yacklin (East Canton) 1,156

Izzy Meese (Garaway) 1,125

Boston McKinney (Tusky Valley) 1,057

Emily Grandy (Sharpsville) 1,053

Rachel Bolyard (Streetsboro) 1,030

Micah Findley (Triway) 1,023

Olivia Belknap (Dover) 1,001

Elena Rauhe (Padua) 1,000

Lauren Flannery (River) 1,000

Izzy Kline (Newton Falls) 1,000*

Bella Gajdos (Poland) 1,000*



2017 D4 Ohio Player of the Year – Angela Troyer (Hiland)

2018 D3 Ohio Player of the Year – Kennedy Schlabach (Hiland)


1st Team: Kennedy Schlabach (Hiland, 2018), Angela Troyer (Hiland, 2017), Grayson Rose (Garfield, 2017), Taylor Richards (Chippewa, 2017), Audrey Tingle (2016, 2017), Izzy Meese (Garaway, 2016), Danielle Norquest (Southeast, 2016)

2nd Team: Lauren Flannery (River, 2018), Celeste Ryman (Loudonville, 2018), Lauren Flannery (River, 2017), Danielle Norquest (Southeast, 2017)

3rd Team: Theresa Parr (Stow, 2018), Emily Holzopfel (Buckeye Local, 2018), Theresa Parr (Stow, 2017), Bella Gajdos* (Poland, 2017), Grayson Rose (2016), Brandie Snow (2016)

Special Mention: Boston McKinney Tusky Valley, 2018), Elena Rauhe (Padua, 2017), Emily Holzopfel (Buckeye Central, 2017), Boston McKinney (Tusky Valley, 2017), Izzy Kline* (Newton Falls, 2017), Hanna Risaliti, (2016), Micah Findley (2016), Bella Gajdos* (2016), Danielle Norquest (2015), Grayson Rose (2015)

Honorable Mention: Karli Anker (Manchester, 2018), Grace Mills (Garfield, 2018), Savannah Yacklin (East Canton, 2018), Rachel Cooke (Sheridan, 2018), Rachel Bolyard (Streetsboro, 2018), Mackenzie Huff (River View, 2017), Sammie Hall (West Holmes, 2017), Katy Farey (Central, 2017), Chloe Cheresne (2016, 2017), Angela Troyer (2016), Rachel Chessar (2015, 2016), Izzy Meese (2015), Audrey Tingle (2015)


Grayson Rose (D3 Northeast Inland District 2017)

Taylor Richards (D3 Northeast Inland District 2017)

Angela Troyer (D4 East District 2017)

Audrey Tingle (D3 East District 2016, 2017)

Izzy Meese (D3 East District 2016)


1st Team: Brandie Snow (NEI 2016), Danielle Norquest (NEI 2016), Bella Gadjos (NEI 2016), Grayson Rose (NEI 2016), Hanna Risaliti (NEI 2016), Micah Findley (NEI 2016), Izzy Meese (East 2016), Audrey Tingle (East 2016)

2nd Team: Rachel Chessar (NEI 2016), Chloe Cheresne (NEI 2016), Izzy Kline (NEI 2016), Angela Troyer (East 2016)

3rd Team: Riley Norquest (NEI 2016), Chloe Moore (NEI 2016), Elena Rauhe (NEL 2016), Mackenzie Huff (East 2016)

Special Mention: Olivia Belknap (East 2016), Lexee Miller (East 2016), Sarah Harr (East 2016), Boston McKinney (East 2016)

Honorable Mention: Taylor Richards (NEI 2016), Katy Farey (NEI 2016), Alexis Bury (NEI 2016)

1st Team Federal League

Brandie Snow – Player of the Year (2016)

1st Team: Brandie Snow (2015, 2016)

1st Team NBC

Chloe Cheresne (2015, 2016)

1st Team PAC

Micah Findley (2015, 2016), Boston McKinney (2015, 2016, 2017)

1st Team IVC

Angela Troyer (2017), Kennedy Schlabach (2017), Audrey Tingle (2015, 2016, 2017), Izzy Meese (2015, 2016)

1st Team ECOL

Olivia Belknap (2015), Mackenzie Huff (2016, 2017)

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