Watch the Game

In order to grow the game, you have to watch the game! This campaign is designed to motive players to watch more women’s basketball. This initiative pertains to women’s college hoops at any level. No high school, no men’s basketball…only women’s college games at any level.

It’s easy, just watch, and document what you watched! Whether it was one quarter of a game or a full game, it all counts! Once you watched a game just record it and answer some questions about what you watched. There are three tiers and a grand prize winner!

Rewards accumulate!

40 Quarters (10 Games) – $10 off any NEO Showcase or $10 Amazon eGift Card

80 Quarters (20 Games) – Grow the Game tee

120 Quarters (30 Games) – Grow the Game hoodie

Grand Prize: Every player who reaches the first tier of the equivalent of 10 games, will get an entry for each game they finish with added to the final prize. The winner of this random drawing will win (2) tickets to a WNBA game of their choice and $200 towards travel, lodging, food, merch, or whatever they choose!

The Watch the Game contest will run through the D1 Women’s National Championship game then all entries will be tabulated and a grand prize winner will be randomly selected!


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