Dover Tornadoes (18-7)

Head Coach: Troy McClellan (4th Year)

L 41-39 @ Tusky Valley

L 47-45 @ Marietta

W 53-32 vs. Carrollton

W 39-37 (OT) @ River View

W 81-13 vs. Meadowbrook

W 42-36 @ Cambridge

L 62-57 vs. Louisville

W 63-56 vs. New Philly

W vs. Zanesville

W 68-36 @ Mansfield Senior

W 76-23 vs. Coshocton

L 50-41 vs. Marietta

W 34-20 @ Zanesville

W vs. River View

W @ Meadowbrook

W vs. John Glenn

L 38-26 @ Lake

L 50-40 @ New Philly

W @ Coshocton

W @ Massillon

W vs. Cambridge

W vs. Canton CC

W 55-26 vs. John Glenn

W 48-35 vs. West Holmes

L 64-42 vs. Tri-Valley

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