D3 Wooster District

District Predictions (Regional %):
Tuslaw (45.5%)
Waynedale (44.5%)
Chippewa (10%)

Final 4:
I think Loudonville will advance past Smithville to advance to Wooster. The Redbirds are experienced and I think Coach Bates is a really good coach who always has his teams prepared. Annie Seboe has had a great season this year and will give her team an excellent chance. Chippewa is younger than ever before, but they have one of the best players in the area in Selena Koncz and a solid shooter in Taylor Thomas, people still aren’t real excited to play them in the tourney, but they still need to keep an eye on Norwayne. Wayendale probably has the easiest sectional and will get through no problem. They are very long with Troyer, Wolfe, Murphy and others. They can really score the ball, the length also causes issues. Tuslaw also won’t have any problem advancing, they are a very solid defensive team. They make it very tough to get points against. They have a really nice guard trio in Leedy, Koons and Yost, along with an incredible coach Henry Cobb.

Outside the Top 4:
Smithville could certainly pull through and I have them out of my top 4, but they are the 4th seed in the district. I haven’t seen them play at all this year so I don’t know anything about them, but to be seeded where they are it has to mean something. Norwayne is a solid team, I seen them give Chippewa, their second round opponent, everything they could handle. I think Chippewa is still noticeably better, but Norwayne isn’t out of the question. I think Karli Anker is the best player in the district, but Manchester doesn’t have enough to get past Tuslaw, as as been clearly shown during the season.

My Pick: This is as tough as any district winner. First of all I will not ever count out any Denny Schrock Chippewa team, so there’s that, they have a chance still! Reality is Tuslaw and Waynedale are the two top dogs. I had a bad taste in my mouth after watching Waynedale lose to Dalton very badly, but it was completely washed away when I seen them play very well against Hiland. I think the Golden Bears are the better offensive team, I think the Mustangs are a better defensive team. As tough as this pick is, I’m going with Tuslaw.

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