D1 Parma Heights District

District Predictions (Regional %):
Magnificat (50%)
Medina (25%)
Solon (25%)
St. Joseph Academy

Final 4: I love St. Joseph’s to get to districts, I think they have a ton of talent. They’ve had some things that have slowed them down this year and they still haven’t hit their stride, I think they’re still a year away from making a good run. Solon just beat Medina, avenging a loss to Medina earlier in the year. Medina lost their starting PG early in the season and that without a doubt has effected them. Solon has taken some lumps this year, but also have given some. Solon and Mags seem to be trending up right now. Magnificat is the deepest team, and even though they don’t have a featured D1 talent, they are the most talented one though 10.

• Solon has the most dominant game changing perimeter player in JR Hailey Weaver
• Medina has the biggest interior presence in SR Duquesne commit Lindsey Linard
• When it comes to size, Medina has a lot of it, Solon has none, and Mags is sufficient
• Magnificat has the most talent coming off the bench
• Solon’s HC Trish Kruse and her staff have plenty of experience with many regional appearences

My Pick: I think Mags has great coaching, a well rounded squad with the only drawback the lack of depth in the middle but a very good starting post in Cam Jones. They have a plethora of talented guards and good depth. Add in a confidence boosting win at Medina and the Blue Steaks are my pick.

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