D1 Medina District

District Predictions (Regional %):
Hoban (45%)
Wadsworth (30%)
Nordonia (25%)

Final 4: Very tough to predict this district, especially since I haven’t seen #2 Highland or #4 Strongsville since the preseason. Im going to go with Highland making it through but they do have to get passed Barberton who they struggled with in the regular season in two very low scoring battles. Highland lacks any good or better wins, losing to Aurora twice, Medina and Nordonia. I know they are a solid team, I just think they’re a year away from being able to compete with the big dogs. I think the top seed Nordonia gets through with no issues. Their confidence is high and they have possible the most physically talented player in the district with Cluse. They have very good secondary players in Imrie and Majoros, along with some solid young kids. Hoban also will be s district team but have to get through Wooster first. The Generals can give a team some problems but I don’t believe Hoban will have any issues. The Knights have had half the season to gel without Riley on the floor, and still have lots of talent. They have senior experience and leadership with Schiil, Roberts and Gooden-Wesley, along with some nice young talent off the bench. Wadsworth I think is the wild card here. I think they upset Strongsville and possibly Nordonia. They have their senior PG Won back and have ended the season 8-4 with all their losses in competitive close games with great teams. I definitely do not want to be Nordonia faxing the Grizzlies for a 3rd time on a neutral court that they have had lots of success on in the past and are very familiar with. They also have the ace in the hole with one of the best coaches this state has ever seen.

My Pick: I pick Hoban to get out of this district, but I’m far from confident. I think there’s three teams that on any given night could play well and win it. I don’t like the matchup for Nordonia against Wadsworth, however if Strongsville advances I think Nordonia will make a championship game appearance. I choose Hoban because they are the team that plays the hardest the most consistently and the longest. They have frustrating length and toughness on the perimeter. They have coaches that will have them prepared for any opponent. The Hoban Knights are my pick to head west to regionals, but no one should be surprised if Wadsworth turns a 12-10 team into a district champion.

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