Girls Basketball Preview

A new season is upon us, and a new excitement is here! Last season seen the end of the Twinsburg dominance, a continued Hathaway Brown dominance, the making of an annual dynasty, and an emergence of a recent Columbus newcomer… Read More ›

Racers – Comets Playoff Preview

     Thursday will mark the first Playoff appearance for the inaugural NY/NJ Comets who took over the Carolina Diamonds after last season. Akron Racers players and fans are hoping it’s their only appearance! The recently changed playoff format puts the… Read More ›

The “New” Left Side

 Anyone who took their time getting to Firestone Stadium this year saw a second half of the season that featured Kelley Montalvo and Brigette Del Ponte scooping up everything that came their way and making plays on the run unlike… Read More ›

Catching Up With Sam Marder!

Not only is Sam Marder the reigning NPF Offensive Player of the Year but shes also an Akron Racers leader, fan favorite, and Ohio State Buckeye! Her award winning season featured 8 homers, 27 RBI’s, 24 walks and a .343… Read More ›