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  • Carrollton Wins the Battle for the NBC

    The NBC Championship went through Carrollton Wednesday night, it made itself comfortable and it’s going to stay awhile. There’s no doubt both West Branch and Carrollton are both heavyweights, but Carrollton managed to sweep the season series. A huge key… Read More ›

  • Jackson Polar Bears Follow-Up

    I wrote about some things that irritated me while watching Jackson play on Wednesday, turns out I unknowingly dipped into a very hot topic. I intentionally wrote the original article with broad statements and descriptions. I probably made a mistake doing that…. Read More ›

  • Stow-Jackson Game Notes

    Jackson came out hot, was settled down by a good team and squandered several chances to win. That’s how I saw it. That’s how it was. What I liked most is the Polar Bears came out confident and hit Stow… Read More ›

  • 2013 Mayor’s Cup

    Wednesday the 23rd annual Mayor’s Cup will kick off at Massillon High School. The four team tournament format is designed to showcase girls high school basketball in the Massillon area. Central Catholic looks to defend their championship from 2012 when… Read More ›

  • Girls Basketball Preview

    A new season is upon us, and a new excitement is here! Last season seen the end of the Twinsburg dominance, a continued Hathaway Brown dominance, the making of an annual dynasty, and an emergence of a recent Columbus newcomer… Read More ›

  • Chipps Hang On To End Smithies 49 Game Win Streak

    In my first visit to Smithville I had no idea what to expect. As I walked in to the homey two decked tradition rich gymnasium the Smithville JV team was completing a 4 point comeback victory in the last 60… Read More ›

  • Racers – Comets Playoff Preview

         Thursday will mark the first Playoff appearance for the inaugural NY/NJ Comets who took over the Carolina Diamonds after last season. Akron Racers players and fans are hoping it’s their only appearance! The recently changed playoff format puts the… Read More ›

  • On the Mound with Rachele Fico

    Being the very first pick in the 2013 NPF Draft which was stacked with talented pitchers was quite an accomplishment. Even though Rachele Fico may not have finished the season with the best record or the best stats of the… Read More ›

  • The “New” Left Side

     Anyone who took their time getting to Firestone Stadium this year saw a second half of the season that featured Kelley Montalvo and Brigette Del Ponte scooping up everything that came their way and making plays on the run unlike… Read More ›

  • Cat Osterman…In Her Own Words

    All of us fans who were sad to see Cat Osterman announce her retirement, and yes I was very much in that group, can now feel better that August 24th wont be the last chance we get to see her…. Read More ›