Convo with Cousy – Episode 1

As a coach with 22 years experience, Coach Cousy knows a thing or two about the game of basketball. Throw in the fact that he was part of a league championship team in all 22 years, made a trip to the State Final 4 in 14 of those years, and left with a ring SIX times, I’d think people would want to know some of what he knows. Whether its about the X’s & O’s, development, or the state of the game I would trust his opinion, and you should as well.

In our very first Convo with Cousy we talk about some game situational stuff like face guarding, how to use timeouts, and how important assist to turnover ratio is. We also dive into the unpopular discussion of how kids could handle playing for bad coaches that don’t care. We also jump into the hot topic of the day, the shot clock.

Hopefully someone finds this information helpful. Enjoy.

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