2021 J31

Earned Not Given

With the exception of the COVID 2020 year, at the end of every summer there’s a small group of the best players that gather in Northeast Ohio. The event has grown, and with kids coming to play in the NEO events from all over Ohio, J31 has expanded as well. The most recent even in 2019 had six players that ended up going to play D1 basketball. 30 of the 32 players in attendance will be playing at the next level. The 1v1 competition is highly competitive and goes all the way back to year one when McKinley senior Ty Newkirk beat Jackson freshman, and current Oregon Duck, Taylor Mikesell. Since 2014 the list of players wanting in has grown and the only way to settle it now, is on the court! This year four events will be a J31 qualifying event. The only way into J31 is to have coaches vote for you at one of these four events. Votes will be counted collectively, so the more events you attend the better your chances are of being included.

NWO Showcase (March 21st @ Owens CC)
NEO Spring Showcase (March 28th @ CVCA)
NEO Summer Showcase (July 31st @ Walsh U)
NEO Fall Showcase (September 12th @ TBD)

Top 32 Earn Their Way into J31
13 – Brinn Hunt (2022) Toledo Central Catholic
12 – Ava Haddad (2022) St. Joseph Academy
10 – Ella Neitzel (2022) St. Joseph Academy
Madelyn Laird (2023) Pine-Richland (PA)
9 – Taylor Dolson (2022) Walsh Jesuit
8 – Ryan Elbert (2022) St. Joseph Academy
Cate Schieber (2022) Granville
7 – Ashley Mullet (2024) Hiland
6 – Bailey Beckstedt (2022) Sheridan
Kristin Chmielewski (2022) Stow
Riley Montagner (2022) Madison
Kate Bobey (2023) Medina
5 – Alyssa Miller (2022) New Philadelphia
Claudia Pifher (2022) Buckeye Central
Sophie Niese (2022) Shelby
Samantha Volpe (2023) Riverside
Votes aren’t all turned in yet
3 players have 4 votes
8 players have 3 votes
18 players have 2 votes
36 players have 1 vote

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