Class of 2023

List parameters:
• Class of 2023
• No Power 5 offers before the list was started
• Only uncommitted players
• I’ve had to of seen someone multiple times
• All evaluation in person
• List is never complete
• Alphabetically listed
• All updates are date stamped

Ashley Cudnik (Northwest)

(12/7/20) • Ashley is very athletic and has good instincts and basketball awareness. Very athletic and fluid with the ball in her hands. She can have a little bit of a quick trigger at times but as she matures that will iron itself out. Athleticism is at a great level, and she plays with passion.

Abbie Davidson (Salem)

(11/20/20) • Fantastic playmaker. Has a very wide variety of dribble moves and finishes around the basket. She is very calm and poised with the ball. She shoots the ball well, and has a solid ability to get midrange buckets. When you watch her there’s no mistaking her elite playmaking ability, shiftiness, creativity and swag.

Reese Grothaus (Bryan)

(11/20/20) • Incredibly skilled and fundamental. Very polished offensively where she makes great decisions and takes care of the ball. Really good shooter, but can also get to the rim with either hand. she finishes well, through contact or with finesse. May be a top 25 talent in the class, but still under the radar.

Madison Greene (Pick Central)

(11/20/20) • Just a phenomenal impact athlete. There nothing she can’t do in the open court, there’s nothing she can’t do getting to the rim. She is intense, she plays strong and tough, and you will get tired of defending her. She constantly plays with power and with her skillset combined, she’s tough to stop. Without a doubt a top five player in Ohio in this class.

Lillirose Lang (Mercyhurst Prep, PA)

(11/20/20) • Doubters because of her size will be a challenge she will always have to overcome, but she does it every time she steps on the floor. She is incredibly fast in straight line speed and also very shifty and quick. She makes great decisions in transition and finds ways to score against bigger defenders. She shows off a great midrange pull up that is effective in scoring over post defenders.

Kailey Minch (Willoughby South)

(11/20/20) • Fiesty tough PG that has a very good understanding of the game. Her incredibly high Iq allows her to lead, control tempo and distribute. She’s not looking to be a big time scorer, even though she can, she’s more of a traditional cerebral PG. She is a serious threat behind the arc, and has a knack for hitting big shots. Active defender as well.

Chloe Neider (Struthers)

(11/20/20) • One of the stronger kids in the class. she takes pride in being tougher and stronger. She uses that to her advantage on her way to the basket where she is good at splitting defenders and finishing through contact. She has a really good left hand as well. Tough defender, and a higher than average basketball understanding.

Emily Noerr (Chardon)

(11/20/20) • Huge upside for this 5’10” traditional PG. Very well rounded game, doesn’t have to be the top scorer, will rebound and defend, and she is very good at being the court general and distributor. At her size, she’s able to take advantage of smaller guards and get in the paint. She finishes in a variety of ways at the basket and the mid range.

Leena Padibandla (Jackson)

(11/20/20) • Very long and athletic. Ceiling is very high. She does things that the normal player just cant do. she sees and makes passes that are very high IQ, she can play higher than most and finish in ways that are very unique. Some thing still have to slow down for her, but when they do she will make a big jump.

Lauren Pallotta (Jackson)

(11/20/20) • A Top 10 player in Ohio and there’s no doubt about it. Smooth lefty with very good size and build. Shoots the three with great accuracy and range at 5’10”, uses her right hand better than most righties can. Strong rebounder that can turn a board into a layup in seconds. There’s not a pass on the floor that she can’t make, one or two handed, stationary or on the run.

Rylee Putt (Garaway)

(11/20/20) • Lefty that lacks size but not passion. Good shooter, with an ability to score around the rim. Working hard to advance her right hand. Shows the ability to be a Bouman scorer. High basketball IQ and playmaking ability despite not having prototypical size.

Reagan Vinskovich (Union Local)

(12/7/20) • Without a doubt one of the best posts in Ohio in this class, if not the best. Very solid build and what I would consider above average speed and athleticism for her size. Post moves are more advanced than most kids her age, again, if not all of them. Has good hands, has a good left. This kid will only keep getting better, there’s not telling where the ceiling is for Reagan, other than very high.

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