Class of 2023

List parameters:
• Class of 2023
• No Power 5 offers before the list was started
• Only uncommitted players
• I’ve had to of seen someone multiple times
• All evaluation in person
• List is never complete
• Alphabetically listed
• All updates are date stamped

Ashley Cudnik (Northwest)

(12/7/20) Ashley is very athletic, and has good instincts and basketball awareness. Very athletic and fluid with the ball in her hands. She can have a little bit of a quick trigger at times but as she matures that will iron itself out. Athleticism is at a high level, and plays with a lot of passion.

Abbie Davidson (Salem)

(11/20/20) Fantastic playmaker. Abbie has a very wide variety of dribble moves and finishes around the basket. She is very calm and poised with the ball. She isn’t considered a sharpshooter yet, but she’s certainly able to knock down shots. She also has an above average ability to get midrange looks. When you watch her, there’s no mistaking her elite playmaking ability, shiftiness, creativity and swag.

Reese Grothaus (Bryan)

(11/20/20) Incredibly skilled and fundamental. Reese is very polished offensively where she makes great decisions and takes care of the ball. Really good shooter, but can also get to the rim with either hand. She finishes well, through contact or with finesse. Easily a Top 50 player in the class, but under the radar.

(10/15/21) Reese suffered a torn ACL that ended her sophomore season. She will be back full strength as a junior.

Madison Green (Pick Central)

(11/20/20) Just a phenomenal impact athlete. There’s nothing she cant do in the open court, there’s nothing stopping her from getting to the rim. Madison is intense, she plays strong and tough, and you will get tired of defending her. She is constantly in power mode, and combined with her skillset, she’s very tough to stop. In my mind she’s easily a Top 5 player in the class.

(10/15/21) Madison finished her sophomore season and continues to be incredible. She is not raking in the Power 5 offers.

Madelyn Laird (Pine-Richland) – Clarion Commit

(10/15/21) MJ has the height, she stands out almost any time she’s on the court. She doesn’t stand out just be cause she’s 6’3″ however, she’s a very vocal and energetic teammate. The type any kid would enjoy playing with. She’s as active on the floor as she is on the bench, and it’s very noticeable. The lefty post player is nice around the rim, she has decent footwork and hands. She also can step out to midrange or maybe a little deeper and knock down some jumpers. Definite upside for MJ that coaches are already taking notice of.

Lillirose Lang (Mercyhurst Prep)

(11/20/20) Doubts because of her size will be a challenge she will always have to overcome, but she does it every time she steps on the floor. She is incredibly fast in straight line speed while also shifty and quick. She makes great decisions in transition and finds ways to score against bigger defenders. She consistently shows off a midrange pull up that works great scoring over posts.

Meghan Mayotte (Worthington Christian)

(4/16/20) Meghan is more power than finesse at this point in her career. Which is fine since she’s virtually unstoppable. The further she gets from the basket the less reliable her shot is, but almost no one can prevent her from getting to the basket. She’s physically more gifted than almost all kids, and she rebounds and defends as such. She plays with a chip on her shoulder, quiet but imposing. She plays like she takes everything personal and you’re in her way.

Elizabeth Mason (Marlington)

(1/17/22) Liz has what kids today call swag, us older folks would probably describe it as smooth. The lefty can knock down shots, and she can use both hands at the rim. She does a great job of getting in the paint and playing off of two feet, to either score or dish. Very unselfish player who plays both ends of the floor. Has good athleticism and length, but will need to get stronger. Liz is a kid who just gets it done, makes plays, hits tough shots and produces.

Kailey Minch (Eastlake North)

(11/20/20) Fiesty tough PG that has a very good understanding of the game. Her high IQ allows her to lead, control tempo and distribute. Her hesitancy to be a vocal leader is an issue that isn’t consistent with a PG. She has put a lot of time in to be a good shooter and she’s perfectly capable of hitting shots all over the floor. While she’s a consistent threat to knock down shots all over the floor, she’s at her best when she’s looking to create for others than hunting her own shots.

(10/15/21) Kailey finished her sophomore season at Willoughby South then transferred to Eastlake North.

Emily Noerr (Chardon)

(11/20/20) Huge upside for this 5’10” traditional PG. Emily has a very well rounded game, and doesn’t have to be the top scorer. Whiles she’s really good at being the court general and distributer, she will also defend and rebound. At her size she’s able to take advantage of smaller guards and get in the paint, where she finishes in a variety of ways. Her outside shot is her biggest weakness but she does have a solid midrange arsenal to help her out.

Leena Padibandla (Jackson)

(11/20/20) Leena is very long and athletic, and her ceiling is very high! She does things that the normal player just cant do, she sees and makes passes that are very high IQ. She does have a tendency to throw long passes that result in turnovers too often, but that will iron itself out with more experience and maturity. She plays higher off the floor than most, and possesses a nice variety of athletic finishes. Some things still have to slow down for her, but when they do, she will make a huge jump.

Lauren Pallotta (Jackson)

(11/20/20) In my mind Lauren is a Top 10 player in the class. She’s a smooth lefty with very good size and build. She shoots the three with great consistency and range. She uses her right hand better than most righties do. She’s a big time rebounder that can turn a board into points very quickly. There’s not a pass on the floor that she can’t make, one or two handed, stationary or on the move.

(10/15/21) Lauren suffered a knee injury that costed her most of her sophomore year and all of the offseason. It didn’t require surgery and she will be back this season full strength.

Nina Shaffer (CVCA)

(4/16/21) Nina is a hard nosed kid! She brings it every time she’s on the floor. She’s a natural PG but is an attacking slasher type. She has a lot of the intangibles such as passion, intensity, vocal leadership and leading by example. She’s a lefty that really started showing she could use both hands consistently and effectively. Her lack of size will be a factor, but she certainly has a heart of a lion.

(10/15/21) Nina suffered and ACL injury that sidelined her most of the offseason. She should be back for most, if not all of her junior season.

Olivia Thompson (Preble Shawnee)

(4/16/21) Olivia is a sparkplug! She can play either guard spot. She loves playing at a high tempo as she’s really solid in transition. She isn’t the biggest kid in the world, but she’s also not tiny. She also plays with a distinct toughness that could leave you with some bumps and bruises if you aren’t careful. She’s not just comfortable with contact, she seems to seek it out a lot. She has a really smooth shot that falls pretty consistently as well.

Megan Weakley (Worthington Christian)

(10/15/21) Megan has really started to blossom. She’s got a ton of length and she’s beginning to play stronger as well. She’s always been known as a shooter, but she’s starting to add some power moves to the basket to her arsenal. She is active on defense in addition to her length, which makes her an effective defender. She also knows what to do with it when she gets deflections, she turns them into points. Still is a very good outside shooter and that will never change, but she continues to add to her game as well.

Ella Wigal (Granville)

(4/16/21) Ella is high energy, all the time. She can accurately be described as a bucket. She really has a nose for the basket when the ball is in her hands, whether it’s half court or in transition. She has active hands on defense, but the jury is still out on her on ball defense as she’s never asked to do it. She is a volume shooter, but when she gets hot look out. She has the ability to hit really tough shots as well that are back breakers to defenses.

Reagan Vinskovich (Union Local)

(12/7/20) Without a doubt the best post in the class, maybe any class. Very solid build and what i would consider above average speed and athleticism for her size. Her post moves are more advanced than most kids her age, again, kids any HS age. She has really good hands and finishes well with her left. This kid will keep getting better and there’s no telling where Reagan’s ceiling is, besides really high!

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