Class of 2021

List parameters:

• Class of 2021

• No Power 5 offers before the list was started

• Only uncommitted players

• I’ve had to of seen someone multiple times

• All evaluation in person

• List is never complete

• Alphabetically listed

• All updates are date stamped

Makayla Abram – Steubenville

Makayla is big and strong and can play multiple positions. She is a force in the middle who isn’t a post but battles with posts on the boards. She has excellent strength and leaping ability, combined with a fearless abandon, that allows her to get results without scoring. She will clean top and get offensive put backs and also is reliable midrange and in offensively. (10/20/19)

Charlotte Adler – St. Joseph Academy ♦ Committed to Rochester

Charlotte is a very nice combo guard, she can either play a traditional point or score if needed. When at the point she has great composure, she don’t take a lot of chances so she doesn’t turn it over very much. She can really shoot the ball as well, having the ability to create her own shot makes her really good on the perimeter. (6/6/19)

Karli Anker – Manchester ♦ Committed to Cedarville

Karli is a big time talent, she’s smart beyond her years. She has toughness getting to the basket and can use both hands well. Has the ability to shoot the ball well. Very physical for her age.

Karli has established herself as one of the best guards in Ohio, albeit maybe still under the radar. She can score in bundles and she’s as good as anyone in the PNR situation. She’s developing a good long range shot and a solid step back. She will often see junk defenses, double teams and face guards, so everything she gets, she earns. (10/22/19)

Karli has transferred from Manchester to Akron Hoban to finish her senior year of high school. (8/20/20) 

Lilee Carlson – Stow ♦ Committed to Notre Dame

Lilee is a gamer. She may look a little thin and unassuming, but she is a big time competitor. She has a knack for getting buckets. She gets into the paint and can finish in a variety of ways, maybe most impressive is her ability to hit tough shots against good defense. She can definitely shoot from deep and she is as close to. look down defender as you’re going to see. (12/10/20)

Clare Chambers – Magnificat

Very good size and toughness. Can be a very good spot up shooter. Really like her feel for the game, she lets it come to her and she doesn’t force much or take many bad shots. A little bit if a do it all player as she is a solid rebounder and passer as well. (5/13/20)

Kanai Chance – Buchtel

Shooter who has good size to go with it. Has some diversity in position as she is big enough to defend in the post but has some quickness to defend on the perimeter. Her nice jumper and quick release will always be what makes her game solid, but she has other layers as well. (9/18/20)

Ariyah Douglas – Marion Harding

Ariyah is as unstoppable of a player in the class as I’ve seen. Her awareness and basketball IQ is through the roof. There’s not a pass on the court that she can’t make, from 5 feet to 90 feet. She uses both hands and both sides of the rim extremely well. Her outside shooting would be what I would peg as her biggest weakness but she always seems to hit the shots when they mean the most. Her athleticism is off the charts and her competitiveness sets her apart. (8/17/20)

Ariyah de-committed from Shawnee State to reopen her recruitment and pursue a D1 scholarship. (3/5/21)

Aly Dwyer – Medina

Aly is an incredible athlete. She has a great feel for the game. Because Aly is so gifted physically she is a big time threat in transition. Just an incredible playmaker, she will be very well known soon.

Aly missed some time with an ACL but is back and ready to go for the 2019 season. (10/20/19)

Presley Feltner – Willard ♦ Committed to Tiffin

Well over 6 foot, Presley still plays with great energy and excitement. She has really good hands and uses both hands in the post as good as any at her position. She rebounds well and gets you offensive putbacks as well as free throws. (10/1/20)

Grace Forrest – Mechanicsburg ♦ Committed to Malone

Very good shooter. Has the ability to get in the lane and finish. Can be a streaky scorer who can fill it up quickly. Good build and athleticism and isn’t afraid to defend. (9/8/20)

Kyla Foster – McKinley

Kyla is a longer guard who loves to attack. She is not only quick to the basket but smooth and has the ability to finish effortlessly. Very active defender. Will probably see big minutes for the Pups.

Aniyah Hall – GlenOak

Aniyah is a very physically gifted kid. She has incredible speed and a great vertical. While a lot of kids can’t put the athleticism on the floor in relation to game play, Hall has no problem with that. She finishes well around the rim and makes a living off of the offensive boards.

Madyson Hacking – Perry

Mostly a three point shooter who is adding to her game gradually. She has shown an ability to get to the basket off the bounce more as she gets older. However she will always been known for her deep range and quick release. She is a great leader a swell, someone who its vocal and communicates well. (12/26/19)

Terah Harness – Tecumseh ♦ Committed to USC-Upstate

Terah is a big time shooter. Whether it’s in a spot up situation or off the dribble she can put the ball in the hoop. She also has the ability to create her own shot on the perimeter, through a step back, jab step or otherwise. She has really good size and doesn’t have a problem shooting over many defenders. (10/20/19)

Kate Haubert – Hoover

Kate is a big time energy kid. She is long and defends well. She still looks like a freshman but she’s also much stronger and tougher than you’d think. She turns turnovers into points with the best of them.

Athena Hocevar – West Geauga ♦ Committed to YSU

Athena is long and smooth. She won’t be expected to carry much responsibility on a loaded Lancer team but she will play and contribute. She gets to the rim well and can shoot the ball.

Athena transferred to West Geauga, had to sit the second half of her sophomore season but will be available for all of junior season. (10/22/19)

Kyli Horn – Hiland ♦ Committed to Malone

Kyli is small but she knows how to play! Incredible shooter from deep, primarily a shot up shooter from behind the arc but she can also play on the move. She has good attacking moves and a really solid midrange jumper. She has tight handles and can run the point when necessary. (10/20/19)

Molly Howard – McDonald ♦ Committed to IUP

Molly is a well rounded scorer that can legitimately score at all three levels. She’s a good stand still shooter from deep, she has a way of creating midrange shots, sometimes tough ones but she gets the them to go. (10/20/19) 

Janae Hoying – Minster ♦ Committed to Findlay

Big time impact guard. Plays both ends of the floor, and plays then hard! She defends the ball incredibly, and also never gives up on any play, making hustle play after hustle play. She is really reliable from the 3 point line and can also score at the rim or off the bounce. High energy and non-stop motor! (5/6/19)

Ali Hudik – Lake Catholic ♦ Committed to Mount Union

Very athletic, yet skilled. She has the speed to get up and down the floor very well, to create off the dribble and to make plays on the defensive end. She’s actually really strong and can finish around the rim too. Can shoot the three ball as well. she does just fine as the main option in high school, but she will be a very good 2nd or 3rd onion for a college team somewhere. She impresses me more and more every time I see her.  (9/1/19)

Casey Johnson – Salem

Tough guard with lots of confidence. She can shoot it from outside well already and also has confidence getting to the rack. She’s poised with the ball and always seems to be in control.

Emma Koons – Tuslaw

Legitimate do it all guard, real life stat sheet stuffer. Spot up shooter from deep, with a lot of accuracy. Emma is one of the best rebounding guards I have ever seen. She defends, she creates turnovers, her toughness and physicality is through the roof. Distributes the ball well, while playing any perimeter position. Very high basketball IQ and understanding. (9/1/20)

Izzy Lamparty – South Range ♦ Committed to Shawnee State

Izzy is insanely athletic. She plays the game off the floor and has tremendous body control. She she’s plays that many don’t, and can make them. Her finishing around the rim is elite, with nice creativity and focus. She is tremendous in the open court, and has the ability to really cause problems on defensive with her length. Average shooter, but once she develops some range, look out! (12/31/19)

Jordan Lantz – Rutherford B. Hayes ♦ Committed to Concord

Jordan is very polished and skilled in the post. She is a solid 6’2″ but may not pass the eye test. Please don’t let that influence you, she is very good! Has great post up moves with both hands, she is a very good inside out post because of her passing ability. She has nice tough on jump shots and free throws. Very advanced post player. (9/10/20)

Emma Leis – Spencerville ♦ Committed to Kentucky Wesleyan

Emma is a big time competitor. She is very shifty with the ball in her hands and attacks the rim well. She has the ability to really get hot when she’s in an aggressive mode. I love her court vision not only in transition but in the half court, she has a nice ability to create for others. (5/6/19)

Peyton Lunsford – Newark ♦ Committed to Charleston

Scrappy guard who is pretty diverse. She shoots the ball well, distributes the ball, and takes care of the ball. She plays on both ends as well. Peyton will get after the ball, rebound, and do all the dirty jobs. Lots of toughness with this one. (7/5/20)

Sarah McKey – Medina ♦ Committed to Ashland

Bigger tough kid. Moves well and understands the game. Has the size and length plus the athleticism to play multiple positions.

Zoe Miller – Hiland ♦ Committed to Bowling Green

Good size and build for her age, Zoe is a very polished player with decent skills inside and outside the paint. Very tough kid who will battle with bigger posts.

Grace Mills – Garfield

Grace is a tremendous shooter. Has the ability, with lots of hard work, to be an elite scorer with a tremendous arsenal. She’s very basketball savvy and has the natural knack for the game.

Brynn Mullet – Hiland ♦ Committed to Ohio Dominican

Brynn is tough and has good length. She’s already a formidable inside and outside scorer, and continues to grow. Brynn has a high IQ and awareness on the floor. Tough and scrappy defender.

Brianna O’Connor – Hilliard Davidson ♦ Committed to Tiffin

Bri plays with a lot of energy, I love her nonstop motor and the fact that she always plays hard and at top speed.Has developed some really creative finishes as she’s gotten older, which helps her be unpredictable at the rim. Comes off as a great leader and communicates a lot on the floor. (6/6/20)

Mickayla Perdue – Springfield ♦ Committed to Toledo

I’m not sure if there’s a way this young lady cant score it. She has great breakdown handles. She shoots the ball very well from anywhere eon the floor, she gets to the rim at will, and she shows some creativity between levels. True volume scorer who doesn’t have any problem putting the ball int he rim.

Micky reclassified and will become a 2020 grad, effectively ending her high school career early to attend Toledo. (6/6/20)

Krista Perry – Crestview

Krista is a kid who really takes pride in being a player who is tough and does the dirty work. She has really good size, and really solid post moves. She also possesses good guard skills as well. She can step out and shoot the three as well as handle the ball when needed. Really intense and physical rebounder. (9/1/20)

Maddie Pietroski – Walsh Jesuit

Very smooth PG, a natural at the position. Very capable shooter, but doesn’t need to score a lot to be effective or involved. Loves to distribute and lead the offense while making players around her better. Very effective in transition.  She has solid size and strength. (11/24/20)

Jenna Reppart – LaBrae

Jenna has the rare skill of being a legit defensive presence. She not only blocks a lot of shots, but she forces opponents to change a lot of shots as well. She has great length with her 6 foot frame, and rebounds tough and with energy. Can affect a game without scoring much but has the ability to step out and shoot from mid to deep range adequately. (7/5/20)

Ava Scroggs – Jackson ♦ Committed to Mount Union

Ava has a ton of game. She’s well rounded and can score from outside or inside. She’s small but has good moves to keep bigger defenders off balance. Ava is a fiery competitor who doesn’t back down from anyone.

Shyanne Sellers – Aurora ♦ Committed to Maryland

Shyanne would be the closest to being the real deal that I’ve seen this summer. She is very long and athletic, and can shoot the ball very well. Shyanne can also get to the rim effortlessly. This kid will be a big time recruit.

Riley Stopp – Cornerstone ♦ Committed to Ursuline

Riley is long and very active. I really like how she can be versitle and play the perimeter as well as the interior. She has really good ball skills for her size, can get the ball up the floor and finish at the rim well. A lot of upside with her athleticism and skill set. (5/6/19)

Madi Stottsberry – Newark ♦ Committed to Ursuline

Very tough young lady with a well rounded game. She really gets after it on defense, using her intensity and strength to slice down driving lanes. Very reliable deep shooter but she doesn’t stand around the line, she can also put the ball on the floor. (7/5/19)

Taylor Strock – Napolean ♦ Committed to Cedarville

Taylor is a great athlete. Her speed makes her great in transition with or without the ball. Her quickness gives her the ability to beat defenders and finish at the rim. Her strength along with her quickness makes her a player who can guard bigger or smaller. (5/6/19)

Kelsey Swihart – Hiland ♦ Committed to Malone

Kelsey is a bigger stronger kid with some good athleticism. She has a very good skillset both handling the ball and shooting it. Her size, skillset and athletic ability make her a kid to keep an eye on.

Nakyah Terrell – McKinley ♦ Committed to High Point

Nakyah has great ball skills. She handles the ball well, finishes around the rim and shoots it decent. She has so much room to expand herself to a special level. Another freshman ready to play in the Federal League.

Brooklyn Troyer – Waynedale ♦ Committed to Malone

Brooklyn has the size, the ability to stroke the 3, the handles and all the intangibles, to be very good. She will sneak up on a lot of people but she is already as good as a lot of common named guards in her class. Never stops being a teammate and never stops playing hard. (5/6/19)

Amy Velasco – Centerville ♦ Committed to Bowling Green

Amy is a big time player, she has incredible speed and strength. She is nearly unstoppable in transition as she is a great decision maker, can use both sides of the rim, and only needs an inch to beat a defender. She is a sharpshooter who will knock down spot up 3’s, score on the move or create her own shot. (6/13/19)

Danielle Vuletich – Western Reserve ♦ Committed to Robert Morris

Danielle stands well over 6 foot and moves well for her size. She rebounds great on both ends and knows what to do with it when she grabs offensive boards. While she can step out and knock down shots from mid to long range, she doesn’t allow that to take her away from her strong suits. (5/6/19)

Emily Walker – Hoover ♦ Committed to Mount Vernon

Smooth lefty with a very good midrange game. She has an effete pulp and floater from anywhere on the court. High basketball awareness and court vision. She’s no stranger to the defensive end where she relies more on her smarts than athleticism. (6/6/19)

Kat Weakley – Worthington Christian ♦ Committed to Lipscomb

Katherine is very dynamic offensively. She shoots the ball very well from deep. She makes great decisions and doesn’t always settle for the jump shot. She beats defenders and gets to the rim well. She is much stronger than she looks, and she uses her length really well. She does some really good things in transition, getting to the rim, creating for others or consistently knocking down the pullup. (6/6/19)

Hailey Weaver – Solon ♦ Committed to Northwestern

Hailey is a very special player. She’s in a small group of kids I know that can get their own shot whenever they want it. Her athleticism and length are a huge asset, her ability to get to the rim, or even pull up midrange makes her very tough to guard. (5/6/19)

Ivy Wolf – Minster ♦ Committed to Miami (OH)

As tough and poised as they come. Strong in every aspect of the word, physically, mentally , emotionally and fundamentally. Scores in many different ways and defends as well as anyone.

Morgan Yoder – Hiland ♦ Committed to Ashland

Morgan has a very well rounded game. She is tough and aggressive going to the rim, is smooth and focused in transition, shoots the ball well and defends. Special player in the making.

Others to keep an eye on:

Dream Cherry (Akron SVSM), Emily Cole (Fairless), Daveonna Nash (Buchtel), Emma Elia (Struthers, Mount Union commit), Lydia Gattozzi (Beaumont, Canisius commit), Brooke Hickman (Mentor, Edinboro commit), Abby Laizure (Carrollton), Maggie Long (Wadsworth), Halle Morehead (Southeast), Laney Murphy (Waynedale), Diamond Phillips (Warren Harding), Ali Shane (Tusky Valley), Amiyah Stallings (Buchtel), Abby Stephens (Lake, Fort Wayne commit), Taylor Thomas (Chippewa, Lake Erie commit), Gabby Whitzel (St. Ursula)

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