Class of 2022

List parameters:

• Class of 2022

• No Power 5 offers before the list was started

• Only uncommitted players

• I’ve had to of seen someone multiple times

• All evaluation in person

• List is never complete

• Alphabetically listed

• All updates are date stamped

Haylee Baker / Shelby / Combo Guard • Baldwin Wallace Commit

(6/15/20) • Very athletic, with tons of speed and endurance. Strong solid build that allows her to be a solid defender. She can play multiple positions, while guarding multiple positions. Very good in transition, where she can lead the break or run the floor. Haylee is a good slasher who finishes well while using her speed and length. Solid shooter that has to be guarded on the perimeter.

Olivia Baker / Shelby / Shooting Guard • West Liberty Commit

(10/23/19) • Olivia, on top of being a great athlete, has developed into being a fantastic shooter. She demonstrates how smooth she is in all aspects of her game whether it’s putting the ball on the floor or through her jumpshot. She is patient in the game and allows it to come to her, she does rush, she doesn’t force things. All this leads to her taking great care of the basketball as someone who values the basketball. She is athletic enough to mix it up and hit the boards better than most guard. Offensively she is a knockdown shooter, with a quick release and a high percentage. She continues to add moves off the dribble to allow her to be a threat to the basket as well.

Bailey Beckstedt / Sheridan / Combo Guard • West Liberty Commit

(10/21/19) • Bailey combines athleticism with skill and passion. She’s very quick and has top end straight line speed, but she doesn’t rely on that to set herself apart. She has legitimate skill and IQ. She uses the quickness to get the rack with either hand. She is great in transition with a variety of finishing moves and the ability to pull up. Bailey has developed herself into a big time shooter that can’t be left open from deep. She also loves to defend, she will give you the same energy not he defensive end as she does on the offensive end.

Bella Cassoni / Waynesville / Point Guard
• Cedarville Commit

(9/25/20) • Bella is very tough, plays with a lot of passion and intensity. She is creative yet powerful. Even though she can, she doesn’t always go around you, she will also go through you. She’s the type of PG that really jacks up her teammates both with her encouragement and play. She shoots the ball really well and doesn’t shy away from tough shots. Her mentality carries over onto the defensive end as well where she is a ball hawk and a pesky defender against even the quickest guards.

Chloe Chard Peloquin / Johnstown Monroe / Stretch • Canisius Commit

(6/15/20) • Very exciting combination of size and athleticism! at 6 foot or bigger, her ability to handle the ball and move the way she does is outstanding. She’s very good on the dribble and while finishing as she can use both hands. Her creativity around the rim is a huge asset while being able to use both sides of the rim. she can also score mid range and out. Her length and athleticism, along with her energy, allows her to be a standout defensively, particularly in the interior.

Kristin Chmielewski / Stow / Wing • Notre Dame Commit

(7/5/20) • Very nice size and length. Skilled player who doesn’t rely on any one part of her game, she can get the job done several ways. Has nice fundamentals that make her solid with either her back to the basket or facing the hoops. She uses pivots, head fakes, pump fakes well, along with a solid short burst to the rim when it’s time. Shoots the ball well. Very nice defensive player who creates pressure and turnovers with her length. Reliable rebounder as well.

Taylor Covington / Dublin Coffman / Point Guard • Indiana Tech Commit

(11/20/20) • Lightning fast. Taylor does a very good job of beating defenders and causing issues for the defense. She can get in the paint and score, she has a high IQ that allows her to create for others. With her speed and athleticism she is really good in transition. She is stronger than she may look and she is a very good on ball defender. incredible outside shooter with nice form and soft touch, she also shows the ability to get really hot from outside and be a hot streak type shooter.

Emma Dretke / Jackson / Forward • Walsh Commit

(10/21/19) • Emma has good size just under 6 foot and she continues to improve her perimeter skills. She very smart and understands the game, it’s easy to tell she spends a lot of time watching and being around basketball. She is a very good defensively in the post. She works hard, gets great position, and attacks the ball, making her a good rebounder. She also is pretty good at blocking shots, her length and timing allow her to get to shots not many defenders can. She has worked hard on her outside shooting and is becoming an above average shooter. I really like her variety around the rim and ability to use both sides of the rim along with great pivot moves and ball fakes.

Taylor Dolson / Walsh Jesuit / Combo Guard

(6/15/20) • Taylor is a very nice scoring threat in multiple ways. She is very quick and efficient off the dribble. She is also a very nice shooter. She plays with a toughness that you love to see. Has pretty good handles, protects the ball well on her way to the basket, and finds a way to be longer and finishes well around the rim, with both hands. She has a great feel for the game and does a lot fo things that aren’t taught, but rather picked up by just watching a lot of basketball.

Kylie Dyrlund / Lake / Forward • Walsh Commit

(10/21/19) • Kylie is really long and really athletic. Her length and energy on defense creates major problems for the opponent. She also shoes great energy on the defensive end so she gets the tough steals and loose balls along with the deflections. She is fast enough, and skilled enough with the ball, to turn these turnovers into points pretty quickly. I’m very impressed with her moves with her back to the basket. She uses both hands well, can actually finish without using the glass and has great hesitation and fakes to fool bigger defenders.

Ryan Elbert / St. Joseph Academy / Combo Guard

(3/31/21) • Ryan has a whole lot of swag to her game. She moves really well and has excellent reaction and mobility. She’s pretty long and high on athleticism. She can really shoot the ball, but even as an elite shooter she doesn’t overshoot or force things. She can make plays off the dribble and create for teammates as well. Her athleticism makes her very good in transition and her willingness to be more than just a scorer makes her very efficient in her decision making.

Mary Ferrito / Jonathon Alder / Shooting Guard

(10/24/19) • Mary is a very instinctive player, she always looks completely in control, she does a lot of things so smooth that it looks effortless. She’s a very good shooter, but she’s not just a standstill three point shooter, she’s very effective putting the ball on the floor and getting great midrange shots. She has very good size and strength and uses it well when attacking the rim. she finishes well around the rim with both hands, also off of two feet. She uses that size and strength to rebound with and against bigs. She’s a very intelligent player, showcasing that in her ability to see the floor and be a great passer.

Mia Guscoff / Perry / Shooting Guard

(12/29/20) • She doesn’t have ideal size, but man can she soot the ball. she has become very consistent and has developed into a more than just a stand still shooter, she now is a very good catch and shoot threat. She also continues to develop her game off the dribble. Active defended, still limited by her size but she has the energy and motor to be able to get deflections and make some plays.

Ava Haddad / St. Joseph Academy / Post • Clarion Commit

(10/21/19) • Ava is a traditional post that has impressive size and strength, but she is also mobile and able to get out of the paint to be effective. I love how hard she works in the paint and she has the foundation of great post play. Great footwork, solid base, great positioning, good hands, active movement, constant communication, all make her a great post prospect moving forward. She is very aggressive on her moves to the basket. She has the abilty to get away from the basket and set great screens and get back in the play, also can put the ball on the ground when necessary, runs the floor well also.

Corynne Hauser / Rochester (PA) / Point Guard • Kent State Commit

(10/21/19) • Corynne is powerful and intense, she’s much stronger than she may look. She has a competitive edge that’s rare. She doesn’t back down from anyone and she invites contact and physical play. She can score at all levels, she has really good length that she knows how to use to her advantage. She has a very extensive array of moves to score at or around the rim, she has great change of pace moves in the mid range to lose defenders and get her shot off. She also shoots the ball very well from deep. Her poise with the ball and leading the team on the court is incredible, she’s never not under control and composed.

Cam Jones / Magnificat / Stretch 4

(10/21/19) • Cam continues to grow each time I see her. She’s right around 6 foot and has an uncommon amount of athletic ability. Her ability to get off the ground in traffic is incredible, making her a very good rebounder. Explosive off the floor and strong upper body, makes her a offensive outback superstar. She also frequently rebounds out of her radius, crashing from the perimeter to get to balls most kids can’t. She has the ability to put the ball on the floor, making her more and more dangerous on the perimeter. She is becoming a very good shooter as well as she matures and continues to put in the work, she has to be guarded on the perimeter from now on.

Mollie La Spisa / Magnificat / Combo Guard

(6/15/20) • Mollie has a great motor and plays hard on both ends of the floor. She is very good at attacking and causing problems in the paint. She has a knack for finishing off balance and with good body control. She has good speed, flies up and down the floor, which makes her effective in transition. Can play multiple guard spots as she distributes well enough and can also score the ball when needed. Really like her energy not he defensive end, she can be a legitimate on ball defender.

Grace Lyon / Fairless / Post

(10/22/19) • Grace will be a highly sought after post player before long. Offensively she’s still raw, but as a post that isn’t a terrible thing. She has the physical tools to be tremendous. She is a solid 6 foot and some, she has a great frame with wide shoulders and power to spare. She gets up and down the floor very well for her size and she plays off the floor. She has great timing on defense to go along with her leaping ability, making her a very good defensive player. She’s shown the ability to put the ball on the floor on the baseline and high post, and as that improves it will make her even more dangerous. She’s very good around the rim and as an offensive rebounding standpoint there’s few that are better at keeping it alive and getting second chance points.

Ali Menendez / Hudson / Point Guard • Baldwin Wallace Commit

(10/22/19) • Ali is a guard that will always be judged by her size, but that should never be more important than her skillset and heart. She handles the ball very well, whether its against small quick defenders or bigger guards. She has the ability to get into the paint and finish. She can finish in traffic and off balance, and over bigs. A nice ability to score with either hand, midrange with floaters, or with scoop shots gives her some variety in the paint. She shoots the ball really well and can’t knock down jumpers off the catch or off a dribble. She was born to play basketball which is evident with her big time IQ and court sense.

Aila Miller / Hiland / Forward
• Akron Commit

(10/21/19) • Aila is another player who just continues to evolve her game. She is a very reliable shooter from midrange, but because she doesn’t attempt many, most people don’t realize how nice of a deep shooter she is. That is something that will continue to improve and show itself as she matures and gets older. She is a very good off the dribble player that does a very good job getting a step on a defender and using that advantage all the way to the rim. She’s able to finish both hands well, possibly better with her weak hand when she’s slashing. Aila is a great rebounder who uses excellent fundamentals to get in great position and secures the ball with power, one or two hands, she uses authority when boarding.

Alyssa Miller / New Philadelphia / Wing

(1/17/22) Alyssa is a true multi-dimensional player. At 5’10” or a little taller she is a versatile defender. She can man up on guards on the perimeter while also being able to play big in interior when needed. Her length adds to the defensive prowess and along with her timing, allows her to alter and block shots. Offensively she is very unselfish. She can hit shots from mid to deep range, but she’s also a very willing passer that will not only pass up shots for her teammates better shots, but also pass teammates open.

Riley Montagner / Madison / Shooting Guard • Notre Dame Commit

(10/24/19) • Riley is very athletic and as strong of a guard as you’ll see in the class. She is very hard to stop from getting to the rim when she’s headed down hill. She is very good at getting to the rim and finishing through contact, which also results in a lot of trips to the free throw line for her, where she is also very good. She is comfortable midrange and getting to be pretty dangerous from behind the arc. She continues to add to her toolbox of perimeter shots, making her even tougher to guard. She’s not a big time breakdown ball handler but she is very good attacking closeouts on the wing. While most effective on the wing, she still has the ability to handle the point when and if necessary. Defense is definitely an asset of hers and she has the makings of a player who can really get it done on both ends of the floor.

Sophia Murray / Rocky River / Point Guard

(3/31/21) • Sophia is a dynamic PG that brings all kind of intensity and energy to the floor. She is a really solid on ball defender and as a coaches kid she understands team concepts very well. She has great straight line speed and gets up and down the floor like no ones business. She’s not a natural scoring lead guard but absolutely has the ability to put the ball in the rim. She handles the ball well and plays with good poise while focusing on facilitating and leading.

Ella Neitzel / St. Joseph Academy / Shooting Guard • Walsh Commit

(10/23/19) • Ella has a lot of length and is also a big time shooter. Basketball seems to run in the genes and it shows with her high IQ and court sense. She uses her length very well when putting the ball on the floor. She’s also stronger than she may look and she welcomes contact, giving her the ability to absorb some contact and still get good looks at the rim. she is a player that you constantly have to know where she is on the perimeter because she is a knockdown shooter on kickouts. Ella is also good in transition where she makes good decisions and is very comfortable with the ball in her hands. She’s no stronger to defending either, as she’s a player who plays with a certain amount of attitude and toughness.

Sophia Neise / Shelby / Point Guard • Ashland Commit

(10/21/19) • Sophie is a very technical point guard, one of the rare traditional points who look to distribute and run a team first. She can shoot it and she has a wonderful ability to get to the rim and finish around the paint against bigs. She has figured out how to use timing and her body to throw off shot blockers and though she’s not real big, finish well at the rim. She shoots the ball decent as well, when she’s looking to score, but she’d quickly pass up a decent shot of her own to create a better shot for a teammate. She has incredible handles and balance, she has a unique ability to be able to maintain her dribble though contact, falls, fouls, and any other distractions. Sophie is really good in transition and can get the ball up and down the floor with the best of them, making good decisions on attacking or distributing.

Emma Pedroza / Napoleon / Shooting Guard • Lourdes Commit

(6/15/20) • Emma has some serious swag to her game. She is a strong, well built lefty, but also has some shiftiness to her. She’s a lefty, but can use both hands. She especially good at getting into the paint and putting pressure on the defense. She can finish at the rim, knock down the midrange jumper or create for teammates. She has been a youngster on a team dominated by upperclassmen so she’s yet to hit her peak. Her playing time and role will increase this year and the game will slow down for her and her production will increase.

Claudia Pifher / Buckeye Central / Shooting Guard • Ohio Dominican Commit

(3/31/21) • Claudia can be a bulk scorer, but she’s too fundamental and team-oriented to allow that to define her game. She has great footwork and shot mechanics. She is a very consistent shooter from deep or midrange. She isn’t going to dazzle with her athleticism but she has the IQ and court presence that does impress. She is very emotionally level and you won’t be able to tell if she’s doing well or bad by looking at her. She’s the illustration of a team player but very skilled and fundamental.

Marianna Plas / Vermillion / Guard

(1/17/22) Marianna is the definition of an athlete, and a high motor player. Unlike so many players, she possesses not only the desire to not give up on any play, but the athleticism to make a defensive play on anything, whether half court or transition. She is one of the fastest players I’ve ever seen and she uses that to her advantage. She’s tough stop in transition and difficult to stay in front of in the half court. Decent shooter but a really nice slasher to the basket. Always upbeat and positive and looks like she really enjoys being on the court.

Meredith Randulic / Perry / Combo Guard • Ashland Commit

(10/21/19) • Meredith is a talented player that has a very well rounded game. She has good size for someone who could and may play point at the next level. because she is an excellent shooter, whether its on the catch or off a screen, she is very effective off the ball as well. she has a quick release and great form, plus above average range. Her court vision is spectacular, often times seeing teammates open before they see it. She has an elevated ability to make passes that a small percentage of kids can even identify. Poise, composure and competitiveness are all things that Meredith uses as assets to her game, she’s smooth with the ball and is always prepared. Her size at almost 5’10” makes her an ideal guard prospect at the next level, but she is much more than a big guard, she’s beyond adequately skilled.

Lanae Riley / Hoban / Post • Middle Tennessee Commit

(10/22/19) • Lanae is a very good post prospect. She’s bigger and stronger than most but she’s also more advanced than most in her grade. Her post moves are solid. She has a nice drop step with lots of power, I’ve seen some misdirection stuff and also nice tough with her off hand. She has great hands, can catch with one hand or two. She also has nice vision, a willingness and ability to see and make kickouts to open shooters. She has no problem playing with a good tempo and is in good shape. She is a very good offensive rebounder and knows exactly what to do with the ball when she cleans up the glass.
(3/7/20) • Lanae missed the second half of her sophomore season due to transfer rules, but will be back for junior season.

Leah Riley / Sycamore / Shooting Guard

(10/21/19) • Leah is a big time scorer. She has the ability to knock down shots from all over the court. From what I’ve seen she’s primarily a spot up shooter right now, but she will become more comfortable on the move as she gets older. I love the intensity that she plays with at all times, that’s something that separates her from other kids her age. She plays with such a purpose and toughness that most kids don’t even want to get in her way. That powerful style of play will only become more of a problem for opponents as she gets older and stronger. She does a very good job of finishing around the rim, with either hand. She never says away from competition and you know she’s a kid that will always bring it.

Angela Roshak / Hoover / Post • Mount Vernon Commit

(10/23/19) • Angela is a tough post that has the athleticism and IQ to continue to grow her game. She’s a very tough kid who never stops battling and bringing the energy. She never gives up on any loose ball or rebound, she is never being outworked in the paint. She has pretty impressive moves in the post for someone as young as she is. She uses head fakes and both hands consistently making her tougher to guard than your average post. She runs very well and has a very high motor along with never ending stamina. She is reliable from midrange on her jumpers, with the ability to continue to extend that.

Cate Schieber / Granville / Shooting Guard • Belmont Abbey Commit

(3/31/21) • I’ve seen this young lady develop over the last few years and it leads me to be excited that that will continue. She is no longe just a standstill shooter. Though she is a very good catch and shoot perimeter player, she is now showing she’s a solid kid off the bounce. She’s really stepped up the intensity on the defensive end and is now a playmaker on both ends. She plays fluid now and looks good in transition and finishes well.

Grace Schill / Hoban / Forward • Westminster Commit

(10/24/19) • Really high on the size and athletic combination Grace has. She’s big enough and strong enough to really be a problem when she’s locked in. She’s had to handle the ball a lot so far in her career so even though she isn’t a guard by nature she does have adequate ball skills. She can really attack the rim hard and with a purpose, she is at times an unrelenting rebounder, on both ends of the court. She plays with no fear and that allows her to rebound and finish well in traffic. She frequently crashes from the perimeter to snag rebounds for putbacks. She’s efficient with both hands around the rim.

Ajia Schreffler / New Philadelphia / Post

(1/17/22) Ajia is a powerhouse in the paint. Probably a shade under 6 foot but plays bigger. She really moves well for a player her size as well. Because of her strength, grit and toughness she’s definitely the type of post who can defend a bigger post in the paint. She moves well enough that she can score not only with her back to the basket but while faced up as well. Her motor makes her a really nice rebounder, on both ends of the floor.

Sarah Seaman / Garfield / Shooting Guard • Fredonia Commit

(10/23/19) • Really like the style of basketball Sarah plays. She’s smooth, and she’s unpredictable and she plays with some serious swag. She has the ability to pull up behind the line without notice and knock down deep jumpers. She is very good playing off ball screens, being able to pull up after a screen or attack off the dribble. She very fluent with both hands and has really nice athleticism which allows her to get in the air and do some nice things with the ball. She can really stack up points quickly when she gets rolling.

Emily Siesel / Buckeye Central / Guard

(3/31/21) •  Feisty guard who has shown that she can do just about everything on the floor. She’s shooting the ball very well, she has become a really nice slasher with consistency around the rim. She has a great motor, making her a very solid defender who stays active and creates turnovers. Good athleticism to go with her intense approach to the game.

Jenna Smith / Garfield / Post • Marietta Commit

(10/23/19) • Jenna is a nicely skilled post. Unlike so many posts, she is really good facing the basket. She’s comfortable with the ball in her hands in the high post and she’s solid with both hands so she’s a playmaker in that area of the floor. I think she’s really good at getting isolated on other bigs and taking them off the dribble, from the high post and some baseline work. She’s patient and allows the flow of the game to develop, giving herself nice lanes to attack on the bounce. She has a unique skill set for her size and position, while I don’t see the perimeter skillset quite yet she has potential to get there and still has a foundation that elevates her at her age.

Gwen Stare / Newark / Combo Guard

(10/23/19) • Gwen missed her freshman year with a knee injury but she is back and ready to roll this year. She is tough and she is a do it all type. She has a unique calmness about her game will still being tough and intense. She doesn’t look like a kid who has never played a high school game before. She handles pressure from even the best defenders, and applies equal pressure to her assignment. She not only handles pressure but takes great care of the basketball. She can shoot it decent and slashes well. Physically she is stronger than most and doesn’t mind contact. She plays all 94 feet of the court and doesn’t get winded. Definitely a name that will be out there this year.

Faith Stinson / Sheridan / Post • Akron Commit

(10/22/19) • Faith is long and moves well. She brings a unique defensive capability to the table. Her height and length make her a nice natural interior defender that rebounds and not only blocks shots, but alters many others. I like her instincts after rebounds, she does a fine job getting the outlet to guards who make the Generals dangerous in transition. Faith also has the agility to defend on the perimeter if necessary, giving her team an advantage in screen situations. Offensively she has nice touch around the rim, she uses her length well and can finish going either direction. I’ve seen enough to believe she has every capability to grow her game further and further from the rim. Though she’s by no means a ball handler she is very comfortable with the ball in her hands, she’s plenty good enough with the ball to be trusted on the arc.

Macie Taylor / Troy / Combo Guard • Wright State Commit

(3/31/21) • It didn’t take long to figure out how dynamic Macie is. I broke my policy of only adding kids that I’ve seen multiple times because she was just so impressive the one time I seen her. One on one she is unstoppable. She has very good ball skills and awareness that allows he to be unpredictable, shifty and creative. Her court awareness and IQ are through the roof and it allows her to be a tremendous creator for her teammates. Macie shoots the ball very well and can be a standstill shooter or create her own shoot off the dribble.

Jenna Troyer / Hiland / Shooting Guard

(10/22/19) • Jenna is a natural shooter, with really good size. She is a really good catch and shoot type player. You can run screens for her and she is prepared and able to get great shots off. She is calm and able to hit tough shots when closely guarded. She shows her intelligence by attacking closeouts and off balance defenders. She is very effective on the lost art of midrange shooting, often putting one dribble down to lose a defender. She attacks the rim well with both hands and uses a variety of finishes to get buckets or get to the line. With a loaded class ahead of her and a solid senior core for the Hawks, it’s uncertain when her breakout will be, but what is for sure is she will be ready and lots of people will be wondering where she came from.
(6/15/20) • Jenna tore her ACL in regionals and will miss the offseason, hoping to be back for the start of her junior year.

Bella Ward / Gahanna Lincoln / Forward
•Butler Commit

(10/22/19) • Bella continues to improve every single time I see her. She has impressed me with her team first attitude and ability to get whatever job done that her team needed her to, usually off the bench as well. She is a jack of all trades, she will mix it up defensively, she will definitely rebound, she passes the ball well and she can score it when her number is called. She is built well and has good size and power, but this summer she has jumped off the page as even stronger and more athletic. she seems to be playing with more intensity and purpose. She is very forceful in everything she does, from rebounding to attacking the basket. She is a legit stat stuffer who doesn’t take anything on the floor for granted.

Annie Watson / St. V / Forward

(10/24/19) • Annie has really good length and plenty of athletic ability to go with it. She has shown that she’s very reliable from midrange and also moving toward the arc with her range. Annie is a tough matchup defensively because she can put the ball on the floor and beat bigs, but also play with power with her back to the basket against smaller defenders. She plays with a high motor and frequently makes plays other can’t because of her effort, also getting after any loose ball she helps her team save possessions. Her role will increase dramatically from her freshman year, I expect her to blossom and become a common name in Northeast Ohio.

Jordan Weir / GlenOak / Post

(6/15/20) • Jordan has size that is hard to find at 6’5″. She is very raw but is coming along quickly. She’s played through some conditioning issues and by the end of sophomore season was playing the majority of games and for longer stretches. With her size and reach she creates all kinds of issues around the rim for opponents trying to get shots off, rebound and pass. She has shown the ability to knock down midrange jump shots as well. Undeniable potential here.

Brielle Williams / GlenOak / Point Guard • New Hampshire Commit

(10/22/19) • Brielle will for sure have a breakout season this year as she moves from a backup PG to a very good upperclassman, to the leader of the pack. She is very athletic and has speed that can’t be matched very often. She keeps defenders honest by being able to attack the rim, or shoot the ball. She has very good elevation on her jump shots, which is very needed due to her small stature. Love her poise and confidence with the ball. Often times, whether it’s in dribble situations, or finishing opportunities, she is very unpredictable and has moves that are unique. She plays with a needed intensity and passion for an undersized guard, but she is also always under control with her emotions and how she responds to adversity.

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