2020 Classic in the Country

Game 1

Fort Loramie 79 – Loudonville 19

Prediction: Fort Loramie

MVP: Ava Sholtis (2022) – 9 for 11, 19 points, 10 rebounds

Players of Note: Fort Loramie has an abundance of size and strength. Dana Rose (2021, 15p), Kenzie Hoelscher (2021, 6p, 6r, 3a) and Ava Sholtis (2022) all have great length and can score the basketball around the rim, off the dribble and can rebound. Guard Caitlin Gasson (2021, 7p, 4a) gives them a very good perimeter presence that does a great job getting the offense moving.

Game 2

Margaretta 62 – Tri-Village 59

Prediction: Tri-Village

MVP: Elliana Schaefer (2021) – 24 points, 5 assists

Players of Note: Schaefer looked really good. Calm, smooth and consistently knocks down shots. Senior Tiffin commit Jayden Moore (12p, 8r, 3a) always brings it. She hit timely shots and constantly brings the energy on both ends. Taylor Malson (14p, 3r, 3a) is another kid that is consistent from the field and helped the Polar Bears put it away late. I was very impressed with both of Tri-Valley-Village freshmen Rylee Sagester (24p) and Morgan Hunt (15p, 7r). Sagester has range for days, she went 6 for 13 from deep, the lefty has a quick release and great accuracy. She also attacked off the dribble well, she looks comfortable around the rim and makes great decisions. Hunt has great size and finishing moves. She also has good athleticism for her size, and very reliable from the foul line. Lissa Siler (2020, 12p, 8r) came on strong in the second half, showing off a really nice jumpshot.

Game 3

Mason 53 – McKinley 30

Prediction: Mason

MVP: Margo Mattes (2023) – 21 points, 8 rebounds

Players of Note: Mattes is a big time freshman, she handles the ball well, has great length and has a very good awareness and intelligence. Gabby Razzano is another freshman that is over 6 foot and will be very good as she gets older. Marilyn Popplewell (2021, 13p, 6r) works very hard and finds ways to score around the rim. McKinley is led by Nakyah Terrell (2021, 11p) who consistently shows that she can be a big time scorer. She shoots the ball well and gets to the rim great.

Game 4

Napoleon 72 – Western Reserve 31

Prediction: Napoleon

MVP: Taylor Strock (2021) – 10 for 12, 25 points

Players of Note: Taylor Strock had a big game and very effective, making 10 of her 12 field goals. She was perfect from the line and beyond the arc. She is also a top of the line defender. Her intensity and strength make her a tough on ball defender. Shae Pedroza (2020, 13p, 5r) is very good, she handles the ball well, causes defenses problems of the dribble and defends hard. She can be a heavy scorer or facilitate. Caely Ressler (2021, 10p, 6a) is long and very intelligent. She is athletic enough and has the length to guard every position if need be. She is very patient and doesn’t force anything. Emma Pedroza (2022, 13p, 5r) is a solid lefty, tough and strong. Nice shooter who just works hard on both ends. Western Reserve post, Robert Morris commit, Danielle Vuletich (2021, 14p, 7r) has great length and is god around the rim when she has position. She has the capability of being a big time rebounder.

Game 5

Lakota West 47 – North Canton Hoover 41

Prediction: Lakota West

MVP: Chance Gray (2022) – 21 points, 5 rebounds

Players of Note: Chance Gray showed why she’s a big time recruit with her range and ability to create her own shot. She is very athletic and quick, making her very tough to guard. I really liked Leah Abribat (2021, 7p) and her length. She’s very athletic and active. Defensively she gets touches on the ball a lot. Hoover was led by Peyton Davis (20p) who is headed to Wingate next year. She did a great job creating off the dribble and not only finishing at the rim but getting to the line. Kate Haubert (2021, 13r) is a spark plug for the Vikings, she hits the boards hard and is a solid defender with good length. Posts Angela Roshak (2022) and Jordan Miller (2020) combined for 15 points and 12 rebounds and more importantly held Virginia Tech commit Naveah Dean to 6 points and 5 boards.

Game 6

Kettering Fairmont 78 – GlenOak 35

Prediction: Fairmont

MVP: Makira Webster (2020) – 12 points, 7 assists

Players of Note: Webster went on a streak from deep that really propelled the Firebirds, along with her four treys she dished out 7 assists. She is so athletic and has great basketball presence. She makes great decisions when deciding to score or dish. Maddie Westbeld (15p, 17r, 5a) showed why she’s one of the best in the states and is committed to Notre Dame. She scored at will around the basket and controlled the boards. Mallory Hullinger (2022, 18p, 6-10 from 3) showed she can fill it up from deep. She has to be accounted for at all times. Belmont commit Madison Bartley (17p, 9r) also imposed her will around the basket and on the boards. Kierra Thornton (2020, 11p) was a very efficient 5 for 7. She is very patient and lets the game come to her. With so many other scorers on the floor she knows when to step up and get buckets.

Game 7

Mt. Notre Dame 62 – Laurel 57

Prediction: Mt. Notre Dame

MVP: KK Bransford (2022) – 15 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists

Players of Note: Bransford showed her superior athleticism and her ability to get where she wants when she wants, almost at will. Makira Cook (9p, 5a) is headed to Dayton and she’s as good a PG as there is. She controls the ball, tempo and pace very well. She can knock down shorts and is a great leader for MND. Laila Phelia (2021, 16p, 8r) is another kid who is just so physically gifted. She flies around and hits the boards hard, she finishes strong around the rim and creates turnovers on defense. Taylor Thierry (2021, 25p, 7r) continues to improve her stock and show how special she is. She has really good size and can shoot the ball well. She is well rounded with her scoring arsenal and is tough enough to bang on the boards. Giuliana Marinozzi (2020, 11p) is a big shooter, she has range and confidence. Mari Bickley (2023, 9p, 5r) is a solid young guard that has tough moves to the rim and matches that with a very good outside stroke.

Game 8

Winston-Salem Christian (NC) 44 – Hiland 41

Prediction: Winston-Salem Christian

MVP: Kiandra Brown (2021) – 10 points, 6 rebounds

Players to Note: Brow was awesome, she has some serious strength and energy. For her size she really gets around well. She rebounds out of position, and attacks the ball in the air. Noble Tsumas (2021, 9p) really showed some range and quick release, she is a really solid shooter. Bowling Green commit Zoe Miller (21p) showed she can play with bigger posts, she also put on display her ability to hit the outside shot. Kendra Shetler (2020, 6p, 9r) rarely shows up huge in the box score but she hustles and leaves it all out there every game. The undersized post is a constant on the boards and the floor.

Game 9

Newark 59 – Mason 45

Prediction: Newark

MVP: Maddie Veisicky (2022) – 8 for 11, 5 for 7 from deep, 21 points

Players of Note: Veisicky made a big time Classic debut. She is long and athletic. She shoots the ball very well from deep. Emma Shumate (2021, 14p) is a West Virginia commit and showed why. She is over 6′ and handles the ball as good as anyone. She can flat out shoot and has great creativity when finishing around the rim. The ODU commit Gabby Stare (9p, 5r, 7a) showed her diversity and ability to shoot the ball. She can stroke it from deep when needed, but also fascinate when necessary. Peyton Lunsford (8p, 3a) showed a nice ability to knock down open shots. She ran run the offense and take care of the basketball. Margo Mattes (2023, 14p, 6r) continued her great weekend. she’s young but she battles. She rebounds well and her athleticism and feel for the game keep her on the scoreboard. Akron commit Alanna Carter (8p, 4a) showed some versatility, using her strength to get to the rim and her court vision to create for her teammates.

Game 10

Kettering Fairmont 60 – Eastlake North 45

Prediction: Kettering Fairmont

MVP: Madeline Westbeld (2020) – 14 points, 12 rebounds

Players of Note: Westbeld and Bartley did their thing, combining for 30 points and 20 rebounds. Hullinger continued to show she is a legit shooter. Kierra Thornton (2020, 12p, 6r, 6a) really stepped up and expended on the good game she had yesterday. She is a reliable scorer, she has no problem mixing it up and she plays her role perfectly. Her role isn’t to score a bunch of points, but to be ready to supplement the offense with great decisions, and knock down open shots. She has one that well this whole weekend. CeCe Hamilton (2022, 8p, 7r) is a young bright spot for Eastlake. She has very good length for a PG, and can stretch the defense with above average range. She really gets after it on defense and on the boards as well.

Game 11

Mt. Notre Dame 49 – Winston-Salem Christian (NC) 48

Prediction: Mt. Notre Dame

MVP: Makira Cook (2020) – 22 points

Players of Note: Cook, a Dayton recruit, really showed out in this one. She was 4 for 8 from three and always seemed to knock down the big shot at the big moment. Her nonstop motor saved a bucket on what seemed to be a guarantee run out layup for WS. She handles the ball very well and seems to always keep the temp and pace where they want it. Phelia (2021) and Bransford (2022) combined for 24 points and Phelia added 7 boards. It won’t show up in the box score but Abby Woltermann (2022, 6r) is a solid piece of the MND offense. She is very calm at the high post where a lot of their offense goes through. She strong with the ball and does a great job making reads and making the right passes. For Winston-Salem Kiandra Browne (2021, 14p, 13r) had another monster game. She has a unique motor for a big post player she runs the floor very well. She also has great power moves around the rim. She can really put down a power dribble or a drop step and explode off the floor.

Game 12

Toledo Notre Dame 57 – Lakota West 44

Prediction: Lakota West

MVP: Grace Van Slooten (2022) – 21 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 blocks

Players of Note: Grace Showed a wide variety of skills today. She is well over 6′ and runs like a guard, she has incredible handles, and her shot is very good. she can score around the rim with either hand and step out and knock it down from deep. She is a very good defender both on the perimeter and around the rim where she changes a lot of shots. Olivia Sims (17p, 6r), an Oakland commit, really shot it well from deep. She has great size and athletic ability. Alyson Ray (2021, 7r, 5a) is a very tough PG. She never came off the floor, guarded hard the entire time, and got up and down the floor well. Chance Gray (2022, 22p, 3a) showed an incredible knack for hitting difficult shots, and deep shots.

Game 13

Huber Heights Wayne 78 – GlenOak 47

Prediction: Wayne

MVP: Bree Hall (2021) – 26 points, 8 rebounds

Players of Note: Hall is very tough to stop, even more so when she’s shooting 4 for 5 from deep. She is very gifted athletically and she has great moves off the dribble and around the rim. When she’s hot from outside she’s almost impossible to stop. Nyla Hampton (20p, 4a) is a sniper from outside. She is also very diverse as she’s a great passer with vision and a solid scorer. MaKenzie Green (2020, 7p, 6r) Is a nice inside and outside player. She can handle the ball and is a reliable shooter from deep. She can also get on the block and show off great post moves and a very good left hand. Jordan Weir (2022, ) is every bit of 6’5″, very raw, but has loads of potential. She moves pretty well for a player of her size. Lexi Lemire (2020, 10p) showed her ability to be a deep shooter all weekend, she is reliable and has a quick release.

Game 14

Gahanna Lincoln 68 – Centerville 64

Prediction: Centerville

MVP: Edyn Battle (2020) – 25 points

Players to Note: Battle did it all tonight, the Miami OH commit was 5 for 11 from three, showed an ability to get o the rim, and had some nice midrange buckets. Morgan Darnell (19p), is headed to Hartford and she also had some very big buckets. She also iced the game from the foul line at the end. I really love Bella Ward (2022, 6p, 10r), she plays so hard all the time. She’s deceptively athletic, along with great toughness and strength. Kyla Smith (10p, 6r) is a very solid role player for Gahanna, she knocks down shots, out to the three point line, and defends. Cotie McMahon (2022, 34p, 16r) had quite a night. She is unbelievably athletic, possibly the best combination of size, strength, leaping ability and speed I’ve ever seen at the high school level. Amy Velasco (15p, 6a), a Bowling Green commit, is pretty good. She is a efficient and smooth scorer that also distributed and keeps her teammates involved. She has a different level of awareness and court sense. Her court vision is incredible and ability to make the right plays at the right time is a huge asset. Emma Stanley (2020, 11p) showed off a nice jump shot, she gives the Elks a really solid kick out option when teams over commit to Amy and Cotie.

Game 15

New Philadelphia 49 – Reynoldsburg 37

Prediction: Reynoldsburg

MVP: Josie Pry (2020) – 13 points, 5 rebounds

Players to Note: Pry is always an impact player, she’s long and she’s much tougher than she may look. She slashes well, defends like crazy and is always am emotional leader for the Quakers. Ajia Schreffler (2022, 8p, 5r) is developing nicely. She’s a good sized post player who is learning to be strong around the rim and developing some moves. Audrey Harr (2022, 8p, 4r) is a young spark plug for the Quakers. She is fundamental, takes care of the basketball and is very hard-nosed. Julia Ress (2020, 6p, 5a) is another Quaker that really gets after it. She can play multiple positions, and always competes. She can hit open shots and attack.

Game 16

Princeton 73 – Solon 48

Prediction: Princeton

MVP: Sole Williams (2023) – 16 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists

Players of Note: Sole is a very gifted freshman. The lefty has very good strength and shoots the ball well. she is tough to stop from getting to the basket. Ashley Davis (2020, 13p, 4r) has a pretty nice shot. She plays with poise and doesn’t force anything, takes her moments when they’re there. Kyla Oldacre (2022, 7p, 8r, 3a) is too much of an opposing force to ignore. at 6’5″ she moves decent and gets off the floor well. She’s still pretty raw but as she develops and picks up some post moves she will get even better. Hailey Weaver (2021, 25p, 7r) continues to shine. She showed some very good pull up moves and some pull up threes in transition. She has really advanced her deep shooting and that just makes her even tougher to guard. Morgan Blackford (2023, 9p) is a young piece for Solon that has a nice shot, she’s very capable of scoring.

Game 17

Homestead (IN) 37 – Pickerington Central 36

Prediction: Pick Central

MVP: Ayanna Patterson (2022) – 17 points, 9 rebounds, 4 blocks

Players of Note: Patterson is very imposing. It’s easy to see why she is so highly recruited. She’s well over 6′ and runs and handle the ball well. She’s a luxury in transition. She has great timing when rebounding and blocking shots. Aarionna Redman (2020, 16p, 8r) is a big time worker! Shot looks good and she is pretty effect. Plays with a nice intensity and is very tough. Really solid player on both ends of the floor. Jocelyn Tate (2021, 6p, 7r) has nice moves facing the basket or back to the basket. She isn’t a post but she still does a great job getting position and scoring around the rim. Madison Greene (2023) didn’t have a great game today, but she has special written all over her, keep an eye out!

Game 18

Huber Heights Wayne 41 – Aurora 36

Prediction: Wayne

MVP: Bree Hall (2021) – 24 points, 15 rebounds

Players of Note: Hall showed even more today, as she did yesterday. She held Sellers of Aurora to one field goal in 28 minutes. She hit the board very hard, used some smooth catch and shoot to show how advanced her game is. Jada Wolfork (2020, 9r) didn’t shoot the ball well today, and didn’t score, but showed how someone could still effect a game while she crashed the boards and defended. Nyla Hampton (2020, 11p, 3a) is headed to Bowling Green, she comes up with big buckets whenever needed. Eliza Wykoff (2020, 9p, 5r) showed a little something in the low post, and could be a college prospect for some D3 teams.

Game 19

Centerville 61 – Toledo Notre Dame 37

Prediction: Toledo Notre Dame

MVP: Cotie McMahon (2022) – 23 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists

Players of Note: Usual suspects in this one. Sophomores McMahon and Grace Van Slooten (19p, 8 r) dazzled. They are both exceptional athletes and they have incredible ball skills. Amy Velasco (2021, 14p, 6r, 3a) also had another great showing. She displayed her versatility and willingness to do whatever it takes to win. Olivia Sims (2020, 9p, 4r, 3a) shot the ball well from deep and early on kept Notre Dame in it.

Game 20

Mercy McAuley 42 – Wadsworth 35

Prediction: Mercy McAuley

MVP: Ashley Tudor (2020) – 13 points, 5 rebounds

Players to Note: Tudor, a Radford commit, is very strong and deceptively quick. She is tough to stop from getting to the basket. Plus she is a reliable shooter. Lexi Fleming, who is headed to Bowling Green next year, showed us everything that makes people enjoy watching her play. Toughness, intensity, fearless defense, deep range, and an obvious love for the game. Maggie Long (2021, 12p) showed she can get really hot from deep, almost single handedly keeping the Grizzlies in it in the first half. Taylor Leatherman (2020, 12p, 8r) had a solid all around game. She has good length and athleticism, and looks to be playing with a lot of confidence. E’anna Won was a nice addition to the court after missing most of this year with an ACL, the senior PG will be heading to Siena Heights next year.

Game 21

West Branch 34 – Chippewa 29

Prediction: West Branch

MVP: Peyton Alazaus (2020) – 13 points, 6 rebounds

Players to Note: Peyton, a Pitt-Johnstown commit, is a big time shooter. She has great range and a pure shot. Even when it doesn’t go in, you feel like they all look good. Hannah Ridgway (2020, 10p, 7r) came up big as a defender. She has decent size and is a solid athlete, she had one of the most important defensive assignments and did a good job, along with getting some tough baskets around the rim. Celona Koncz (11p, 7r), who is headed to Ursuline next year, has a very well rounded game. She can step outside and hit jump shots, she can attack off the dribble and she has above average post moves. That comes in very handy against smaller defenders. She is also no stranger to playing hard on the defensive end, usually snagging a bunch of rebounds.

Game 22

Hiland 99 – Shelby 25

Prediction: Hiland

MVP: Zoe Miller (2021) – 22 points, 15 rebounds

Players of Note: Zoe Miller just tore through the boards and went to the line quite a bit. She continued to dominate in the paint as she has done all year and most of her career. Bowling Green was curtsied, happy that they have already sealed the deal with this junior. Morgan Yoder (13p, 4a), the Ashland commit, led the offense and got big shots to fall from deep. Krista Troyer (14p, 5a), who is going to Pitt-Johnstown next year, really showed up in all facets of the game. She hit some big shots early to start the action, had five dimes and no turnovers, and defended well as usual. Kelsey Swihart (2021, 10p, 5r) had a very efficient game in only 9 minutes on the floor. Kyli Horn (2021, 10p) really demonstrated her ability to shoot the ball while Kendra Shetler (2020, 9p, 7r) had another near double-double performance.

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