Mount Union Team Camp (6/27/19)

Karlee Altimore (2020) Sandy Valley – Karlee is a great shooter, she has a very nice midrange game as well. She can handle the ball well enough to run point if needed but she’s most effective off the ball where she can get open off screens or moving without the ball.

Sydney Bourquin (2020) Jonathon Alder – Sydney shot the ball today as well as I’ve ever seen her. She showed that she can hit the long jumper. She had a few pull ups in transition that looked good, a step back or two and some spot up stuff. She’s very good in transition as she sees the floor well and makes great decisions.

Mackenzie Duplain (2020) Massillon – Mackenzie is smooth, she’s fun to watch, and she’s very unpredictable. Defensively she does a great job laying low and then making a play on the basketball. In transition she’s at her best, she can finish at the rim with either had and has the ability to get defenders leaning and switch up on them.

Dominque Evans (2020) Nordonia – Few get after it like Dom. I watched her frustrate some of the best PG’s at the camp and she kept the energy high the entire day. When she’s hitting from the outside she can be tough to guard, because she will always get to the rim and the foul line.

Mary Ferrito (2022) Jonathon Alder – Mary is a very nice young player, with good size. She is really nice in the open court, she will make some great passes to get teammates open and get to the rim. Really nice shot as well, can hit the 3 or get to the rim. Very high IQ and court awareness.

Hailey Haywood (2021) Barberton – Hailey is a tough guard who makes things happen on both ends. She consistently knocked down jump shots, long and mid range. She had some nice drives with tough finishes. She does a good job controlling the offense and giving the Magics some composure when needed.

Taylor Hecker (2020) River Valley – Big time effort kid, PG that doesn’t need to score a bunch to stay involved. She makes sure she gets the scorers involved and rolling before she gets herself moving offensively. Love her focus and intensity on defense. Always comes off as composed and calm.

Breeana Hutson (2021) Newton Falls – Breeana is sneaky quick and athletic. She has a nice strong build and she knows how to use it to get to the basket. She slashes and finishes with her left very well. She spends a lot of time at the foul line because of her nose for the rim.

Cam Jones (2022) Magnificat – Cam is a very intriguing young player. She has very good size, really good athleticism and a really nice motor! It seems like she has the ability to get to every rebound when she’s really getting after it! She finished nicely around the rim where she can use her power or her agility to score. She can make a very good living off of offensive rebounds.

Mollie LaSpisa (2022) Magnificat – Mollie had a really nice showing, she really stepped up once a teammate bumped knees and sat the rest of the day. She is very creative and unpredictable on her way to the rim. She does a great job of changing directions at the last minute and finishing with both hands. She is a high energy kid on defense.

Jessica LeBeau (2020) Lake – Tough kid who really played well today. She’s put on a lot of muscle and is as strong as ever. She’s been a nice shooter since freshman year, but now she’s really putting her head down and attacking the rim hard. Her performance today included a game winning buzzer beating midrange jumper. She will give a young Lake team some valuable senior leadership.

Gracie Lyon (2022) Fairless – Grace gets better and better every time I see her. Her combination of size and ability to move is a huge asset for her. She’s starting to put the ball on the floor more and being very effective with it. She’s also starting to really pin other posts down on the block to get easy buckets.

Hallie Majoros (2021) Nordonia – Hallie is becoming a well known shooter. She has a very quick release, she always shoots with confidence no matter if its going in or not, which is very important for shooters. She’s long and quick, and much stronger than most kids her size, making her a feisty defender.

Karly McCutcheon (2020) Mohawk – Really like this West Liberty commit. She is long and strong. She is a nightmare for opponents when she’s at the top of a zone press. She turns steals into layups very quickly. She has the strength to finish around the basket against bigs and the ability to stretch the defense and hit deep jump shots.

Riley Montagner (2022) Madison – Very athletic and strong. Tough to stop Riley when she’s on her way to the rim. She uses ball fakes well to beat defenders. Her jump shot is good enough to keep defenders on high alert on the perimeter. Her speed and strength allows her to only need a little room to beat defenders and keep them on her hip or back and not allow them to recover.

Mary Spear (2022) Magnificat – Mary is a straight spark plug for Mags. She has the ball moving up the floor in the blink of an eye. On the defensive end she really gets after it and makes everything tough. Definitely a kid that can slash and finish at the rim. Love her energy, IQ and court awareness.

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