Baldwin Wallace Team Camp (6/26/19)

Casey Bertke (2020) Cardington-Lincoln – Casey is a very solid post player. Big and strong, and by big I mean a solid 6’1″, maybe a tad bigger. she runs very well, has a very solid base in the post and rebounds the heck out of it. She is an offensive putback waiting to happen. Just for added luxury, she has a cannon arm that can make any full court inbounds pass look easy.

Cassie Crawford (2020) Willard – Cassie is very long and athletic, and stands at about 5’10”. She’s very intelligent and knows the game. She uses spin moves and over aggressive defenders very well. Really nice passer for her size and position. Could certainly be a kid that can play and defend multiple positions.

Abbey Dillon (2020) Tusky Valley – Abbie is a tough PG. Hard-nosed, willing to defend whoever. Showed off an improved jumpshot and an expended range. makes good decisions with the basketball, calming the tempo down and taking care of the ball when needed, but also getting a move on when the time is right.

Madyson Hacking (2021) Lake Perry – Madyson can score at any level, she’s becoming more than a shooter. She got to the rim today very well with both hands, had some stop and pop midrange stuff, and of course dropped some bombs from deep. She also handles a lot of the PG duties.

Ali Hudik (2021) Lake Catholic – Ali is very creative and crafty with the basketball. She’s not real big but she has a very solid muscular build, and some really good speed. She will hit outside shots but she can also get somewhere off the bounce. Any time you get face guarded in a summer league you are doing something right.

Paige Kohler (2023) Olmsted Falls – Paige is fantastic, and still very young. Pretty small, but very fast, and extremely skilled. She is very shifty when in attack mode and keeps defenders guessing. It’s almost an instinct for her to use her left hand while heading to the rim. Very nice looking shot, Paige will be a very nice player as she grows and gains experience.

Hannah Leapline (2020) Massillon Perry – Lefty point guard who is high energy and effort. Seems to look to create for her teammates before she looks to score, but she can also hit the seems and get to the foul line or the rim. Love her energy on defense.

Jayden Moore (2020) Margaretta – Jayden will literally give you everything she has, I think she was running on fumes for the latter part of today, because she uses every drop she has in the tank. Nice size and athleticism, she has some flexibility on the positions she can play and defend for sure. She showed off the 3-point range today.

Meredith Randulic (2022) Massillon Perry – Meredith is a fantastic player, she seems to have grown some. She’s a nice sized guard that can shoot it from anywhere. She has some swag to her and she definitely has a high IQ. Willing defender who will get her hands in some passing lanes. Big time ability to score.

Ali Shane (2021) Tusky Valley – Ali looks to be a little more lean and mobile at the moment. Her role will change some this year as Coach Ward says he wont restrict her to the paint anymore. She looks nice getting up and down the floor, she slashes well and can still yet get good post position and score around the rim.

Alexis Stevens (2020) River Valley – Stevens is a nice player, not overly athletic or skilled but she can score buckets. She’s deceptively quick but she also knows how to get to her spots where she can get scores. Strong build and tough player, wont be pushed around and can use that strength while attacking.

Abby Winnen (2020) Elyria Catholic – Abby is very strong and solid. She isn’t going to be displaced in the paint very often, if ever. today she showed off an ability to hit some deep jumpers. She’s a lefty so she can be tough to guard as most defenders are used to right handed scorers.

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