Ursuline Team Camp (6/14/19)

Karli Anker (Manchester) 2021 – Karli always produces, she knows she’s going to be double teamed, face guarded and whatever else. However she is very tough and just keeps going to work. She can handle any amount of physical play, and still produce.

Terah Harness (Tecumseh) 2021 – Terah’s ability to knock down shots has led me to start calling her the Splash Sister. She has a very quick release and actually looks a lot like Klay Thompson when she lets it fly. This particular day it seemed Terah could not miss, she was literally dropping bombs. Spot up threes, step backs, deep 2’s off the dribble, they were all going in.

Madyson Hacking (Perry) 2021 – Love Madyson’s ability to shoot the three. She also has some intangibles that I like such as being a great communicator, being an uplifting teammate and putting team first.

Mae Maston (Tecumseh) 2022 – Mae is tiny, but she’s tough! She gets after it on defense despite her being smaller than just about anyone she will be guarding. She really handles the ball well, she keeps it low and out of reach, has a real nice ability to keep the ball alive deep into the paint, with complete composure. Mae can also score the ball well, she shoot the three very well!

Riley Montagner (Madison) 2022 – Riley is a very strong and athletic! She has to develop a left hand to continue to evolve her game, but she is very strong and explosive to the rim going right. She gets to the foul line a lot and shoots it well. She can also shoot the long ball well, but mostly as a spot up shooter as of right now.

Julianna Nicolli (Mayfield) 2020 – Julianna works really hard, and has worked really hard at becoming a good shooter. She’s very reliable from deep. I like her energy and passion, definitely someone that other kids love to play with.

Hannah Peterson (Mayfield) 2022 – Hannah is very long and her athleticism jumps out at you. she is still pretty raw, but she is also still pretty young. I think the ceiling is really high here, I’ve seen her improve noticeably just in the month of June.

Catherine Rock (Mayfield) 2020 – Catherine is a really great athlete. On the court she one of those really smooth lefties that always seem to catch peoples eyes. Her jump shot is really nice and she handles the ball well. She can make plays on both ends of the floor.

Ally Ziegler (Beaumont) 2021 – Ally is pretty big and strong post player. She plays with a real chip on her shoulder, which I really like, but may take it a step too far some times. She rebounds very well, runs well and finishes at the rim well.

• Tecumseh has a trio of freshmen that will allow them to stay competitive for years to come. PG Makenzie Chinn, Wing Emma Garbar and forward Gabby Russell gives them three very talented players at different positions to grow with.

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