Malone Shootout (6/15/19)

Marissa Berlin (Green) 2020 – At 6’3” Marissa is a natural rebounder and shot blocker. The more aggressive she wants to be the more dangerous she is. Some times she settles for off balance mid range shots that she can get away with now but not as much in the future. She moves well for her size and she’s actually pretty solid putting the ball on the floor from the high post. when she gets in attack mode she’s tough to stop.

Kerianne Diese (Jackson) 2020 – I don’t believe Kerianne ever gets enough credit for what she does, mostly because she doesn’t do anything real fancy or elaborate. She’s just a kid who would prefer to quietly do her job and help her team win. She can always be relied on to knock down shots, sometimes some very big ones. She takes care of the ball, she takes charge when the Bears need to settle down and she never forces anything. She is also a very good on ball defender as well as a team defender.

Dominique Evans (Nordonia) 2020 – Dominique is a difference maker on defense, she will always bring the energy and get after the basketball. She will also be the first on the floor. She hasn’t ever really been relied on to score and she probably wont be expected to score much this year as well, so her shot needs some consistency. However she’s able to attack the rim, get buckets and get to the line. She does well controlling the offense and making sure her scorers and shooters get good looks and her unselfishness keeps them in rhythm.

Madison Kluse (Nordonia) 2021 – Madison played as well as I’ve seen her, ever. I’ve been waiting for the focus and intensity for an entire game, for an extended period of time, boy did she do that! She showed superior power and explosion to the rim, she showed agility and balance at the rim. She was intense, she looked like she was on a mission to win a state title, at a summer shootout, I loved everything I seen!

Lauren Pallotta (Jackson) 2023 – Tough lefty freshman that has range. She has good size and strength for her age. Definitely a kid who will step in early and get the Polar Bears buckets, whether its from deep or slashing to the basket. She has good instincts, and being an athlete runs in the family. She definitely knows what to do with the ball and will also make an impact on the defensive end.

Leena Patibandla (Jackson) 2023 – Leena is a big time player in the making. She is very long, and will continue to grow. She has incredible instincts, great change of direction and change of pace with the ball. She will improve as a shooter as she develops but there’s a lot to love offensively already. Her length allows her to be a legitimate defender and shot blocker, even when she gets beat she can recover and get a block.

Olivia Payne (Green) 2021 – Olivia is really growing into her own and she gets a lot of freedom in the Green offense. She takes full advantage of that with her ability to slash and get buckets. Definitely a scoring PG but does a good job handling the ball and making plays in transition.

Gabby Piercy (Green) 2020 – Gabby is starting to not look like a kid who hasn’t played basketball in 2 years at all. She is 6 foot, and has added some muscle. She also showing some of the things that got coaches excited about her at a younger age. She has nice post moves, showed a left hand hook and an up and under. She also has the ability to hit jump shots. Very encouraged by what I seen this weekend, and I expect her to continue to get better.

Hannah Schill (Hoban) 2021 – Hannah brings all kind of energy to the floor, she literally has a motor that never stops. As a cross country runner she is in great shape and she uses that to her advantage. She gets after it on defense big time, always causing problems on the ball. Her speed allows her to get easy transition buckets.

Ava Scroggs (Jackson) 2021 – Ava is a shooter, a big time shooter. She has a quick release, looks like she’s really starting to develop some confidence and she has great range. Needs to get tougher and stronger on defense but offensively she’s pretty advanced. She’s on the smaller end but knows how to keep defenders off balance in the paint and at the rim.

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