Class of 2020

List parameters:

• Class of 2021

• No Power 5 offers before the list was started

• Only uncommitted players

• I’ve had to of seen someone multiple times

• All evaluation in person

• List is never complete

• Alphabetically listed

• All updates are date stamped

Karlee Altimore (G) Sandy Valley


(10/31/18) • Karlee has developed herself into a nice shooter. She can shoot the 3 and has a solid midrange game. She has a nice build and the physicality to take the ball to the rim. I like the rate of improvement I’ve seen from her over the last few years. She shows that she is able to carry the scoring load and handle double teams.

Alana Belknap (G) Dover


Alana is a long smooth shooter. At 5’10” her ability to shoot the ball becomes even more intriguing. She has a certain swag about her on the court, she has the potential to be a very unique player. As she grows and gets stronger she will get better and more comfortable getting to the rim.

(10/31/18) • Alana missed most of freshman year with an ACL, she got cleared in July 2017. Alana played a full sophomore season and did well. She looks to have a great junior season far removed from the injury.

Marissa Berlin (C) Green


Marissa is a true post, standing at 6’3″, with a solid build. She will be a solid force in the paint all 4 years of high school. She moves well for her size and has decent hands. As she gets uses to the size and strength of the high school opponents she will become a bigger impact player. Lots of room to grow, but certainly a high ceiling.

(10/31/18) • Marissa missed her sophomore season with an ACL, she will be returning for the 2018-19 season.

(8/30/19) • After having a great bounce back junior year and being in the best shape of her high school career Marissa tore her ACL again in July. She was having a tremendous off-season and gained some college following.

Lizzie Bickar (PG/G) Tallmadge

*Committed to Indiana State for golf

Lizzie is very intriguing, she has a sixth sense about her game. She has really good decision making for a kid her age. She’s got a decent shot at this point but is ahead of the curve for kids her age when getting to the rim and finishing. Very fundamental and safe with the basketball.

Casey Bertke (F/C) Cardington-Lincoln


Casey is a big force in the paint, at 6’1″ and some serious length, she knows what to do with the ball. Her mobility will allow her to evolve and add to her game as she puts in more work. Really solid on the defensive end. She reminds me a lot of 2-time D3 POY Ashley Richardson from Chippewa. Big time potential for Casey.

Sydney Bourquin (PG) Jonathon Alder


(4/12/19) • Sydney is a really nice sized PG. She is long and has a really strong build. Her size and athleticism help her be a really solid defender. Offensively she’s is a very unselfish player who focuses on making plays for her teammates just as much as herself. I like her ability slash, but I really love her energy and willingness to be a distributer.

Emma Brown (G) Copley


Emma has a chance to become a great shooter. At her ages she is already an above average shooter, mostly in spot up situations. She’s a longer guard with some decent ball skills. Emma’s potential is very high and she’s going to be a big part of Green’s program before long.

Kailyn Brown (SF) Poland

(10/20/19) • Strong lefty, who can really score the basketball. While not being the fastest or quickest kid on the court she very good at creating shots. She’s strong to the rim, can score with some finesse as well. Has a very nice quick pull up off the dribble, and very reliable shooting from deep.

Emily Cavacini (PG) Shaler Area


(4/12/19) • Emily isn’t very big but she is dynamic! She shoots the rock smooth and at a high percentage. She’s very capable of shooting off screens. She has a swag about her and her game, she handles the ball well and has great court vision. She can pass well with either hand and make plays for her teammates. What she lacks in size she makes up for in energy, passion and play making ability.

Katie Clark (G) Walsh Jesuit


Katie is a very gifted athlete. Her strength is extraordinary. Her ability to get to the rim and finish is incredible, due to her wide ranging athleticism. She’s strong enough and has enough body control to finish through contact like a player much older. She has the vertical and creativity to finish with finesse and unpredictability when necessary. Katie also used her strength and speed to be a really good defender. Definitely very excited to see how this young lady develops over the next few years.

(10/31/18) • Katie missed some time with an ACL, but is back for her junior season.

(10/1/19) • Katie had a great junior season and in the summer made the decision to go all in in on basketball. She has became possibly the most sought after remaining 2020 in Ohio.

Peyton Davis (CG) Hoover


(9/20/19) • Peyton’s foundation is built on toughness, on both ends of the floor. She is a great defender who not only can get after the basketball but plays great team defense as well. She uses that strength to attack the rim very strong and with power. She has really developed into a very nice shooter. She’s reliable from the three point line but can also create her own shot in the midrange area. She can finish at the rim with either hand, pass with either hand and take care of the ball. Peyton is also a great leader, she plays with poise and always under control.

Dominque Evans (CG) Nordonia


(4/12/19) • Tough lefty guard. Acceptable shooter but she makes a bigger impact creating off the dribble. Has a nice court awareness and can get people open. She’s the back side of the court well and usually makes the right pass. she defends well and has a nice intensity on defense. High energy kid that plays both ends of the floor.

(8/2/19) • Dom was having a fantastic off season after a breakout junior year but unfortunately suffered a torn ACL in July that will keep her out of her senior season.

Eden Gainer (G/PG) Wheeling Central


I’m very high on Eden, she’s the most skilled kid I’ve seen in the summer before their freshman year since a certain Maryland commit from Jackson HS. She’s not as big but she’s not tiny. Eden can shoot it, has great handles and has an incredible feel for the game, her teammates and the floor. The potential here is tremendous.

Makenna Geiser (G) Dalton


Makenna is an extremely gifted scorer. Her offensive arsenal is already very advanced. She has an uncanny ability to freeze a defender in a triple threat and pull up. Her ability to penetrate and finish is very nice and her midrange game is very advanced. Makenna is going to be fun to watch grow and develop.

Kayla Gibson (G) Louisville


(10/31/18) Kayla is very athletic and very intense. She has decided to focus more on basketball than in the past and it is really starting to pay off. She’s very active on the defensive end and creates points and turnovers on her own. She has the ability to get to the rim well and can get to the line quite a bit.

MaKenzie Green (G/F) GlenOak

Due to an ACL tear Makenzie will have to wait until her sophomore year to bust on to the scene. At 6 foot she has guard and post skill, making her very dangerous. She has a very advanced left hand in the post and off the dribble. Add in a good jump shot at her size and its a great combo. Makenzie is very fundamental and technical player. Almost automatic at the free throw line, which is a huge bonus at her size.

(10/31/18) • MaKenzie returned from her ACL and had a great sophomore season at Hoover. She has since transferred to GlenOak and will be ready and on the floor for the 2018-19 season.

(10/20/19) • Green did well coming off the bench for the Eagles, having some big games for GlenOak. She chose not to play AAU in the offseason and didn’t attend any showcases, making her recruitment kind of a mystery.

Lizzie Imrie (G/F) Nordonia


Lizzie is a very athletic player. She can run and jump with anyone. Loves to defend and be physical as her strength is one of her biggest assets. Her jump shot has improved to a good level and as she learns to trust it more we will all see how beneficial it can be. One day the game is really going to slow down for her and she’s going to take off.

(12/3/18) Lizzie suffered an ACL tear in the preseason and will miss her entire junior season.

(10/20/19) • Lizzie is back from her ACL injury and is one of the best remaining 2020’s. She is ready to go for senior year. She wasn’t cleared for AAU but did participate in some end of summer and fall events, showing she is fully recovered and prepared to go.

Anastasia Lawler (CG) Hudson


(10/20/19) • Good sized guard who can play off the ball or handle the ball. She has a very high IQ and great basketball instincts. She doesn’t need the ball, lots of shots or points to be into the game. She will rebound and she’s a great passer. Always communicating on the floor and being an uplifting teammate.

Kelly Levering (G/F) Olentangy Liberty


(12/3/18) Big shooter who is pushing 6 foot. Lefty shooter but can attack both hands. Has a quick shot and catches ready to shoot. Prefers to play on the perimeter but she has the size and strength to go play inside if needed. Kelly has a great understanding of the game. May not be the quickest player but she knows how to score the basketball.

Lauren King (PG) Tri-Valley

At first glance you notice how athletic and tough Lauren is. She plays with a certain amount of aggression and precision that makes her very good. She can do all things on offense well, she shoots and gets to the rim. She’s also a good defender who will bother and interrupt the opposing ballhandler.

Celina Koncz (G) Chippewa


Celina is already a top notch shooter, she will make a career out of being a great 3-point shooter. Her range is already very deep and natural, she has a quick release to go with it. She’s already showing signs of an improved game off the dribble which will make her even more dangerous.

Halle Landies (G) Chardon


(10/31/18) • Halle is one of the top end kids as far as athleticism goes. She’s has great speed, jumps well and is shifty. She stands out defensively with these measurables in addition to her fearless play and good instincts. She gets to the rim well, and as a result, also gets to the line a lot. Her jump shot and shot selection has to continue to improve to become a more complete player and not rely solely on her athleticism.

(12/3/18) Halle suffered an ACL tear the week before her junior season started, she will miss the entire season.

Taylor Leatherman (G/F) Wadsworth


Taylor is a very athletic kid that’s a quick learner. She has worked her way into the starting lineup for the reigning state champs due to her toughness, work ethic and willingness to learn. These things will help Taylor continue to improve and once she trusts herself and realizes how could she can be she will explode.

Lexi Lemire (G) GlenOak

Lexi is quickly becoming a really good player. She likely will never be a top player for GlenOak as they have a really good group of her age but she is going to be very good in her own right. She can shoot the ball very well, and will be a dangerous and reliable shooter defenses have to worry about. She has a good IQ and the speed and swag to make plays in other ways than beyond the arc.

Destiny Leo (G/F) Eastlake North


Destiny may be the most under the radar superstar in Ohio. Due to no exposure AAU and from an unknown high school, not a ton of people know who she is. She is a big time shooter who can score in bunches. She has range well beyond the arc, a natural jumper with a quick and high release. She doesn’t need a whole lot of room to get it off. She’s deceptively quick and has god size and strength making her a big time finisher as well. She has the ability to hit tough shots consistently. Very dominant offensive force.

Lindsey Linard  (C) Medina

(Committed – Duquesne)

Lindsey has above average mobility and skill for her size. At 6’3″ she can cause problems because she isn’t just a back to the basket type of post. she has a very good understanding of basketball which allows her to make plays. Nice touch from close to midrange, and as a lefty she catches people off guard and unprepared to defend her.

Grace Mangapora (G/F) Canfield

*Committed to IUP for volleyball

Grace has a very good combination of size and skill. She’s an above average athlete which gives her a trio of assets all coaches are looking for. With many athletes in her family she is destined to be really good, and maybe grow some more. At 5’10” she already has good size and the ball skills to go with it.

Kendyl Mick (G/PG) Sheridan

(Committed – Findlay)

Kendyl is insanely skilled. She has a tremendous understanding of the game and how it’s played. She’s a very capable scorer but maybe an even better distributer and facilitator. She doesn’t play like a freshman, she is very strong and deliberate. Kendyl has the ability to make plays that will leave you impressed, huge upside.

Addison Mucci (PG) GlenOak

What Addison lacks in size she more than makes up for in energy and skill. Her speed, ball handling and ability to shoot makes her a tough guard. Her intensity and toughness make her a problem on the defensive end. Addison possesses a lot of physical and mental assets that will allow her to continue to grow as she gains experience.

Kayla Muslovski (CG) Columbiana

(4/12/19) • Bulk scorer. Has a pretty nice shot, has to get quicker but the mechanics are good and she shoots with consistency. She plays with a fire, that when contained and focused, can be a huge asset for her. She has a good IQ and can make plays for teammates when in that mode. She is good off the dribble and can score at the rim well and get to the foul line where she shoots a high percentage.

Shae Pedroza (CG) Napoleon


(9/20/19) • Shae may be on the smaller end, but she’s big enough! She’s very tough, and she’s very creative. She doesn’t rely on any one thing to carry her game, making her tough to guard. She is very shifty with the ball and unpredictable. She uses change of speed and direction very well. Add a very good jump shot and the ability to create her own shot anywhere on the floor and she is a very capable scorer. She possesses a lot of the things small guards need to be successful at the next level such as intensity, passion and attitude.

Izzy Perez (CG) Lisbon

(4/12/19) • Athletic guard that can play both positions. Primarily a slasher at this point but she can create off the dribble with her speed and explosion. Defensively the same assets give her an advantage and she can turn a steal into a layup real quickly. She’s longer than her 5’7″ leads you to believe and she is lighting quick up and down the floor.

Kira Philpot (F/C) Stow


(10/31/18) • Kira excels around the basket. She gets off the floor very well, especially in traffic, making her a great rebounder. She gets stickbacks from her hardwork on the glass. She has a unique ability in todays game to get great post up position, resulting in some solid post scoring. She runs well at 6 foot making her a threat in transition and not a liability on defense.

Gabby Piercy (F/C) Green

Gabby is a longer more mobile post, at 6’1″ she’s a decent finisher around the rim and runs the floor very well. She is already starting to evolve her game into something that is more midrange oriented. As she puts more work and time in she will continue to grow her game and range and if the ball skills follow she could be very dangerous.

(10/31/18) • Gabby took the 2017-18 season off and has since transferred from Jackson to Green.

(4/12/19) • Gabby did not finish the season at Green.

Emma Randall (G) Shelby


(10/31/18) • At a shade under 6 foot and the skillset of a perimeter player, Emma is a very unique talent. She plays both ends of the flor with the same passion. Emma has a very good understanding of the game and plays with great composure. Offensively she is very intriguing because of her height and length, she can shoot the ball and create off the dribble.

Kallie Regula (G) Garaway


Regula shows good composure and focus for her age. Right now she’s a nice solid shooter with good size and length. As she grows and develops it will be exciting to see what she adds to her game. She will certainly be a threat in the scoring column the next few years.

Jenna Riccardo (F) Beaver Local


(4/12/19) • Jenna has a very intriguing combination of size and skill. She isn’t short of 6 foot by much, she’s well put together and still has great skills. Not necessarily a ball handler but she is good enough with the ball in transition and as a big to feel comfortable. Great shooter, hit the three with a lot of consistency, can go down to the block and score. A truly multi-dimensional talent.

Javaan Rogers (G) Buchtel


(1/1/19) • Javaan has starpower written all over her. She is almost unstoppable in transition, with great speed, strength and leaping ability she can get to the rim easily. With her ability to finish through contact and be creative at the rim, she can also finish very well. Her shot and handles are well above average and very efficient. She can get what she wants almost whenever she wants it because of her superior skill set and her ability to use her strength. She does have question marks on her willingness to play though frustration and play hard all the time. Regardless she may be the most under the radar D1 prospect, she’s a legitimate big time prospect.

Hannah Schill (G/F) Hoban


Hannah does a lot of things well, she has a well rounded game. She brings a lot of toughness and intelligence to the floor. Her shot isn’t automatic but its good enough to get her by. She attacks the rim well and has some length that helps to be effective there. Hannah has a motor that literally does not stop. As a great runner, her endurance and stamina is superior to almost all others.

(10/31/18) • Hannah has missed some time due to injury and transferred from Southeast to Hoban in the 2017-18 season. She will not miss any time in the 2018-19 season.

Jamie Schmeltz (G) Eastwood


Jamie is truly one of the best in her grade in Ohio, from a small town in NW Ohio she is under the radar. Jamie has a great combination of speed, athleticism, strength and size. She shoots the ball as good as anyone and is a player you can’t leave open on the perimeter. She defends, gets to the rim and is a great team player. Definitely a stud in the class.

Emily Seboe (G/F) Loudonville


Emily has prime time shooter written all over her. At 5’10” with great length she will be a tough matchup for any opponent as she develops more aspects to her game and becomes more diverse. As of right now she’s a natural jump shooter that will only get better.

Hayley Smith (F/C) GlenOak


Hallie is a solid 6′ post, really strong frame and above average athleticism. Her ceiling is very high and will cause post mismatches for years to come. Her athleticism in the paint will give opponents headaches.

(10/31/18) • Hayley missed the entire 2017-18 season due to an ACL injury but is back for 2018-19 and looks great,

Nicole Stephens (CG) Pick Central


Kid has a ton of swag, she is highly skilled and very athletic. Not only is she a great spot up shooter but she can create her own shot on the perimeter. Nicole has as many handles as a player would possibly need, she’s very good off the dribble. She’s athletic and unpredictable at the rim resulting in a high percentage finisher, great at the foul line.

Rachel Stran (G/F) Jackson

*Decided to focus on nursing in college

Rachel is long and active, and is one of the best rebounders on the offensive glass I’ve seen. She is pretty creative when attacking the rim and is developing a reliable jump shot. Given Rachels length she is a very good defender on the ball and able to be a very solid shot blocker.

Aubrey Stupp (G/F) Valley View


(10/31/18) • I’ve been very impressed with the intangibles. She never stops encourage her teammates whether she’s on the floor or off of it. She’s a team first player but has the ability to be a go to scorer. At 5’10” her ability to shoot the ball well on the perimeter but also score around the rim is a huge plus.

Krista Troyer (G) Hiland


Undersized but very tough, Krista was blessed with great instincts and IQ. Everything she does is 100%, and she has a knack for doing the small things must people overlook or neglect. She brings intensity and focus to the floor but also a desire to manage the floor without having to score. Natural floor general and distributor.

Erica Warren (F) GlenOak


(10/31/18) • Erica is 5’10” plus and also a bruiser. Very strong and intense. Left dominant, but she goes to the rim hard. She rebounds with the best of them and runs well. Reliable at the free throw line and from mid-range in.

Jayla Wehner (PG) Norwin


(4/12/19) • Jayla is the type of fiery PG that is small but everyone still loves. She has passion, she doesn’t back down from anyone, she leads and she is intense. She attacks the rim well for her size, she’s not afraid to take in to the bigs and she does it effectively. Reliable shooter that loves to defend and cause problems.

Hannah White (CG) Wheeling Central


Hannah is as athletically gifted as anyone. She runs and jumps like very few can. The thing that sets Hannah apart is that she gives nonstop effort and energy on the defensive end like no one else does. Couple that with her superior athleticism and it results in many caused turnovers and lots of layups. She is also effective getting to the rim, she can be pretty tough to stop when she’s focused on attacking.

(4/12/19) • Hannah tore her ACL and missed most of her junior season and will miss some AAU

Shanley Woods (CG) Wheeling Park


(9/20/19) • Shanley has another level of creativity. She can really put her defender on skates but also is always in attack mode. One of the most unpredictable player is know, her arsenal is very extensive. Passes and finishes well with both hands. What makes her even more dangerous is she always keeps her teammates involved, always keeping the option to distribute. Very good shooter that you can’t leave open.


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4 replies

  1. Hello coach. If you get an opportunity to watch Newark High School play this season please keep an eye out for me (Gabriella Stare). I am #22, play guard and will graduate in 2020.

    It is my goal to play well enough to earn an invite to your HOF Huddle J31 5th annual invite only event. =)

    My high school coach is JR Shumate 740.334.3547 we went 28-1 last season and have been working hard since. I played for Ohio Lady Hoopsters 2020 – coach Bryant Jones. I received my first D1 offer from Xavier this summer which I consider myself blessed and thankful.

    Here is a Storied Rivals clip (below) from our Div I Regional Finals against Dublin Coffman. My top games my freshman season were against the top competition in the state Dublin Coffman (@Gary West) 19 pts, @ Pickerington Central 19 pts (12-12 FTs), regional semifinals v Reynoldsburg 10 points in 1st half, Regional Finals vs Dublin Coffman 23 and in State Semifinals v Toledo ND 16pts.

  2. Hello,

    My daughter Abbey Dillon is a soph at Tusky Valley. She is behind a very talented Boston McKinney who I know you know a lot about. Her Dad mentioned that you thought she played well as a frosh. Keep your eye on TV this year. We should be pretty good again this year.


    Shawn Dillon

    • I have, I thought she did well last year as a freshman, I definitely liked her. I’m excited to see how much work she put in and see how she’s improved!

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