Top 64 – 2018 Money List

The 2017 edition of OGBR’s famous fall exposure event, Top 64, has more talent than any year I can remember. Any coach needing 2018’s still would be crazy not to be there! Here are some kids that I’m very confident are ready to step in on a college program next year. These are ONLY kids that I know enough about to recommend from my many hours in gyms. Clearly I don’t know every kid playing this weekend so don’t be offended if you’re not in my meaningless article…

Point Guards

#124 Adrian Crockwell (Pick Central) – Big time gamer. Adrian is a thrill to watch. She runs the offense effortlessly and always keeps the defense on their toes with her incredible court sense and play making ability.

#62 Sarah Jones (Lakota West) – Sarah is lighting fast, she gets the ball up and down the floor, defends with intensity and attacks the basket very well. It can never be overstated how much of a winner she is and well coached coming from Lakota West.

#422 Boston McKinney (Tusky Valley) – Boston is small in stature but big in heart and game. Big time shooter and very game savvy. Tough to guard, Boston is shifty and a capable scorer. She has the ability to make plays most wouldn’t even see.

Combo Guards

#436 Sarah Bohn (Gilmour) – Sarah is very well rounded, she could run the point if needed. She handles the ball well and understands the game, tempo and ball control. She’s also a reliable shooter who can play off of the ball when she has to.

#111 Sage Brannon (Cardington) – Sage is just a great basketball player! Incredibly gifted athlete that makes plays on all 94 feet of the floor. She gets turnovers and turns them into points quickly. Sage can get to the basket as well as anyone and finishes very athletically. Very acceptable shooter.

#412 Emma Gurley (Gilmour) – Emma is the definition of a player. She doesn’t do anything spectacularly well as far as I’ve seen but she does lots of things well. She is always making plays, whether it’s the offensive end or the defensive. Shoots, handles and defends and just flat out makes plays.

#450 Kaiulani Jones (Pick Central) – Kai is a true player. She’s got real athleticism and skill to go with it. She may be overshadowed on a loaded Pick Central team but she holds her own. Big time energy defender, who can score and create on the other end.

#210 Mikayla Poole (Carrollton) – Mikayla is a tough kid. She has really good range and plays the game aggressively and powerful. She isn’t afraid to mix it up from the guard spot and her IQ is high enough that she can play several positions and defend multiple positions.


#107 Sarah Balfour (Olmsted Falls) – Sarah is a creative lefty who can score inside and out. She’s stronger and tougher than she may appear and she just has a knack for being around the ball and making plays.

#407 Casey George (Westerville Central) – Casey is long and active. She will create matchup problems for smaller guards. She is more on the athletic size and runs the floor and finishes well.

#170 Chamera Young (McKinley) – Chamera is a player who gets better the bigger the moment is. She’s always been a big shot maker and a reliable enough shooter to take some pressure off of her teammates. Of course a Bulldog she has the toughness and intensity that comes with being a Pup.


#287 Madison Hunter (John Glenn) – Madison has been impressing me at OGBR events for years now, I expect tomorrow to be the same. She’s just shy 6 foot and has an impressive combination of speed and strength to go with above average ball skills. Most effective in the paint but can definitely stretch the floor.

#350 Kyndall Spires (Cardington) – Kyndall is probably the closest to a traditional post that I know in Reynoldsburg this weekend. She is still raw and clearly still growing and improving. At a solid 6’1″ she will be a post that a college coach can get ahold of and mold into exactly what they want her to be.

#272 Sydney Williams (Teays Valley) – Sydney is big and strong, and polished in the interior, though she’s not a traditional post, she can be if needed. Sydney has a good set of skills that allows her to move to the perimeter as well. She can shoot the ball well enough and defend well enough to play on the perimeter. Versatility is a strength for Syd.


Additional kids to keep an eye on:

#153 Micah Rhodes (GlenOak), #10 McKenna Ford (Olentangy Orange), #484 Haley Shutt (Garaway), #383 Triniti Lee (McKinley), #304 Margaux Spencer (Jackson)

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