Class of 2019

Jade Abdulla – GlenOak

Jade has developed into a very good player. She has the quickness and intelligence to be effective off the dribble. She’s also tough and strong enough to take contact around the rim and still be able to finish. Abdulla is also beginning to be very creative around the rim and on her drives. Mix all that in with a reliable outside shot and Jade is a pretty well rounded scorer. Her size and strength allows her to be a go to defender as well. What has been most impressive with Jade is the rate of improvement. Looking ahead in the next year or two, if she continues to grow the way she has in the last year or so, she will be very interesting as far as college recruiting goes.

Kierstan Bell – McKinley

The 6 foot+ athlete for the Pups shows all kinds of exciting signs for the future of McKinley basketball. A School that has turned out several D1 studs recently, she is the biggest. In transition Bell is an undeniable force. She has crazy athleticism for her size and age and finishes well at the rim. She can get her shot off whenever and however she wants it. Whether she’s coming off a screen, off the dribble, spot up, falling away…she gets up a great shot. Defensively when she wants to be locked in you’re in trouble, she will rebound anything and block all kinds of shots. Ball handling is definitely a strong suit for her and as she matures and does less dancing and more attacking she will be very dangerous. Not too many opponents will be able to matchup with her size and speed one on one and that will be a big advantage for the Pups.

Rachel Bolyard – Streetsboro

Rachel was put on this earth to shoot. She has as nice a shot as anyone. Good form, smooth mechanics and deep range. Right now she is primarily a standstill shooter but as she matures and adds to that she will become more and more dangerous. She needs to continue to get tougher and stronger and she will see more progress. She has a high IQ, sees the floor well and has a knack for making plays. She’s becoming more willing to attack which will always help her given her high free throw shooting percentage.

Lonasia  Brewer – Hoban

Lonasia is a unique force in the paint. She has good size at around 6 foot and a very solid muscular frame. With huge strong hands and long arms Lonasia is a rebounding machine. Her athleticism is above average for her size and position, she runs the floor well and moves in the key well. When on the offensive glass she has a nice variety of put back moves ranging from quick off the floor or gathering and powering it back up. Very well rounded traditional type post with a rare touch of athleticism at the position.

Update: Lonasia spent the offseason getting in the best shape of her life. She transformed herself into a more lean, quicker big with ball skills. She’s worked on her ball handling and has become a solid face up midrange player with some shades of a player who can extend even further.

Sarah Bury – Poland

The long guard is has skills that make her well suited for future success. As a freshman her off hand is as advanced as any players. Bury is a very good shooter and as she gets older and stronger her game inside the arc will develop and take off. Her basketball awareness is high and she is advanced in the intelligence department. As many young players do, Sarah is inconsistent and sometimes takes a very passive approach. She has the ability to take charge on the floor and at some point will be a player that can create their own shot in crunch time.

Rachel Cooke – Sheridan

The 6 foot perimeter player is known as a stone cold shooter. While she is a very reliable deep shooter she also has an above average mid range game. As she develops a more aggressive game off the dribble she will make herself more diverse and tougher to guard. Rachel is a tough interior defender and has the ability to change shots as well be a very reliable rebounder. For her size Cooke has above average mobility and that allows her to be used in multiple ways offensively.

Annika Corcoran – Gilmour Academy

Anni brings an unbelievable basketball talent to the Lancers this season. Her skills are far beyond her age and her basketball awareness and IQ rival kids that are much older. Anni can use both hands equally well and has a great work ethic, she is always in the gym trying to improve. Anni is recovering from some knee problems that took her entire freshman year, but when you see her you can guarantee she will be ready! She has the perfect point guard mentality with crazy handles and has all kinds of potential.

Kynlee Edwards – Cardington-Lincoln

(Committed to Findlay)

Kynlee has a ton of swag to her game. She’s flashy but not too flashy where it’s all about her or she gets careless. She has the ability to be different and do different things. Kynlee is a natural point guard who can score the ball but also distribute it. Her IQ is high, giving her the ability to score when needed or distribute when needed. She shoots the ball well and gets to the rack. Great kid with a great understanding of the game and a good skillset, she will be successful.

Lauren Flannery – River

Lauren has a way to go but the potential is too strong to ignore. She is a gifted athlete, strong and intense. She’s one of those kids who go all out all the time. Decent range and shooting efficiency. Lauren is the type of kid who’s always working on her game and adding things, there will be noticeable improvement as she matures.

Update: Lauren has kept growing and is a legitimate playmaker on both ends of the floor. She has worked so hard on her weak hand that now her left is a solid weapon. She’s developed very good attacking and finishing moves to accompany her athleticism. The upside continues to grow every day.

Presley Griffitts – Tecumseh

(De-Committed to Bowling Green)

Presley is a very intriguing prospect due to her incredible diversity. She’s just short of 6 foot and can play several positions, still not sure what her natural position may be since she’s so well rounded. Her court vision and IQ are so good that she creates a huge matchup problem for opposing point guards. She’s a diverse scorer who can shoot the ball well and yet get to the rim effectively as well. Her length gives her a foot up on both ends of the floor. She has a skinnier build but she is extremely tough and physical, allowing her to be a solid defender. Very exciting upside for Presley.

Sydney Korinek – Akron SVSM

Syndey may be a bit underrated given the amount of talent on the Irish, but she will never be in my book. This is a kid who knows the game very well, makes very few mistakes and usually makes great decisions. She has a point guards intelligence but doesn’t play the position. She is smart enough to be effective at multiple spots on the floor and physically good enough as well. She can take smaller defenders down to the block and get scores, or play the perimeter and be a reliable shooter. I really like Syndey’s IQ and court sense, you can’t teach that and it makes a player much more valuable and diverse.

Alex Ochman – Howland

At 5’11” Alex brings a lot to the table that makes her a desirable recruit. She is extremely mobile and will beat smaller players down the floor. She’s extremely tough and is willing to make you pay if you’re not going to match her intensity. Alex has a high motor and an energy level that is very exciting. She has the ability to use both hands pretty well and the creativity to keep defenders off balance. Ochman has even worked on her shot enough to be pretty reliable from midrange and continues to improve on deep range. Her athleticism along with her size and length put her high on anyone’s board, but her skills continue to improve and standout as well.

Rylee Pireu – Perry

Rylee is a kid who stepped in from day one and showed she belonged. You can tell that she’s been playing with older kids for awhile and was just waiting for her chance at varsity. Rylee comes with an attitude that she isn’t going to take a backseat to anyone and the strong belief that she belongs. Her confidence is something that’s stood out. She is a good sized kid that’s able to take the physical demands of big time basketball. Pireu is a kid who you can count on to show up and give you everything she has.

Annie Roshak – Hoover

(Committed to Ashland)

At first glance Annie might look like a skinny unassuming presence on the floor, but this young lady is as tough as nails! At 6 foot plus her skills set will allow her play several positions as needed, but the flexibility is a huge advantage. The Vikings needed her in the interior and she accepted the duty and ran with it. Annie has the ability to finish well around the rim and her energy level is off the charts. While giving up experience to most post players she isn’t interesting in backing down at all. She is a team player who only wants to do what the teams needs of her to win. Her composure at a young age is something that stands out and allows her to play fluently and without hesitation, also earning her teammates trust.

Celeste Ryman – West Holmes

(Committed to Clarion)

Celeste is a true point guard with a very advanced skill set. The only problem, in the eyes of college coaches at least, is that she’s tiny. Her understanding of the game and ability to do the unexpected is second to none. Celeste has a smooth high percentage jump shot with a quick release. Her handles are very good and she is smart enough to be effective against bigger defenders by getting them off balance or in the air. For her size she is very tough, defends well and has the speed and strength to offset some of her lack of size.

Majestic Sales – Tuslaw

Majestic has really good size at a shade under 6 foot, and a good amount of athleticism to go with it. She is primarily a banger in the paint and with her strength and ability to rebound, that is her biggest asset. Her post moves are pretty solid and at her age, better than most. She’s very active at the post position which makes matchup problems for most opposing bigs that aren’t as mobile, but stronger than most stretch types.

Serena Sammarone – Canfield

Serena is an incredible athlete who gets up and down the floor like no ones business. Considering she plays a lot of point guard that is music to the ears of any Cardinal fans. Serena displays a lot of leadership qualities on the floor, she already has a good feel for the game, the pace of the high school level and her teammates. The way she carries herself is so calm, collected and in control that you’d never guess she was a freshman. Her ball skills are good at this point but you can expect her to improve on her shot and become a more creative ball handler as she grows and improves. Her athleticism and speed allow her to become a top of the line defender at a very young age.

Morgan Sharps – Newark

(Committed to Miami OH)

Morgan has a very fitting last name because she is a close to a sharpshooter as it gets. She may not pass the eye test on what people consider an athlete but when she gets on the court she’s as good as anyone. Nice build with good strength that college coaches are always concerned about. Morgan is as good a shooter as anyone but also has above average handles, making her a very big perimeter threat. Morgan can get to the basket and finish creatively or has the strength to finish strong through contact. She has an extremely high ceiling and has the ability to surpass just being good, but getting to the very good level.

Emma Tecca – Hoban

Emma is probably the most skilled 2019 I seen all last year. She is very fundamentally sound and she has an absolutely deadly shot when she gets going. Consistency is something that sometimes is an issue and she can get real hot or real cold, but as a freshman that’s not that huge of a concern. Her intelligence and awareness are very high and although she lacks ideal size and strength she is smart enough to work around it. Emma is a kid that understands transition well and gets up and down the floor efficiently. Emma was definitely born to play this game and her future is as bright as any!

Update: Emma suffered an ACL injury in the spring of 2017 and will miss the entire following AAU and HS seasons.

Corinne Thomas – Tecumseh

Corinne is a known shooter, and a very good one, but everyday she adds more and more to her game. Good size and strength for a shooter, which makes her a more solid prospect. The impressive part is she’s making huge improvements to her midrange game and attacking off the dribble, making herself a serious multi-dimensional threat. Corinne is improving at a very exciting pace, the growth will certainly continue.

Tiffany Weaver – Hiland

Tiffany brings a very encouraging combination of size, athleticism and skill to the floor. Although she’s got good height and muscle she doesn’t have to be stuck in the paint. She’s unexpectedly creative with the ball in her hands. This kid is tough, physical and athletic. If she can keep the injuries in check she should have a great future. Played limited minutes as a freshman but showed her ability to be an impact played on both ends of the floor when she was on it.


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