Meet the Freshmen: 2021

Karli Anker – Manchester

Karli is a big time talent, she’s smart beyond her years. She has toughness getting to the basket and can use both hands well. Has the ability to shoot the ball well. Very physical for her age.

Alex Brown – Canton South

Alex has some swag to her game. She’s a shooter and she knows it, never a lack of confidence. Alex isn’t a stand and shoot kid though, she has the ability to get to the rim.

Aly Dwyer – Medina

Aly is an incredible athlete. She has a great feel for the game. Because Aly is so gifted physically she is a big time threat in transition. Just an incredible playmaker, she will be very well known soon.

Kyla Foster – McKinley

Kyla is a longer guard who loves to attack. She is not only quick to the basket but smooth and has the ability to finish effortlessly. Very active defender. Will probably see big minutes for the Pups.

Aniyah Hall – GlenOak

Aniyah is a very physically gifted kid. She has incredible speed and a great vertical. While a lot of kids can’t put the athleticism on the floor in relation to game play, Hall has no problem with that. She finishes well around the rim and makes a living off of the offensive boards.

Kate Haubert – Hoover

Kate is a big time energy kid. She is long and defends well. She still looks like a freshman but she’s also much stronger and tougher than you’d think. She turns turnovers into points with the best of them.

Athena Hocevar – Gilmour Academy

Athena is long and smooth. She won’t be expected to carry much responsibility on a loaded Lancer team but she will play and contribute. She gets to the rim well and can shoot the ball.

Casey Johnson – Salem

Tough guard with lots of confidence. She can shoot it from outside well already and also has confidence getting to the rack. She’s poised with the ball and always seems to be in control.

Abby Laizure – Carrollton

Abby is a pure shooter. She’s tiny, but has a quick release and shoots a high percentage. She has a nice midrange game to keep defenders off balance.

Sarah McKey – Medina

Bigger tough kid. Moves well and understands the game. Has the size and length plus the athleticism to play multiple positions.

Meya Metz – GlenOak

Meya may not get a chance to show what she has on varsity this year but she is a kid I believe is worth watching. She’s long and athletic and uses it well as a good slasher. She has the ability to make tough shots and cause matchup problems on the perimeter.

Zoe Miller – Hiland

Good size and build for her age, Zoe is a very polished player with decent skills inside and outside the paint. Very tough kid who will battle with bigger posts.

Grace Mills – Garfield

Grace is a tremendous shooter. Has the ability, with lots of hard work, to be an elite scorer with a tremendous arsenal. She’s very basketball savvy and has the natural knack for the game.

Brynn Mullet – Hiland

Brynn is tough and has good length. She’s already a formidable inside and outside scorer, and continues to grow. Brynn has a high IQ and awareness on the floor. Tough and scrappy defender.

Sydnie Pierce – Green

Sydnie is a tough PG that is mature beyond her years. She has a great skill set on both ends of the floor and is equally tough and physical. She’s well equipped to stand up to Federal League competition as a freshman.

Andrea Place – Vincent Warren

Andrea has the unique ability at her age to be unpredictable while attacking off the dribble. Decent shooter with a drive to continue getting better.

Ava Scroggs – Jackson

Ava has a ton of game. She’s well rounded and can score from outside or inside. She’s small but has good moves to keep bigger defenders off balance. Ava is a fiery competitor who doesn’t back down from anyone.

Shyanne Sellers – Aurora

Shyanne would be the closest to being the real deal that I’ve seen this summer. She is very long and athletic, and can shoot the ball very well. Shyanne can also get to the rim effortlessly. This kid will be a big time recruit.

Kasidy Smith – Rootstown

Kasidy has a nice combination of size and athleticism. She rebounds and finishes well but has the ball skills to work the perimeter when needed and score.

Kelsey Swihart – Hiland

Kelsey is a bigger stronger kid with some good athleticism. She has a very good skillset both handling the ball and shooting it. Her size, skillset and athletic ability make her a kid to keep an eye on.

Nakyah Terrell – McKinley

Nakyah has great ball skills. She handles the ball well, finishes around the rim and shoots it decent. She has so much room to expand herself to a special level. Another freshman ready to play in the Federal League.

Taylor Thomas – Chippewa

Taylor is long and shoots it well, a very desired combination. She is a great teammate that can defer or take a lead role. She definitely understands the game well and will keep getting better.

Skye Williams – Teays Valley

Skye is already well known in the basketball world. She is light years ahead of her age and plays with great composure and toughness. The skillset is high and she has a great array of offensive moves to go along with her smooth game.

Morgan Yoder – Hiland

Morgan has a very well rounded game. She s tough and aggressive going to the rim, is smooth and focused in transition, shots the ball well and defends. Special player in the making.


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