NEO Showcase and ‘D1 recruits’

This post will inevitably contain some brutal honesty and a little of my trademark savageness. So if you’re a little sensitive or value kids shooting for the stars over being realistic then you need not to read any further. Over 3 years we’ve had 13 D1 players play in the NEO Showcase, I do know what one looks like. While the showcase isn’t held during a D1 evaluation period, there are several solid reasons why a kid who thinks they are D1 or have D1 dreams should still attend. Not every non-exposure event carries the weight that the NEO Showcase does so I’m only going to speak about this one. Over 3 years we’ve had 13 D1 players participate and still more who had D1 offers and choose to play D2, yes it does happen. Here are a few reasons you D1 hopefuls could benefit from the NEO Showcase (regardless of what your AAU coach or parents tell you.)

MOST OF YOU ARENT D1 – Sorry ladies someone had to tell you. A very small percentage go D1 and its all well and good to have that as a backup plans but at some point you also have to realistic and try to find something logical. If you’re going into your senior year and have no D1 offers, your chances of being a D1 player is much closer to 0% than 5%, and neither are good. Of course I’ll be the bad guy here and some will think I’m a hater, I’m ok with that. However I see on a yearly basis were kids stick to the D1 dream too long and then struggle to find a school even at the D2 level or lower, don’t let that be you. Find a balance between chasing your dreams of D1 hoops and also building a solid foundation below that.

For you incoming juniors, you’ve been on the phone with a D1 coach? Congratulations, however that doesn’t punch your D1 ticket. If you only knew how many D2, D3, NAIA kids have also been on the phone with a D1 coach at some point, you may be horrified. It’s very common, and a very high percentage never get a D1 offer. Don’t start your path to D1 stardom without having an offer early and ignore everything else. Until you have a D1 offer you aren’t a D1 player. Sorry I’m not your AAU coach or your parent who’s going to blow your head up with hopes and dreams, if you ever want a dose of reality you can come to me.

D1 SCOUTS ARE PRESENT – Not only do you have myself who speaks to D1 coaches daily, but there are outlets in attendance that morph me in comparison to their connections and pull in the D1 community. With OGBR and Bret McCormick in attendance as well as Richard Rhoad from PDSS, if you are a D1 prospect you will be seen. If we’re being perfectly honest, where better to stand out than in an event that’s not watered down with many other D1 standouts? Bret runs All Star Girls Report and votes for McDonalds All-Americans and Naismith Award in college, if you’re a D1 player wouldn’t you want to play in front of him? OGBR has a tremendous D1 following, if they believe you could play at the D1 level you best believe they will put the word out.

WORD OF MOUTH – With 50+ college coaches of all levels aside from D1, there’s no better way to market yourself than through word of mouth. These coaches aren’t stupid, they know the kids they can get and the ones they can’t. And guess what, they all have D1 coaching buddies. And guess what else, something that kids can use against themselves in either a positive manner or a negative manner, they all talk to each other! If a coach knows they have no chance at you because you’re too good, they will tell their buddies and try to help them out. There is literally very few better ways to get a coaches attention then for them to get a call or text from a fellow coaching buddy.

Also another angle is the players recruiting you. Players who commit and are coaching at the showcase could like you and think so highly of you that they pass your name along to their coaches. It may not be a huge deal at first but it certainly means something to a coach that one of their commits thought enough of a player that they threw out heir name. It will definitely get you on a watch list to check out when possible.

COACHES GET NEW JOBS – I’ve had 10+ coaches in the last 3 years attend the showcase, that are now coaching in the D1 ranks. That instantly changes the group of kids they are recruiting pretty drastically. The ones they originally thought may have been above their heads are now in the mix.

I know not everyone will take the things I say seriously, the human instinct is to believe I have ulterior motives and I’m just trying to get kids in the door. I can assure you that it makes no difference to me if I have kids who go D1 at my showcase. I’m getting over 60% of kids that end up playing in college and never once have you heard me specify what level they’re at. The NEO Showcase will fill up, for the 4th straight year, with 120 kids, with or without you. I’m genuinely trying to save some kids from frustration and heartache in the recruiting process, take it how you may.


As of the article, August 11th, there are 25 of the 120 spots still available, it is not too late to get registered and showcase yourself in front of 50+ college coaches and some other very prestigious scouting outlets. Contact me if interested at Do not wait, we will be full in no time!

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