Hall of Fame Huddle Holiday Giving

2018 Holiday Giving Project is here!! Please take a look at the GoFundMe page and consider donating to help families in need this holiday season! If there are ant questions or you have any families you would like to recommend for assistance please contact me at hofhuddle@gmail.com!

This year anyone matching my offer of $40 or more will be receiving a special holiday edition Hall of Fame Huddle shirt! All money raised will be given to the families I have set to donate to. I will be taking donations in person as well!

We’re raised almost $6,000 in the previous 3 years we’ve done this campaign so I have high hopes for 2018! Thanks to anyone in advance that helps out! Check out the link below for more information.

UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of everyone contributed we raised $3,294 that either already has or will be given to help local families in need! Four local families were identified to me that could use the help. The identities of the families will not be made public in the interest of keeping their business private. Thanks again to anyone who contributed, this was a great year for the Giving Project!

The Hall of Fame Huddle Holiday Giving is back!! After 2 years and over $2000 raised to help at need families I am excited about a 3rd year! Visit this link to get all the details!


This year is different, one time donations of any value are certainly welcome but I will be challenging my Twitter followers to match me on a daily bases. Every game or event that I go to and don’t have to pay, which is pretty much every day, I will immediately be donating that amount and challenging Twitter to match me. I will challenge both schools on game nights to match me and on Christmas Eve I will end the campaign and the school with the most matched donations on a single game night will receive Hall of Fame Huddle shirts for their entire JV and varsity in their team colors! Its that simple, I expect to have the best showing for this giving project in the 3 years I’ve done it! Can’t wait to see everyone out every night at the court!

Direct any questions or to recommend a family in need: hofhuddle@gmail.com

Team Huddle Holiday Giving is in its 2nd year! Read below to find out about last years donations.

This year we will be helping two families that had similar situations where the father/husband were hospitalized and remain out of work. One will remain unnamed and the other is a family that lots of people in the area know, the Pierce Family from Massillon. Two of the daughters, Makayla and Kaylee, play for Team Huddle. The GoFundMe page has more info so please take a few minutes to read it and consider giving, any amount helps! Donations can also be made to any Team Huddle player in person. The fund will be closed out after the beginning of the year.



UPDATE: Through the extreme generosity of many people who follow and support Hall of Fame Huddle we were able to raise $2200 plus food and gas cards to three local families. I give everyone a huge thank you for the support and help in helping people in need over the holidays. Special thanks to the Jackson Middle School program who ran their own fundraiser to help the cause. Also to Team Huddle players Brandie Snow and Izzy Meese for giving up their time on Christmas Eve to shop for the families.


Tis the Season for giving, and I want to use my voice to do something great for others. Team Huddle will be raising money for three local families that for one reason or another may be struggling this holiday season. These families are families most know and interact with. In order to protect the privacy of the families I won’t be revealing who they are until after and only if they wish. These are families that I know for certain could use a little boost during the holidays. Team Huddle is more than a basketball team, we are trying to build great young ladies who look to be selfless and helpful. I encourage everyone to consider giving what they can, I have set up a fund where you can donate directly and easily, or you can also give to any Team Huddle player or myself in person. Donations can include but not limited to money, gift cards, gas cards, non-perishable foods, etc.


These types of thing’s are pretty important to me because as one of 4 children, we had a Christmas while my dad was laid off that wasn’t going to happen. All we had enough for was a tree and a meal. As kids we didn’t understand the financial side of Christmas and it was pretty depressing to not have a Christmas. Until Christmas morning when people from our church came through with gifts, to make our Christmas very memorable, there wasn’t going to be a Christmas. Many years later that Christmas is the only one as a kid that I remember clearly. I didn’t get anything extremely expensive, but I got a new binder for school, some clothes, a football and a hand-held Tyco video game and I will never forget that Christmas! At least one other Team Huddle player has expressed a similar experience when she was a kid and a group made their Christmas incredible.

This is a chance for me to use the Huddle network in a very positive manner. It is my vision for the website to be something that can occasionally do great things for kids, the needy or the less fortunate. I want to give back and help people and I want kids on Team Huddle to take part in lessons like these and be generous and help others. I know how many awesome supporters I have through the website and Twitter and I know we can make this a holiday to remember for these three families! I set a goal of $1500 so I could give each family $500, but I’m also hoping that the response will be great and mighty and who knows what we can do. If the donations reach high enough then we can look at helping even more families or causes. 100% of what is raised, beyond the fees the website charges will be given to the families, not a cent will be kept by anyone else. Thanks in advance for your generosity and I look forward to seeing more of you around as the season continues on!


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