2015 J31

For the 2nd straight year J31 was a huge success, Chuck and Cassie from Crossover Basketball did another fantastic job of putting the players through incredible skill developing drills! They had the much appreciated help of East Canton head coach Jen Martinez. Under the leadership of Ali Poole (Kent), Grayson Rose (NKU), Hannah Clark (NKU), Lexi Manos (Lipscomb) and Tori Moreland (Pitt-Johnstown) the players had an opportunity to work along side and with players that are already on the college path that all these players are working so hard to achieve!

The event went off with a bang as we had 33 kids and 15 college coaches! Although it was set in motion long before J31, since the event Kyleigh Ramlow has verballed to Notre Dame and Bethany Koons to Malone. The coaches raved about the level of talent at the event, in every class! The event as always, was free to the players and coaches and it included 2 hours of skill work and 2 hours of competitive 5-on-5. There was also a 1-on-1 competition sprinkled throughout the evening.

The 1-on-1 competition was won by Stow’s Jessie Stout who bested St. V’s Octavia Loll in the final. The semifinal matchups were absolutely incredible with PG’s Abby Beaver and Octavia Loll went to war against each other! On the other end there was a matchup of long combo players with both inside and outside games, Stout beat Syndey Mayberry in that matchup. Here are some players that stood out…

Ran the Show…

Octavia Loll (St. V)

Octavia showed not only is she a college PG but size is not an issue for her. She played well against bigger guards, and played well against small quick guards like herself. She is very advanced in her ball moves and is about as hard to guard as anyone there is. Her shot is good and her court vision is top-notch. She has a competitive fire about her that is absolutely loved by teammates and coaches. She is without a doubt an impact player on both ends of the floor and in the locker room!

Jessie Stout (Stow)

Jessie really pushed her way to the front of the pack at J31. She had to go through bigs and very good faster/quicker guards on her way to winning the 1-on-1 competition! She showed off a nice mid to long-range shot to go along with a solid inside game. She uses her left hand as well as anyone can ask for and finished well. At almost 6 foot Jessie makes her stock even more valuable because she is so diverse, can do many things and can play several positions.

Kyleigh Ramlow (Swanton)

Once Kyleigh got warmed up she never looked back. Her offensive arsenal is lethal. Her range gets to the point where she’s almost unguardable. It’s no secret why several schools fell in love with her and she decided to continue her career at Notre Dame College. While maybe undersized a bit she puts a lot of time into her craft and as a result has a more rounded game than most. Another thing that separates her is her ability to play in the post as a guard, she uses her weight and strength very well.

Put on a Show…

Abby Beaver (Louisville)

Most people have seen Abby before, but most people also don’t realized how skilled she is! At barely 5 feet tall she can be one that most might ignore, but when you watch long enough you realize you can’t help but keep you eyes on her. She is extremely crafty with the basketball and uses both her left and her right equally. She has developed her non-dominant left hand into an absolute weapon and regularly shows ways to offset her lack of size against bigger defenders. Her court vision is second to none and often times is even further ahead than her teammates. Abby certainly made a huge impression on everyone watching at J31!

Sydney Mayberry (Lake Ridge)

Syd did an incredible job, as a 2018 she shows all kinds of promise! She has the size and strength to play against bigger defenders and in the paint, but also the quickness and agility to play on the perimeter against smaller guards. Syd shows the ability to shoot the ball and to defend, making her an impact player on both ends of the floor. She also runs the floor very well showing great athleticism. The upside for this sophomore is outrageous, stay tuned!

Jenna Strayer (Bellevue)

Jenna showed off her advanced offensive game and opened some eyes! The lefty has a smooth stroke from deep but she isn’t just a shooter, she has creative and innovative ways to score off the dribble. Her arsenal includes a nasty step back, a very nice floater and a very strong move to the rim. It’s pretty unique to have a complete game from deep, around the rim and midrange, but Jenna has it.

Audrey Tingle (Ridgewood)

It’s hard not to notice Audrey when she’s on the floor. She’s another undersized PG but with an oversized heart. She defends with a motor that’s off the charts. Her intensity is the same no matter who she is guarding. She is a great team leader and a floor leader. She attacks the rim very well and always finds herself at the foul line. Her midrange game and long-range shot continues to improve as she puts an incredible amount of work in.

Stole the Show…

Madi Pearson (Minerva)

The sophomore continues to prove herself and every chance she gets against older players. The lefty has a great feel for the game and always finds a way to score. She has a very high ceiling and will only continue to improve. No matter the situation or event, she always stands out.

Izzy Kline (Newton Falls)

Izzy makes a name for herself by being physically dominating. Her measurable are off the chart. Her combination of speed, strength and athleticism is phenomenal for a senior, then you realize she’s only a sophomore. At J31 she showed an improving jump shot. The sky is the limit for Izzy.

Taylor Duplaga (Wheeling Central)

Taylor has something that is very rare. Her ability to shoot off the dribble, catch and shoot, shoot off of screens is fun to watch. She is very strong for a younger player and plays with a noticeable intensity and confidence. The sophomore has a very high IQ and comfort level on the floor.

Made a Name for Themselves…

Peyton Banks (Wadsworth)

Peyton made a name for herself by showing she has a very good combination of size and skill. She’s a big but she showed that she runs the floor well and her skills are very good. She can handle the ball, make open shots and be a great passer.

Caitlin Kane (Struthers)

Caitlin made a name for herself by being scrappy and hard-nosed. She showed plenty away from the ball and on the defensive side. She’s the type of player that just never stops and has incredible speed and jumping ability as a guard. The senior has a pretty good left and isn’t afraid to go to it and score around the rim. She’s the type of player every coach loves and every team needs.

Jenna Trainer (Green)

Jenna made a name for herself by showcasing her high basketball IQ and solid skill set. She’s more of the fundamental type than a flashy type, her confidence and patience helps her get the job done. She is a player who is going to take care of the basketball and have great shot selection.

Alexis Green (Hoover)

Alexis made a name for herself by showing off her diverse offensive arsenal. She is an above average shooter in tougher situations than just being wide open. She has a nice pull up in traffic and while being guarded tight. She uses her size and strength perfectly, making her hard to defend. Her strength add intensity also makes her a good defender.


Players in attendance…


Kyleigh Ramlow (Swanton), Octavia Loll (St. V), Madison Near (Waynedale), Micah Findley (Triway), Bailey Filben (John Marshall WV), Bethany Koons (Tuslaw), Josie Chaddock (Minerva), Caitlyn Kane (Struthers), Kamryn Tharp (Canton South), Jessica Stout (Stow), Sarah Miller (Central), Caitlin Tytler (Jackson), Alley Leeman (Fairless)


Abby Beaver (Louisvile), Audrey Tingle (Ridgewood), Chloe Cheresne (Salem), Danielle Norquest (Southeast), Jenna Strayer (Bellevue), Tawnie Vair (Rootstown), Rachel Chessar (Hoban)


Kaylee Pierce (Massillon), Mikayla Poole (Carrollton), Alexis Green (Hoover), Cailee Husted (Carrollton), Savannah Yacklin (East Canton), Sydney Mayberry (Lake Ridge), Peyton Banks (Wadsworth), Kelsi Hulit (Malvern), Jenna Trainer (Green), Allee Davidson (Salem), Taylor Duplaga (Wheeling Central WV), Madi Pearson (Minerva), Izzy Kline (Newton Falls)

2014 J31

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