2014 NEO Combine & Showcase

Welcome to the first-ever NEO Combine and Showcase, hosted on Sunday, Sept. 7 at Tuslaw High School and presented by Hall of Fame Huddle. This event is being held to bring more exposure and focus on girls’ basketball in Northeast Ohio, and surrounding areas.  This is your confirmation into the event.

You can arrive to sign-in starting at 8 a.m. on Sunday, and will need to be ready to go by 9 a.m. sharp. The combine will begin at that time, followed by two games in a shootout format beginning at noon. The event will conclude by 4 p.m.

Tuslaw girls’ basketball team will be hosting a concession stand throughout the day, and we encourage you to patronize their efforts for lunch.

 GPS Directions to Tuslaw HS- 1847 Manchester Rd. NW, Massillon OH 44647

What to Bring- your basketball gear, your own basketball, and your “A” game!

Admission- $5 for adults, $3 for students/seniors (players free)

Basic Info- Combine runs from 9:00a-11:30a; Showcase runs from 12:00p-4:00p.

Thank you for choosing to attend this first-ever event in Northeast Ohio. We hope that your time and experience at the Combine/Showcase is great one. We look forward to seeing on Sunday.

JackieWe will also show our support for Jackie Custer, a junior a Jackson High School, who is battling Leukemia as we speak. There will be Jackie shirts sold at the showcase. There will also be a 50/50 collected throughout the day with all proceeds being split between the winner and to the Custer Family. We are always thinking of Jackie and this day will be no different as we continue to send our best wishes and help any way we can.


Skill work will be presented by Chuck Caldwell and Cassie Seth both of Crossover Basketball Association. They are an upstanding organization is in this business for the right reasons, the kids. They offer skill development, fitness training, recruiting assistance and much more! Check out their website for more info! Assisting them in this challenge of making 80 kids better will be several great local coaches…

Pam Davis – McKinley

Willie Davis – McKinley

Anthony Butch – Jackson

Cassie Schrock – Massillon

Chad King – Lady Dragons AAU

As part of the combine segment we will be gathering info on your height, wingspan, standing vertical, max vertical, pushups, 3/4 court sprint and lane agility test. These will be collected and included in he coaches books sent out to coaches.



#11 Clover Kaple

#27 Rachel Devine

#33 CeCe King

#36 Maddy Repp

#39 Annika Corcoran

#50 Abby Beaver

#54 Karlee Pireu

#55 Ashlee Lawhorn

#63 Maddie Worden

#68 Kierra Cunningham

Evaluator: Cassie Seth


#6 Ali Poole

#15 Alyssa Nuebauer

#21 Kayla Hovorka

#37 Caitlin Tytler

#43 Grier Cowles

#52 Katherine Dittoe

#58 Chloe Cheresne

#70 Madi Morris

#73 Kimmie Borck

#80 Mikayla Vance

Evaluator: Chuck Caldwell


#3 Bethany Koons

#5 Mikayla Poole

#7 Taylor Mikesell

#20 Mattie Van Orman

#32 Maggie King

#35 Sarah Lairson

#44 Kyra Lance

#45 Erica Johnson

#69 Lexi Karovic

#75 Jazzie Orth

Evaluator: Terry Leek


#12 Taylor Richards

#13 Kelsi Hulit

#16 Delaney Cullen

#19 Savana Lowry

#23 Hailey Booth

#40 Emmy Klemencic

#53 Gabby Mitchell

#61 Maggie Adelman

#71 Paige Walsh

#74 Brandie Snow

Evaluator: Anthony Butch


#8 Carly Scheetz

#22 Lexie Scarton

#31 Brooke Beamer

#41 Izzy Meese

#51 Logan Pottorf

#56 Christina Vukovich

#59 Nadier Becton

#60 Camille Adelman

#77 Olivia Belknap

#79 Triniti Lee

Evaluator: Cassie Schrock


#10 Maegen Storad

#18 Makenzie Boecker

#24 Morgan Brunner

#25 Liz Jones

#34 Maci Sales

#42 Alley Leeman

#46 Bailey Filben

#57 Emma Rankin

#64 Boston McKinney

#78 Destinee Lee

Evaluator: Mark McVaney


#14 Cortney Huffman

#17 Lindsey Baker

#26 Madi Pearson

#30 Lexi Manos

#38 Cailee Husted

#49 Kelsey Cobb

#62 Grace Reilly

#66 Dani Norquest

#67 Sarah Butti

#72 Cailtyn Kroll

Evaluator: Denny Schrock


#1 Jaime Sanborn

#2 Lauren Blasinsky

#4 Kaylynn Bell

#9 Kyleigh Ramlow

#28 Anna Hall

#29 Josie Chaddock

#47 Anna Alkire

#48 Darci Leary

#65 Riley Norquest

#76 Abby Duffy

Evaluator: Jim Gotshall



Middle School / High School

12:00 – Orange v. Lime Green / Purple v. Pink

1:00Royal Blue v. Maroon / Baby Blue v. Red

2:00Pink v. Lime Green / Purple v. Orange

3:00Royal Blue v. Red / Baby Blue v. Maroon

BallherShirts were done by Tom Miller, owner and founder of Ballher Brand clothing, a line of athletic gear specific to ladies. Tom does the best work that you can get, he will custom make any shirt you need, can do custom team game uniforms, and way more! Check out the Ballher website to see all of his stuff! The numbering on the back was done by Renee Krzynowek, who also does great custom work for any team or organization!

Ballher Brand merchandise will be for sale at the Showcase, including the very popular Become the Best Tee’s!!!



Official NEO Combine & Showcase team shirts

Ballher Brand Logo

TNLST Logo yellow

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