Senior Series: ’15 CANT MISS KIDS

You never know what a coach is looking for, what needs they need to fill on their team or what certain tools and skills they require. I have watched endless hours of girls basketball through the season, the spring and now the summer. Although there are many great seniors and lots that will move on and help their college teams, these are the 7 most complete players in my mind. These are the small group of seniors that I have 100% confidence in. These are kids that college coaches need to take an extra long look at and put their specific wants and needs aside and realize these kids are going to make you a better team! I don’t wanna hear coaches say ‘we’re not looking for that position’…are you looking to make your team better or aren’t you? These are kids that will help you keep your job, turn a program around or help raise it to the next level…


Camille Adelman – Field (Committed to John Carroll)

Camille is a coaches type of player, she has the perfect personality to be coaches and be loved by teammates. She is an absolute student of the game, using moves that most girls would never think of even attempting. She can score consistently from the paint or the perimeter and offers a midrange game that includes a stepback, fadeaway and a turnaround.

Anna Alkire – Jackson (Committed to Mount Union)

Still a work in progress, her offensive game is coming along well. Anna is a lock down defender. There isn’t a player out there that I wouldn’t feel good about her defending. She has developed quite a history the last few months of completely taking players out of games. She’s an exceptional athlete, her speed allows her to keep up with anyone and gives her the ability to lead in transition. The intensity she brings at all times sets her apart.

Megan Beachy – Hiland (Committed to Urbana)

Megan is a coaches dream, Very coachable kid. There’s no question that she comes to play every single day. She is an excellent shooter who can score in a multitude of ways. Megan has no problem defending. She has an incredibly high understanding of the game, team defense and being a part of a team in general. Megan would be a serious get for any coach looking to improve their team on and off the floor.

Jordan Bekelja – Solon (Committed to Clarion)

Jordan brings so much intensity to the floor, she gives her team and her coaches everything she has for 32 minutes! She has a great feel for the game, she’s not afraid to do the dirty work. Jordan will defend with complete focus, get on the floor, make the extra pass or take control. Players like Jordan are rare because she just doesn’t care about anything but winning and isn’t afraid to do exactly what it takes to make that happen.

Jaida Carter – New Philly (Committed to Rio Grande)

Jaida is just a flat out athlete. She has a very diverse game. She can shoot the ball well and take it to the rim with agility and body control. She offers ways to score that only elite players demonstrate. She can play either guard spot and has an incredible understanding of the game. She has the ability to take over a game by herself.

Kelsey Cobb – Perry (Committed to Mount Union)

Kelsey doesn’t do anything extremely spectacular, but does everything pretty well. She defends well, and has great size and athleticism, which allows her to defend bigger or smaller. She’s reliable with the basketball and understands ball security. Kelsey’s shot is acceptable and is one of the better players I’ve seen at pulling up midrange off the dribble. She’s an extremely hard worker and always invested in team.

Rachel Devine – Carrollton (Committed to Bethany)

Rachel has an extremely high basketball IQ. She has the ability to play any guard position and be a very good leader. She loves to defend and is an above average ball defender. She gives a good combination of scoring and distributing, taking what the defense gives her and doing what is needed.

Abby Duffy – Jackson (Walk-on at Dayton)

Abby is such a hard worker. Not only does she get in the gym and push herself, but she constantly works to add to her game. She is always working to improve her weaknesses and add weapons to her game. She has evolved her post game into an athletic type of game while still maintaining her great post play. Abby has expanded her shooting range to the point where she is superb from midrange and a threat from behind the line.

Anna Hall – Walsh Jesuit (Committed to Saginaw Valley)

Anna possesses all the physical tools needed to be great. Great speed and agility, she can handle the rock and score. She has the size and length, and handles pressure extremely well. Anna is a top-notch PG, but can play either guard spot, who has the ability to run an offense very well. Not only does Anna have the ability to be a dual threat scorer and distributor but also a go to scorer.

Savana Lowery – Carrollton (Committed to Hiram)

Savana is an undersized post, but will make any team better. Defensively she’s tough. She’s more skilled than most posts and can handle the ball well. She has a great understanding of the game and has everything needed to be a great teammate.

Charday Pitts – McKinley (Committed to Ohio Valley)

Charday’s upside is tremendous! Offensively she is still developing and getting better every single day. Defensively she is a rarity in the paint. She blocks and changes so many shots around the rim. At 6’2″ she runs the floor extremely well. On top of everything else she is a spectacular student and as coachable as a player can possibly be!


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