Players You Should Know…

We all know the big named players, these are players who most may not know, but will have an impact this season, just watch. I’ll be adding one player everyday until Thanksgiving.

Brittany Miner, SR, Perry Panthers

As a serious volleyball player Brit isn’t a player you see all year long. She will be a player you see all season long though! A great on ball defender who is a leader for the really young Panthers. This senior has improved consistently during her career and last year showed she was a reliable option on the offensive end. I fully expect Miner to show even more this season and standout on a very good Perry team.

Bri Gassman, SO, Minerva Lions

Bri had a pretty solid freshman year. She will be relied on a lot more this year as the Lions lost several seniors. The success of Minerva will be directly related to how well Bri plays as most teams will focus on Chaddock. Gassman has developed a good perimeter shot to go with a pretty solid inside game, making her pretty well-rounded. As a young player, she has a bright future, that will begin to be known this year.

Brooke Beamer, SO, TCC Saints

This sophomore sadly lost her freshman season last year to a torn meniscus in the opening game. Brooke has had a very good summer, taking every chance she could to get better and from the first time I saw her this summer, to this fall, she has grown a ton. The injury isn’t bothering her at all, she looks more and more comfortable everyday. As an undersized guard Brooke brings a lot of intensity to the game. She doesn’t back down from anyone and attacks the rim pretty well. Defensively she’s tenacious and gives 110%. Unless you’re from T-County the chances that you know Brooke is probably pretty low, but if you spend any time watching the IVC you will see that she is a bright spot for the Saints.

Sarah Greisen, JR, East Canton

Not many people can name any player for the Wizards, as the IVC season goes on that will change. Beyond the 2015 Class posts are rare in this area. Sarah will prove herself to be noteworthy. Sarah has developed nicely over the past few years and is in the best athletic shape she’s ever been in. She is built very well and her strength is off the charts. All her hard work is paying off and the skills on the court may open a few eyes. There’s no doubt she will be a handful in the paint for East Canton.

Kamryn Tharp, JR, Canton South

Kam was well on her way to becoming a well-recognized name in the girls basketball in the area last year, and probably 1st or 2nd Team All-NBC. That was until she tore her ACL and missed the last month of the season. Kamryn is easily one of the best pure shooters in the area and brings a unique athleticism to the floor, simply put she knows how to score. She also knows how to distribute and defend. She has a very high IQ for the game and we will all get to see that again. Not seeing her the last month of the season and not at all in the spring or summer may have allowed her to slip from some peoples awareness, but not for long, she will be back to full capacity and you will want to know who she is, especially in the NBC!

Anna Alkire, SR, Jackson

If what you know about Jackson is what you remember from last year, you’d better take a bit to learn about Anna. The senior has absolutely blown up this offseason and will go from being buried on the bench sometimes last year, to not being able to keep her off the floor this year! Defensively it doesn’t get much better. Anna has great speed, good strength and awesome athleticism. She plays well in the up and down Jackson offense. Complete team player who will certainly get some attention this year.

Tiffany Bentler,  JR, Hoover

This kid is for real. You know the top flight guards on Hoover but you better also know Tiffany. She is quite a competitor with a never ending motor. She is super athletic and along with her length and strength she will cause serious issues on the defensive end. She shows a great ability to get to slash and get to the line. She’s the type of kid who is tough to keep off the floor.

Meghan May, JR, Dover

As much as the Tornadoes preach team, and they do strive to for the team concept…the fact remains that teams need scoring options. Though Meghan wont be the go to player, she will be a very good player in the area, and one of the top in T-County. Meghan has serious skill. She’s a reliable shooter, good ball handler and a natural player. Even if you don’t know who she is yet, you will!

Grace Jackson/Emily Hollifield, JR’s, Louisville

I put these two together because they’re both juniors who are returning after a year off from basketball. Both of these girls have the ability to step in an help the Leopards. A Louisville team that would otherwise be seniorless and have only one junior, these two add some much needed depth. Make no mistakes, they will step in and contribute, they’re good enough basketball players to step an and help, not just bench players to eat minutes.

Tara Tucci, SO, Malvern

Tara has not only grown physically since last year but she’s improved her game noticeably. Not many teams outside the IVC know much about about the Hornets, and the lack of games in Stark County doesn’t help but Tara will be one that stand out. Loomis is the main draw down in The Vern but many will get to see Tucci showcase her length on the offensive and defensive end in the process.

Aubrey Virgin, SR, Wadsworth

On a Grizzly team that brings in maybe the best freshman class in the state, with marquee players in that class and one of the best juniors in the area getting most of the attention, Aubrey may be the most overlooked. She provides leadership on a relatively inexperienced team. She knows the system and knows her responsibilities, always seems to be in the right spot, definitely a value piece to this team.

Erica Johnson, SR, West Branch

The West Branch Warriors have their stars, Erica wouldn’t be considered one in the eyes of most. Johnson has so far been the person to do the dirty work, the traditionally unglamorous things like defending the best opponent, getting on the, and battling in the paint. Erica has worked hard on her offensive game and now will be relied on to contribute on that end of the floor in addition to the grit work she’s made a name on.

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