ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was challenged by former Struthers standout and Gannon freshman McKenna Shives…

So I did it and I officially challenge Lexi Manos, Izzy Meese and Brandie Snow!

In addition I will be challenging a host of people and committing to donating $1 for every person I challenge that completes it, plus $1 for each of the three people that you challenge and they complete it, but they have to be people that follow me! So the following people are also on the clock and you have til the end of Monday to complete! If you’ve already done it that doesn’t matter, this is for donations this time! There is no consequence for not completing this particular challenge because it’s all for fun and to raise donations. Don’t be shy, if you don’t know 3 people that follow me then pick 3 that do that you don’t know! Also, the people I challenge HAVE to post it on Twitter with who they are challenging! A possible $160 can be raised from this and I will donate at the Northeast Ohio Combine & Showcase® on Sept 7th at Tuslaw High School. LETS GO!!!

Alexa Oberster

Ali Poole 💰

Alyssa Dean 💰

Alyssa Sickafoose

Andy Cook💰💰

Anna Alkire 💰💰

Ashleigh Ryan

Ashley Patterson

Brooke Beamer 💰

Carly Santoro

Chloe Cheresne💰

Chrissy DeMarino 💰

Chuck Caldwell 💰

Dani Norquest

Darrin Nicoli

Dee Bekelja

Delaney Cullen

Hannah Clark

Jenna Gunn 💰

Jenna Strayer

Jenny Hall

Jessica Eye

Jim Dabbelt 💰

Jordan Bekelja

Katie Uminksi

Kelsey Cobb 💰

Kelsey Lensman

Kenny Roda💰

Larry Koons

Lauren Haynam

Lindsey Baker

Lyndsey Highlander

Maddy Repp

Madi Pearson

Marquia Turner

Rachel Devine💰

Rachel Goddard 💰

Sara Loomis 💰

Sierra Mayle 💰

Tom Miller

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