J31 Elite Camp

The first ever J31 Elite Camp went extremely well! With 33 kids from 24 different high schools, it’s rare to have a gym full of ladies with this much talent. I truly have to thank the ladies for supporting me the way they do! This is a free event and it always will be, it’s so easy to find something else on a summer evening that they would rather be doing but they came to compete and get better, so I sincerely thank all the ladies for their continued support! Chuck Caldwell led the ladies in drills, assisted by a local fixture in girls basketball, McKinley’s Willie Davis and Thomas Lawver, one of the brightest young coaches in the area! Almost 2 hours of skill development and 30 minutes of 5-on-5, broken up with a 1-on-1 competition, proved to be quite an event. Chuck did a great job of keeping the ladies busy and focused on elevating their games. Not only did he do a great job on event day, but saved the event by stepping in on short notice to take over the event and kept it free, so big thanks to Chuck! I named the event J31 because I plan to keep having an Elite Camp every July 31st to end the summer. Hopefully the event continues to get stronger! Everyone did a great job and I believe got better, but here are some players who stuck out in my mind…


In attendance:

SENIORS Camille Adelman (Field), Maggie Adelman (Field), Anna Alkire (Jackson), Kelsey Cobb (Perry), Rachel Devine (Carrollton), Nikayla Edgell (East Liverpool), Anna Hall (Walsh Jesuit), Tazhia Pettit (McKinley), Charday Pitts (McKinley), Ty Newkirk (McKinley), Maegan Storad (Chippewa).

JUNIORS Josie Chaddock (Minerva), Hannah Clark (West Holmes), Emily Davis (Holy Name), Bethany Koons (Tuslaw), Alley Leeman (Fairless), Octavia Loll (St. V), Sara Loomis (Malvern), Izzy Meese (Garaway), Amelia Motz (St. V), Brandie Snow (Lake).

SOPHOMORES Abby Beaver (Louisville), Brooke Beamer  (TCC), Chloe Cheresne (Salem), Delaney Cullen (Medina), Lexi Karovic (McKinley), Destinee Lee (Jackson), Danielle Norquest (Southeast), Taylor Richards (Chippewa).

FRESHMAN Kayla Hovorka (West Branch), Taylor Mikesell (Jackson), Gabby Mitchell (Solon), Madi Pearson (Minerva).

«Burst onto the Scene»

Danielle Norquest (SO) – Southeast

Danielle didn’t just enter the room, she kicked down the door! The sophomore from Southeast left an impression. She is built extremely well, moves really well and gets off the floor quickly. Dani also has plenty of skill to go with her talent. She shoots the ball well and can handle the rock deceptively well for her size. It’s impressive how she can adapt her game and play big or play like a guard.

«Continued Dominance»

Ty Newkirk (SR) – McKinley

No surprise here, Ty just keeps getting better, and hasn’t let up since signing to play D1 at Niagara. Great shooter that has the ability to really catch fire. Ty has also added some strength and power to her game and gets to the rim and finishes with authority.

Taylor Mikesell (FR) – Jackson

Yep that’s right, a freshman is continuing their dominance. It’s pretty clear to see why Notre Dame, Florida State, Indiana, Iowa and a long list of other schools are already chasing Taylor before she’s ever played a high school game. She’s so incredibly advanced and even so, her passion to get even better is bigger. You can tell when you watch her glide through drills, she adds degree of difficulty on her own, without being told.

Amelia Motz (JR) – Akron SVSM

Amelia is just so gifted, it’s so fun to watch. Her handles are superb and her agility getting to the rim and finishing is pretty special. She seems to always be in control, and she has a Kobe gene that makes her such a fierce competitor.

«Made a name for Themselves»

Hannah Clark (JR) – West Holmes

Hannah ClarkHannah has begun her coming out party, and anyone who is lucky enough to see it should feel lucky. Now that the Knights are moving on from the Class of 2014 era we will all see the best pure athlete West Holmes has seen in quite some time, maybe ever! Hannah has it all: height. length, vertical, speed, intelligence, humility…you name it and she has it. With an improved jumper she may be the closest thing to unstoppable when she gets going.

Chloe Cheresne (SO) – Salem

Chloe definitely came to Canton with something to prove, and she put the rest of the NBC on notice. She’s also showing any coach that she has too much athleticism to waste in the post. For a player who has traditionally been buried in the paint, she’s pretty far along on her guard skills, add 72 inches and decent shot into the equation and you have someone who people will be noticing and remembering.

Gabby Mitchell (FR) – Solon

Gabby strolled in halfway through and as a freshman I expected her to just blend in…I was wrong. Gabby jumped into the event locked and loaded. There was no shyness, passiveness or hesitancy. She has advanced ball handling skills and excellent coordination. Gabby definitely left a lasting impression that won’t be soon forgotten. while replacing Kristen Confroy is impossible, Gabby will ease the pain a bit and more than just the coaches Thursday night will be wondering who she is.


Gabby Mitchell shined bright at J31

Octavia Loll (JR) – Akron SVSM

Octavia impressed me with her ability to do things quickly and not needing extensive explanations. She pays a lot of attention to detail. She could have been a starting PG on almost any team last year but being on such a deep talented roster like the Irish it was tough to get any momentum. Even now with such talent on the team Octavia will shine. She’s just that type of player and she’s more than ready to make her mark.

«Proved they Belong»

Anna Hall (SR) – Walsh Jesuit

Anna made an impression because of everyone there were only two posts in the whole group and Anna was the only one working along with one. She connected with a post on scores on three straight possessions. She showed an improved jump shot and a great pull up. Anna’s defense is also outstanding, making her one of the best two-way players in the area.

Koons and Hall

Anna Hall and Bethany Koons

Bethany Koons (JR) – Tuslaw

I see so much in Bethany, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this junior to be. She’s extremely fundamental, keeps getting stronger. Though she may not do it in the flashy way that some do, Bethany distributes as well as anyone. Very few work as well with a solid traditional post as Bethany. She has an incredibly high basketball IQ, nonstop motor and lots of leadership.


Izzy Meese

Izzy Meese (JR) – Garaway

Izzy has been evolving her game so well. Going from a team last year where she was the facilitator and not a strong scorer to a team where she runs the show, she is ding very well. Few have worked hard as hard as Izzy, and she uses her left hand as good as anyone I’ve seen, she is dominate with her off-hand. Defensively she takes pride in being a great ball defender.

Emily Davis (JR) – Holy Name

Emily is coming off of a severe knee injury and looks to be doing well. She showed off an above average shot. Emily has all the physical skills along with good size which is always good. Her success will come down to how hard she’s willing to work and her work ethic seems to be her biggest asset.

«Opened Some Eyes»

Abby Beaver (SO) – Louisville

Abby grabs your attention immediately, mostly because she is much smaller than most. However once she gets to playing she catches your attention because she is extremely skilled. If she were taller she would be on D1 radar right now. She has a 6th sense on the court with an outstanding feel for the game and what’s going on around her at all times. She can definitely shoot the ball and isn’t afraid of anyone or anything!

Taylor Richards (SO) – Chippewa

Taylor’s work ethic jumped out at me so much. Every drill she did, she did it 110%. She went extremely hard at all times. She has a phenomenal combination of being able to knock down the three ball at a crazy rate, and getting to the rim. At 6′ foot with her type of athleticism her future is very bright. She is a very well-rounded player that is only going to get better!

Delaney Cullen (SO) – Medina

Delaney also has a crazy amount of athleticism and length. She can do everything at a pretty high level. She’s fundamentally sound and has a great feel for the game. It’s obvious she is focused on getting better and her future. It’s my first experience with Delaney but I think I may be a little late to the party, you will be hearing more about Delaney Cullen.

Rachel Devine (SR) – Carrollton

Rachel is so intense. She loves to defend. Though she doesn’t play it consistently, I love her at the point. She’s pretty precise with everything she does, she doesn’t make many mistakes. She’s a great leader and great teammate. Offensively she handles the ball well, shoots well and distributes great. She just has the type of game and intensity that you cant help but to love.



Southwest sophomore Danielle Norquest battles McKinley senior Ty Newkirk in the 1-on-1 final. Newkirk, the D1 Niagara commit, won the final.


Izzy and Beamer

Brooke Beamer and Izzy Meese during passing drills

Chloe and Camille

Chloe Cheresne receives a pass from Camille Adelman

Loomis and Hall

Sara Loomis and Anna Hall


Minerva freshman Madi Pearson




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