Senior Series: ’15 College Ready Bigs

Here are the kids I feel are ready to step into a college program and can and will have a positive impact. As always my opinion isn’t the end-all-be-all, I don’t see everyone and some I haven’t seen enough to be comfortable speaking about. Some of these ladies may even slide into a small forward spot in college. Whether they land D1, D2, D3, or NAIA is not what I’m worried about determining, that’s on the individual…but I can give my word, whoever needs a big these ladies will get it done for you!


Abby Duffy – Jackson

Abby literally is as strong as an ox! With that said the lefty has added to her game substantially. She is no longer just a bruiser with a knack for scoring, she’s a threat anywhere on the floor. Her Range has gotten better, and continues to grow. Her athleticism is really taking form. She is a big time leader and positive role-model on and off the floor.

Shelby Henkel – GlenOak (Committed to Walsh)

Shelby’s major asset is her ability to stretch the floor as a big. Traditionally she has played on the perimeter and isn’t as experienced with her back to the basket. Her ability to knock down jumpshots from not only midrange but deep gives her a pretty sought-after skill. Of the bigs in the area she has the most refined guard skills. She continues to get bigger and stronger as well.

Savana Lowery – Carrollton

Savana is definitely undersized for a post but she has an oversized heart and motor. That isn’t just cliché either, she works her butt off and she doesn’t back down from anyone. She is hard-nosed, and comes with a winning mentality. Her shooting touch is above average. She will make someone pretty happy.

Nicole Newman – Aquinas

Nicole may often be forgotten because she plays at Aquinas but she is certainly not easily forgotten. I’ve seen Newman matchup against some of the best post players in the area and do very well! She is build very well, she’s not going to be moved easily. She has a better than average athleticism and a pretty darn good jump shot.


Tazhia brings a rare aggression and fierceness to the paint. When she gets rolling or is given any type of reason to get jacked up, she’s near undeniable in the lane. There’s few people who are as team focused and are willing to stand at battle for her teammates. Tazhia rebounds very well on the offensive end.

Charday Pitts – McKinley

First of all you can’t teach 6’2″, and Charday got a relatively late start in basketball. However she improves considerably all the time. She is extremely open to being coaches, she constantly works. She may be the best post player perimeter ball defender I’ve seen. Her midrange game is much improved, she can pass from the high post and knock down jumpers. Defensively she rebounds like crazy and either blocks or changes almost every shot in the paint.

Megan Preston – Stow

Preston is just so amazingly gifted as an athlete. She moves extremely well, her foot speed is great, and she can literally jump out of the gym. Power and energy is without a doubt both assets of hers.

Jaime Sanborn – Twinsburg

Jaime Sanborn is super safe across the board. She isn’t flashy and she doesn’t blow you away with her athleticism. What she does is come to play, every single time. She doesn’t take games, quarters, plays off. She does the dirty work, often time guarding a bigger post. She has a high intelligence and keeps mistakes to a minimum.

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